What About Your Kids...

         Are you willing to fight for them?

WHEN I WAS A CHILD I spent many hours reading Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories.(1) These stories had a major impact on the way I viewed the world. They taught the difference between right and wrong, through the many examples that they provided. It would be difficult to overestimate the impact these stories had on my young mind. The books have gone through several printings, but a few months ago I found a copy of the 1951 edition of volume one of the 5 volume set, the same that I read as a child. It was fun looking through the book and I even sat down one evening and read it from cover to cover. I was surprised at how many of the stories I still remembered.

The Bedtime Stories' rock solid call to honesty, and other noble character attributes was refreshing to see, after being exposed to the decadence that saturates nearly everything that is produced today for our children, and of course our adults. Is it any wonder that the children raised with this sort of material, rather than the garbage that parents give their children today to entertain themselves, by comparison didn't have a drug problem, or teenage pregnancy problem, etc., etc.?

Even if that were the only change brought on by those who control the media,(2) it would be more than sufficient justification for pulling them down from their positions of destructive power. However, the media induced destruction of the moral fiber in American society is only part of the problem, and unfortunately not the worst part. As bad as it is, it is still possible to recover from moral decadence through a moral revival. However, there is something else that the Media Lords are doing that is not going to be so easily repaired; and if it goes on for too much longer it will be impossible to fix!

As I moved through the Bedtime Stories, I was struck by the fact that the pictures in the book portrayed the society as I remember it while growing up. Nearly all of the kids that I went to school with and played with were White. All of the kids shown in the book were White. There were no non-White faces jumping up here and there, and everywhere, trying to invade the pleasant and relatively safe environment of White society. This makes perfect sense to anyone who has ever lived in an all-White society, and been able to compare that with what has been forced upon America today! It is also clear that intentionally destroying that golden White society, as the Media Lords are doing today, is real hate.

Here you see two White girls, in a picture taken from the Bedtime Stories. This is the type of picture that is becoming harder and harder to find these days. Two White girls are shown without any Asian or Black faces stuck between them to disrupt their sharing of their own cultural uniqueness, or their genetic kinship. These two White girls are freely sharing their own friendship together. And please note that in this picture, which was taken in an age before White parents would have dreamed of letting their kids unnaturally bleach their hair, we see a strikingly blonde girl portrayed. This is the natural blonde that the bottle blonde is trying to copy, and that the Media Lords are trying to exterminate. (3)

In the last picture that I will show from this book, there is displayed the traditional American method of portraying little boys and girls together. Here you see a White little girl playing together with a blond little boy. It is natural and healthy that little White kids should play with others of their own race. It is not hate, and it is not in any way inferior to playing with non-Whites, as the Media Lords would want all White Americans to believe. Today it is striking to see this picture in a book, because there are not very many children's books that have these kinds of pictures any longer.

If you pick up any US textbook of the 1950s you will find one thing that is universally common between them: they all were written for White kids. All the pictures that they contained were either of White people, or they showed non-White people contrasted to White people, by showing the non-Whites in their foreign culture, wherever it resided at that time. For example, they might show Indians on their reservation, or Asians in Japan or China. White children, who were depicted in their daily lives, were universally shown as living around, playing with, and going to school with White children.

I found this school reader in a used bookstore a while back. It is called Looking Ahead (copyright 1956),(4) and, just like the Bedtime Stories mentioned above, there was not a single non-White face to be found anywhere in the book. On the cover there is a young White male, joining the older White males in men's work. The cover is promoting the White society that produced it, and the strong male role that was expected of its men. Race, family, and perpetuation of them both are conveyed to the young reader, in stark contrast to the anti-male, anti-family, and anti-White message that is given to all children who attend school today.

Inside the book the child reader is treated to many pictures displaying White activities like this fair, where three well dressed and well mannered White children are shown going through the gate to have fun with all the other White people inside. These children are not filled with hate, and they never are going to be, unless the Media Lords get their way and start forcing them into unnatural and dangerous racially diverse conditions! It is clearly the result of diversity being forced upon our society that has created 100% of the racial problems that we are having today and that we have been having for the last several decades. If we had never created diversity, we never would have had any racial problems. This concept is so basic as to be beyond debate. Only a fool (or a villain who was promoting something evil to gain his own ends) would argue against this obvious fact.

A family outing is shown in this Looking Ahead picture; where the four children (notice these parents are shown having had over the replacement number of 2.1 children) are being taken by their parents to visit a farm. The farmer is portrayed as being someone who should be respected, rather than being called a "redneck," and he is shown providing an important service to the society. There is shown a redheaded boy, who took after his mother, a brown haired boy who took after his father, and two blonde kids who took after an earlier ancestor. The family, and perpetuation of the race are very positively displayed in this picture.

Once again, notice how girls were depicted in books of this time. They were always shown with other Whites. A White girl was never shown with a non-White boy. (Contrast that with what is shown today, when White girls are shown with nothing but non-White boys!) A little thought will show anyone that White people living in a White society is not an evil concept, or a hate-filled idea. It is the only idea that makes any sense for White people.

I found another grade school reading book in a used book store that was copyrighted in 1956 entitled Wings to Adventure.(5) This book did not show people on the cover at all, but it has a drawing of a plane flying low over a lake, with a deer on the shore. Inside this book, as with the others of the era, was shown the White society, which produced it. It had stories of the Old West as well as of modern times. It also showed Whites visiting non-White places, such as an Indian reservation, and an Eskimo village. But in all cases it showed the fact that the USA was a White society and that no other race was a significant part of it. That arrangement is, of course, the only way that racial problems can be avoided.

In Wings to Adventure once again the family was portrayed in a positive light, and having large White families was shown as a good thing. The White people had fun, healthy outings with other White people. Yet this healthy, happy, and sane arrangement is today held up to ridicule by those who would replace it with racial diversity. Diversity is what has created all of the racial problems in our country and can therefore only be viewed as an evil thing. Yet racial diversity is claimed to be superior to the all-White society portrayed in these books! No thinking man could accept that as valid.

I thought it was especially interesting that an urban picture was included in this book. Here, on a city stoop, is a collection of the city neighborhood kids, discussing a common problem. All the kids are White, and this is the way that 90% of the neighborhoods looked at that time, even in cities like Los Angeles! When all of our city children looked like this, the city crime rate was radically lower than it is now.

In one tale in the Wings to Adventure the White school kid reading the story was taken to Paris, and shown the White kids there. There were no non-White tokens thrown in to confuse the issue. The White kids knew that French society was White, just like American society was at the time. This is the message that White kids received in school at that time, although it was just inertia that allowed it to continue. The Media Lords were already at work at the time, trying overthrow our people and our way of life. But at least the kids in the 1950s were exposed to what their real heritage was, before it became completely corrupted in the 1960s and 1970s.

It might be good to remind yourself that it was not just the kids of the era who were seeing their White society portrayed in what they were reading. Even the adults were exposed to nearly 100% White images in the advertising that was presented to them. Here is shown the cover of the March 17, 1961 edition of LIFE magazine. There is a beautiful White woman on the cover, with some text indicating that a story will be found inside about the descendents of Irish people who reside in America.

Moving inside the magazine, you will see that the White family is portrayed in a positive light, just like it was in the children's readers. Here you see a White mother, son, and Father all working together on a home project. They have even delegated separate tasks for the different members of the family, each member having his own role. The entire package portrays an image of a strong, White family. The only negative aspect of the picture is that there is only one child, but that does not necessarily mean that others do not exist. It is left for you to wonder.

This next image portrays a family that is White and strong. There are four kids, with various White shades of hair, including a very blonde little girl. Compare that with the propaganda that is engulfing us today. Unlike our current anti-White advertisements, note that the blonde mother and the blonde little girl are both surrounded by Whites and not some non-White with his arm around them. You can see that the family is composed of a stay-at-home mom who cares about her kids; 4 very energetic kids, and a father who is shown holding the littlest one, and who obviously cares about his children. This is the America that I was born into, and the America that the Media Lords have done everything in their power to change and to destroy.

Look at what their influence has produced in the children's stories that I grew up with. I received a copy of the 1983 edition of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories(6) as a gift. Look at the cover of this book and see the difference a few decades made. Let's start on the back cover, where those who are creating the propaganda feel it will be less offensive. In the background is pictured a number of children playing on the swing set. They appear to be White. That part of the scene would fit in very well with the older versions of the book. However, in the foreground we see something that is designed to subvert the very foundation of White society.

The picture shows a Black guy running the grill. If the intention was to show Blacks as part of the neighborhood, with no harm meant towards White society, the drawing would have been laid out quite differently. You can study the entire cover, both front and back, but you will not see any Black woman. This Black man is unattached, at least for the duration of the party. He is standing off away from everyone else, however he is eyeing the White woman, who is walking away, with great interest. He is smiling, and she looks wistfully away, as if she had something on her mind. (Romance?) What did the Black guy just give her? Look at the grill and then look at the plate she is carrying away. The symbolism here combined with the looks portrayed on the two figures could not possibly be an accident.

And what of this lady? Is she the wife of the man on the front cover, or some unattached White female? In either case, there can be little doubt as to what the artist was trying to convey.

On the front cover, we have an image that shows a White man with four children. In the older editions of the book there would be no doubt that he was the father of all the children. (Note the cover of the 1951 edition at the top of this page, where a father is holding his two sons on his lap.) But in this picture that is obviously not the case. If we look at the focus of attention of the White man, we see that it is what appears to be his daughter, who has lovely long blonde hair. He is apparently discussing the leaf he is holding in his hand, and that she is touching. Looking at the two of them, with the son looking on, it is a warm and endearing scene.

But that is not all there is to the scene. When we pull back a bit, we see that there is a little Black girl hanging on to the White man's arm. Contrast this child with the lovely blonde girl, and the two White children in the background of the scene. She clearly does not belong, and is not a coherent part of what is going on.

Every time a child picks that book up, or watches as one of his parents reads the book, he will have the propaganda messages contained on the cover reinforced in his brain. He does not get the warm White message of the older editions of the book, but rather he gets a confusing ridiculous message that is destructive to his way of life, and the survival of his people.

Most of the pictures inside the book were still of White people. However, there were a number of exceptions, and this one was the one that most closely resembled the propaganda that is so common now in the Twenty-first Century: a Black boy walking along with a White girl. The story that the picture was associated with had nothing to do with race. The text made no mention of the race of the boys and girls involved. It must be noted here that based upon the age of the author when the 1951 edition was published, I am almost certain that he was dead when this later edition was put out. As mentioned above, all of his previous stories had been written for White children. That means the drawings were almost certainly inserted, without the author's approval, so as to make the stories that really happened to White children, falsely appear to have happened to a racially diverse group. Imagine the twisted mind that would find such a change to be an improvement! It is certainly the case that the racial diversity depicted in this image was something inserted simply to shock White people, and to help numb them to the demise of their own society and their people.

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Only you can
prevent extinction!


While the progress of the propaganda campaign has been slower than the Media Lords would have liked, it has been steady. Moving from the all-White world of the 1950s through the 1980s results of forced integration, into the mess that America has become today, has been as sure as the sunrise, thanks to the propaganda and political pressure supplied by the Media Lords.

At first the Media Lords just maneuvered to get non-Whites into the background of things, and pretended that was all that they wanted. However, once they accomplished that, they have been forcing them farther and farther into the foreground ever since, while pushing Whites farther and farther into the background. There is no area where the Media Lords work harder to accomplish this objective than they are working in the field of children's entertainment.


Here you see a picture of the original Mickey Mouse Club. For as popular as that show was, you would think that there would be a tremendous number of sites on the Internet showing pictures of the show. But that is not the case. You can find all sorts of sites showing pictures of the diversity of the New Mickey Mouse Club show, but the old one has been nearly wiped from the face of the earth. If you look at the picture here, you will see why. The entire cast of the original show was, just like the pictures in the schoolbooks of that era, 100% White. Every significant part of American society was White, and the Media Lords are doing all that they can to wipe that memory out of existence. More and more of the evidence for that golden age is dropping down Orwell's Memory Hole, to be extinguished forever.


Now take a look at the "New Mickey Mouse Club," designed to program your child to be accepting of the ongoing disaster happening to his society. You will see that the 100% White majority has now been dwindled down to about 50%, and you can rest assured that future iterations of this show, put on by the Media Lord Michael Eisner, will be even more non-White!

Take a good hard look at the difference between the two shows. The first represents the people who invented microelectronics, put a man on the moon, and created the great nation of the United States of America. The second represents the people who have let nearly all of their high tech jobs go overseas, or be filled by foreigners here in the USA. These are the people who have gutted the powerful industrial base of this land, and left us standing like an old oak, rotten to the core, and just waiting for a good strong breeze of depression to knock us flat. These are the people who represent the end of the greatness of this land, and makeup the divisions that will be battling in the soon to come Civil War II.


Here is a picture of the cast of the Public Broadcasting Network's Zoom program "for" children. Here, the White's are already a minority and once again you will soon see the number of Whites falling even farther. Look at the old Mickey Mouse Club cast once more and think about what all of this means to your grandkids and their grandkids!


The Media Lords know that adults are far more set in their ways. Adults know in their hearts that the races are different, and that members of each race will be happier living among their own people. Children, on the other hand, are not intelligent enough to know the facts of life. They are malleable and can be told any sort of lie and believe it.

For example, look at this home page for something called Kids Health. It is supposed to be a page dedicated to the health of children. Look at the slogan at the bottom of the page. Does it say, "Nutrition, Exercise, and Regular Checkups," as you would expect for a site that is dedicated to the health of children? No it has found something more important for your children to be concerned about than these mundane things. It prominently displays its objectives as, "Tolerance, Respect, Diversity." That is how your children will be healthier. Our schools have decide that is how they are going to be educated as well, rather than dealing with silly things like reading and writing and arithmetic. Every part of an American child's life is saturated with this message, to the exclusion of all else. Isn't about time that you asked yourself why!

Of course the pictures on the "Kids Health" front page show a two-thirds non-White majority as well, and that also is what is being portrayed to your children as normal.

Since the ones who are attempting to dismantle our White society realize that adults will be resistant to the destructive changes being forced upon our society, they focus their primary weapons upon the children. They create music that is intentionally obnoxious to parents, which keeps them from prying into what is being taught to their children through the Media Lords' music. That creates a safe pathway for their undiluted propaganda message. What rational White adult would listen to some Black (or wigger) moron prancing around on a stage gyrating like he had a terminal nerve disorder, and yelling hate for White people into a microphone? But kids, who want to be just like all the other kids, will tolerate anything to be "cool" or "in" with their friends. The Media Lords have worked that line of attack for 40 years or more and been able to subvert the youth of each generation.

When I was a teenager, the music was promoting "sex, drugs, and rock and roll." The music was universally anti-White even then. The White people who were trying to stand up for their way of life were attacked as being "square" at the very least, and idiot racists at the very worst.

Today the propaganda is far more intense. Unlike the "likable but stupid racist" image that the Media Lords created through the use of the Archie Bunker character, those who hate White society today are creating a far more hostile image of anyone who does not agree to be willingly exterminated as a race. If you are NOT 100% in favor of diversity, multiculturalism and the forced extinction of the White race within a century or two, you are not merely shown as being stupid, inbred, and to be pitied, but you are portrayed as a public menace, who should not be tolerated at all; You deserve to be locked up! If you think that is an overstatement, I suggest that you research what is going on in Germany, France, Canada and other White nations that do not share our First Amendment. There are many men sitting in prison cells today for no other reason than the fact that they do not agree with the Media Lords, and have said so.

This image of an out of control hating moron, criminal in mind if not in action, is what is constantly being put forward to our children. Why doesn't it shock you that a health web page should put diversity above nutrition and exercise as its primary goal? It should outrage you, but it probably doesn't, because this insanity is so common today that you don't even notice it!

After years of being exposed to this message, at some point--and it may well be earlier than you think--your child will come to think of you as an evil person if you even suggest that miscegenation might be a bad idea. If you are against diversity, he will be turned against you. That is the plan and it is working all too well.