Misplaced Amusement

I SOMETIMES HAVE A WHITE VISITOR to my web site who sends me an email in which he claims that www.ilovewhitefolks.com is an amusing site, one which makes him laugh. When you think about it, this sort of "reasoning" is at the root of our whole problem! We have White folks populating our White countries who are so completely out of touch with what is going on in their own lives, that they find the truth unbelievable, outside of their understanding, and they have no choice but to classify it as ridiculous, and therefore funny.

Take the fact that if we continue on our current course, the White race in America is going to cease to exist in another century or two. It can be easily demonstrated that this is true. The numbers are there to back up the claim. There is no slight of hand, or deception going on. In the USA, the percentage of the total population that the White race makes up is about 70%. It was 90% in 1960. That is a drop that is significant, and yet people are not capable of looking at that fact and comprehending it. Instead they do not wish to think about it and so they stupidly laugh.

Another fact is that 90% of all the immigration into the United States today is non-White. This is as a result of the Immigration Act signed into law by LBJ in 1965. It is the reason that the White race has already fallen from 90% to 70% of the US population. This non-White immigration is going on today, and if nothing is done to stop it, it will continue on into the future indefinitely. In forty years it has already radically changed America, and in another forty years, it will change it even more. Within 50 years from today, the Whites will be a minority in their own country. Instead of thinking about what that will mean, and instead of looking at the type of countries these non-Whites created in their own lands, and extrapolating from that what they are obviously going to do to ours, ignorant people laugh. It allows them to ignore the truth. It helps them feel comfortable, in their state of thoughtless ignorance.

These facts are not hard to research. They are not secret. They are as solid as the fact that the Sun is approximately 93 million miles away from the earth. It is not a question of faulty data, or numbers that have been massaged. There is no debating these facts. Yet, instead of using their minds to absorb what these facts mean, many shut their minds off by laughing. And just to make them feel better in their blissful state of ignorance, they feel they must share that bliss by sending an email along to me.

How do you reach the laughing fool, who is self deluded and highly motivated to remain that Way? Do you point out the areas of America that once were White, but that are now now-White? Do you show him how the once White neighborhoods, that were nearly crime free, clean, and safe, have now become crime-ridden, dangerous, and filled with drugs, as the non-Whites have moved in? Do you show how the White schools, which were the very best in the world, have become the laughingstock of the world as they have deteriorated at the same rate as that in which they have been integrated?

These facts, if studied seriously, would enlighten people and help them realize that they have been lied to by the Leftists in control of our nation today. These facts would help them make the right choices in rectifying this problem before it becomes fatal. But instead these folks do not even consider the implication of these facts. They spend no time analyzing what will happen if we do not act soon to fix the problems which are destroying our nation. Instead they turn their heads away, shut off their minds and laugh maniacally.

It is quite amazing that people, who understand that if you destroy a habitat for a species of lower life forms, you will exterminate that species, cannot understand that the same holds true for races of man. If you remove the breeding grounds for White folks, the White lands, you will destroy the White race. This is a simple concept that even people of merely average intelligence should have no trouble understanding, but even people with intelligence levels that are above average often fail to use their intelligence on this subject, and laugh like idiots when confronted with the facts.

It is depressing to realize how many people are out there who refuse to face the truth, who make no effort to educate themselves beyond the propaganda of the Leftist controlled media. When they are confronted with the truth, they do not contemplated it, study it, and accept it. Instead they turn away and laugh. As the saying goes, "You can lead an ass to water but you can't make him think." And the laughter from these people reminds me very much of the braying of an ass.

There is no doubt that the United States of America has already been struck with a blow that will prove to be fatal if the wound is not treated. The nation that I was born into was substantially different from the nation that I live in today. The USA, when I was born, was 90% White. The neighborhoods and schools, where most White folks lived out their lives, were closer to 100% White. The neighborhoods were safe and relatively crime free. The schools graduated the best educated students in the world. That was what my ancestors handed down to me.

What are we going to hand down to our children? We have a country that no longer produces many products that we once dominated the world in producing. For example, we no longer produce stereos and televisions. Our country is rapidly moving from a productive economy of real products, into a service and information economy. That means we are moving our whole civilization over onto a platform of air for the future. We are already in a position where we could be seriously crippled if the Arab nations decided to not sell us any oil. What if the Asian nations decided to cut us off from electronic devices? And each year that passes by we become more and more dependant upon other nations that could turn on us at any time.

Our productive jobs are moving out of the country, leaving us the high paying service industries, that will not remain high paying for long. Already many service related tasks are being shipped overseas. Doctors are sending their medical transcribing work to India, having it typed up, and returned overnight via modem. Things that can go over a phone line, or through a satellite, including engineering drawings, and even engineering calculations, are either already going overseas, or are being considered for being moved overseas. What we are creating is an empty husk , where once a self sufficient nation once stood. We consume products that other nations build, and don't even think about what we are doing.

But far worse than that, we have lost our natural inclination to protect our own. We have no desire to perpetuate our species or our culture. We no longer wish to protect our borders or our children. We have shifted our focus from that which is critical, to that which is of no consequence. We deserve to be destroyed for our stupidity.

What can you say about a people who live below a dam that is crumbling fast, and when you point it out to them, they laugh? What do you do with a people who are being invaded, and instead of taking up arms and stopping the invasion, they welcome the invaders and laugh at the idea of protecting their land? How do you classify a people who find it funny, that a White man would be less interested in what a Black man can do with a basketball than he is in acting against the threat of termination of his children's White future by a low birth rate, miscegenation, non-White immigration, and murder?

The fool laughs at his own destruction. The buffoon finds hilarity in is own pending doom. The ignoramus fails to see disaster until it has carried him away. The ass brays, but fails to think. And our laughing people are surely dying for lack of wisdom.

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