Why Whites are Leaderless

THE STORM CLOUDS WERE INVISIBLE in 1950, and no normal white American could have seen them just over the horizon. These Americans lived in a world that was as close to perfect as any society has ever been. The streets of most cities and towns in the US were fairly safe. Women could walk their streets from one place to another, even at night, and feel quite safe. Most people left their keys in the ignitions of their cars when they were not driving. Many houses never had a locked front door. Our kids went to schools that were second to none in the world, and the most hazardous things which would be flying around in those schools were spitballs.

The population was 90% white and so were the movies and television shows. Hitchhikers found it easy and fairly safe to travel, and drivers felt comfortable picking them up because there was very little likelihood of the hitchhiker being violent. Americans gave more per capita charity dollars than any other people on earth. No one starved in the US unless they chose to. There were no "Will Work For Food" signs on the street corners with some slug attached to it who flips you off if you actually offer him work. Financially most Americans were the envy of the rest of the world. The number of interracial crimes were very small compared with today. In fact, one would have to look very long and hard to find even one area where white Americans were worse off than they are today!

Things looked rosy, for as far as anyone could see into the future. Medicine was improving almost daily. Cars were getting fancier and housework was getting easier as invention after invention was brought out, or improved for that task. There was no way that the chaos that was to be unleashed upon white America could have been predicted, or if predicted, believed in 1950.

Imagine where we would be if the liberal insanity had not set in. What if there never had been integration? What if feminism had not destroyed the American family? What if we had not borrowed 3 trillion dollars to throw away on welfare? What if we had spent our money on space exploration and colonization instead of using it to destroy our inner cities? What if we had continued following the procedure which created our superb interstate highway system, i.e. to spend highway money on our highways instead of dysfunctional social programs? Think of the near utopia of having great schools, exceptional infrastructure, a nearly all white nation, low crime, safe and clean neighborhoods, and a people who would kill rather than stand and watch while their flag was being burned. What if?

But alas, instead we must face the massive decay of our society. We must face the reality of rot overcoming the once near-utopia, to where today our schools have metal detectors and more drugs than a pharmacy, and illiterate kids show up with guns to shoot their classmates. Thanks to liberalism we have highways that are in disrepair, chuck-holed, and far less dependable than they once were. Our rail system is a joke compared with what it should be. The percentage of whites has decreased from nine tenths, to less than three quarters and is now just over two thirds of the population. We have a president which celebrates in glee at the thought that we whites will be less than half of the population in just a few short decades. As the number of nonwhites in our country has increased, the crime rate has gone up right along with it. Drive-by shootings are commonplace in many nonwhite neighborhoods. Far from the days when the killing of a "mere" 7 men was called the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre," today we have hundreds of murders every week in our country. Our "Supreme Court" has ruled that burning the flag is not an act but rather "speech" while real speech is under attack by groups like the ADL.

If that were not bad enough, today the clouds on the horizon are even more menacing than the hurricane which is upon us this very minute! We are destined to see our land overwhelmed with the nonwhite hordes, which will completely wash away the greatness of this land. The near utopia which was so bright in 1950, will be no more than a dying memory in the minds of the members of the dying white race. That is our future. That is what we and our children, if we have any, have to look forward to. Do you have that picture clear in your mind? Do you see your house and your family being attacked by nonwhite gang members in another few decades? You will be older then. Perhaps you will no longer be living, but if you are, you will not be able to defend yourself as well as today. An old man being beaten by thugs who hate your whiteness. This is your future as envisioned by the Media Lords and your president.

I received an email today which asked, "Where are the Conservative leaders? What are people like Trent Lott, Bob Barr and others, doing?" Have you wondered the same thing? I have listened to Trent Lott before. He is not a stupid man. He can see what is going on in our nation just like you and I can. Why is he silent on this issue? Why does he not yell it from the rooftops, on national television? Why do not our white "leaders" take care of their people with legislation and funding of immigration-control measures instead of allowing the floodgates to remain open to nonwhite immigration even today?

There is a fatal weakness in our system of government. It pains me to say this because I love America and I have the highest admiration for our Founding Fathers who created this white nation. That fatal weakness is a defect which is inherent in democratic rule: its inability to defend itself from manipulation from the mass media. By using their ill gotten gains, the Media Lords have acquired control of our country, by purchasing our mass media nearly in its entirety. (See Who Rules America.) They did not have go through being elected to this position of total control of our country, they weren't even appointed to it by an elected official. Instead they used money to buy complete control over our lives and our destiny as a race in this country.

Now, it is impossible for a politician to run for office and win in most areas of the US without having some form of support of, or at least the lack of hostility from the Media Lords. Trent Lot may care about his people at some deeper level, but not to the same degree that he cares about his job. He is a career politician and his career would be "toast" by the next morning if he ever came out and said anything really pro-white. You probably saw the abuse he took for merely talking to the Council of Conservative Citizens!

What this should tell you is that as long as the media is controlled by those who owe allegiance to a people other than white Americans, and to a nation other than America, (i.e. the nation of Israel) we are in real trouble. We can never rouse our people into full wakefulness to the dangers facing them when the media is putting them to sleep every day with their Siren's song of television propaganda programming. We can never even elect a pro-white candidate when all such men, like David Duke are labeled as "White Supremacists" and "Nazis." All pro-white statements of any kind are instantly called "hate speech." Unfortunately whatever the media puts out tonight on the news, you will hear mimicked all across the nation tomorrow in millions of conversations. White men and women will pass along the anti-white propaganda as if it were their own personal thoughts. It is sad to have to admit it but these poor fools can no longer tell the difference between what the television talking heads, sitcoms and propaganda dramas tell them and what they think in their own heads. There is no real difference any longer for most of them.

So, why are whites leaderless? Whites are being "shepherded" like lambs to the slaughter, but that is not leadership, but rather a form of mind control. A true leader inspires his followers to reach new heights. He will cause those listening to him to look inside themselves, find the best that is resident there, and exercise that part! He will point to a higher hill than the one they are currently on and make them willing to die to get there. Where are such white men today?

Instead we have men like Bill Clinton who points to the high mountain we once were on and proclaims it evil and racist. He points down into the slough of mud and calls that our glorious future. This is the kind of leadership which the Media Lords support and move into power in the US today.

Never again pay mind to those who point downward for our future path. Down into multiculturalism. Down into feminism. Down into white minority status in our own country. Look instead to the mountain which lies to our rear. Turn around and look at the majestic peak where we yesterday lived. And look further up and see where we will one day be, even higher than ever before man reached. We must remember what we once had, and what we have lost. We must remember what was, in order to restore that which existed before. And once that is returned to us, its rightful owners, we can then turn our steps to the newer mountain heights of accomplishment and culture. I can see our path straight to the top! It was cut deep by our own unhappy steps on our forced marched down it. Now it is time to retrace those steps. Put on your walking shoes and lets get going!

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