THE PROFESSOR LOOKED OUT at his students whose brown and black faces looked back at him intently as he spoke out with enthusiasm.

"Today's lecture is on one of the great enigmas of all time. We are going to talk about an extinct race of man, which ruled most of the world for thousands of years, only to dry up, and fall from the vine, never to exist again.

"They fought their way out of the jungles, and into the forests. They learned to cope with the cold and ice of the far north. It is not known why they had light skin and light hair. Perhaps it was a result of their environment. Their many civilizations rose and fell upon the world like the waves of the sea, irresistible and seeming to be for eternity. Yet, Whites and their culture sank into the tar pits, like prehistoric animals, to become bones for future historians to marvel at. Who were those White people who rose to the top of the world, conquerored the atom, walked on the moon and sent robots to Mars? Who were those White men who could open a heart, look inside, correct a malfunction and put it all back together while its owner slept through the process to awaken and become whole again? Who were they and how is it possible that they fell into oblivion?

"They were masters of the political world, as well as the world of science. The great concepts of democracy and capitalism, which gave them unbelievable wealth, and unprecedented freedom with in which to spend it, were novel and effective. They build buildings to rival the mountains in height and devices that could see something as small as an atom. Placing telescopes into space, they could see the other side of the universe, while at the same time, actually wiping out some of the oldest and most destructive diseases humans have ever faced. Their electric light provided illumination where before only firelight, or no light at all could pierce. Their telephone, and television, allowed instant communications all around the world. They appeared to be invincible. They appeared to be destined for eternity.

"Death and Remembrance, by George Jackson, is our text for this class. The assignment for today was the first two chapters. I hope you found time to read it through for it is a clear statement of what happened to the late, and the great White race."

"Professor Lopez,"asked a boy in the front row. His black brow was furrowed with thought as he raised his hand. "My mamma says that the White race was nothing but a bunch of racists pigs who deserved to be wiped out. They never did nothing for nobody but theyselves."

Professor Lopez smiled at this boys ignorance. Even today, when the White race no longer posed a threat to anyone, the fear of their greatness and their power lingers on.

"Ah, I am sure your mother is a very wise woman, Elroy, but let us look at the points you have raised. The White race at one time had a great racial pride, much as you who descend from African stock have today. They even put their own people and other races into slavery, as have all other races. But they did something no other race has done. They set their slaves free and gave them citizenship in their own White countries. They opened the door to all races. Looking back it was an insane thing to do, but to call them racist is showing an unfortunate ignorance of the facts."

The professor continued...

"As for doing nothing for other races, are you aware of the thousands of doctors and other medical personnel that the White race supplied to your people in their native lands of Africa? Are you aware of the food that White nations produced and gave for free to people of all races all around the world? They did far more for other races than any race or combination of other races did for them, even as slaves. The White race was ignorantly and wrongly accused of these things while they yet existed and they are just as ignorantly and wrongly accused of them today.

"Let us move on to the points raised by Dr. Jackson in his book on the destruction of the White race, Death and Remembrance. What was the number one reason that the White race ceased to exist?"

A couple of hands went up and a young Black girl named Leeza was called on.

"The White folks were wiped out because they ran away,"she said hurriedly, as if afraid that the answer would not still be there if she waited to blurt it out.

" In a manner of speaking that is correct. They had strong, unassailable lands, which no other race could have hoped to conqueror. The Whites fought among themselves mostly, and with a few exceptions, ignored the rest of the world, as if not worthy to do battle with. The Whites left Africa to the Blacks, they left Asia to the Orientals. Yet from this position of great power, they ran away and were obliterated. Why did they run? Who could have frightened them so?"

Not sure if she was the object of the professor's question, Leeza answered, "From us!"

"Right!" The professor said it loudly for emphasis.

"They did not run as a nation or group of nations, but they ran away as individuals. They put those into power who, for their own reasons, allowed unlimited immigration of people who were not White into all of the White countries. Instead of revolting and stopping this madness, the Whites reacted as if they were suddenly placed in a small room with someone they did not understand. They backed away but they let him stay. They finally moved to the next cubical, when too many of the other races had entered into their cubical. Over time they had given up all of their cubicles. There were no more White cities. There were no more White countries. And there were no more places to run to. They had no way of backing time up and starting over. They could not pull their small numbers together and create a new nation. Our people, rose up and slaughtered the few remaining millions of them on the 'Day of Darkness' which we celebrate every August 31st as a day of independence.

"The very most important factor that Dr. Jackson points out is that Whites ceased to maintain the Whiteness of their White countries. They allowed nonWhite immigration, and they refused to throw out the illegal immigrants that came across their borders. As time passed the White nations were choked out by the newly formed dark skinned nations which had come to be within the borders of what had been White countries."

"Why didn't they just kick the other races out?"asked Jose in the front row.

"Jose, they were cowered into passivity by an enthusiastic propaganda group called the Anti-Defamation League or ADL, and some other like minded groups. These groups were vehemently anti-White. They controlled the media, and most of the government. Even though the people they represented were only 4% of the population of the United States of America, their influence was overwhelming. No expression of positive White thought was tolerated. Each occurrence of any demonstration of pro-White sentiment was attacked in the media and condemned over and over again. Instead of revolting and throwing the supporters of the pesky ADL out of the country, the Whites started believing the nonsense put out over their own media. The White race became a group of White haters themselves!"

The last words were nearly shouted, and the professor laughed after emitting them.

"How was that possible?"asked a Black girl with freckles barely visible.

The professor wrinkled up his brow as he responded.

"It isn't easy to overcome the natural tendency of a people to defend themselves. All of the details are not known today but it is clear that the White race became complacent in the soft lifestyle that they had created for themselves. They had inventively developed many machines, including the nearly thinking devices known as computers, which made labor much easier to perform. They had leisure hours, and when they were able to escape to their own White neighborhoods, they had safe homes and towns to live in. They couldn't see the danger as it grew right there inside the borders of their own countries.

"The self hatred, which was the real final death blow to the White race, extended out to places where Whites had carved a safe niche in an otherwise hostile environment: South Africa to be more specific. Here was a piece of land that the Africans had left alone. It was virtually unpopulated when the White man came there to make a home. Over time the White race created the greatest nation to exist on the African continent since the fall of the great Egyptian nation, which had built the pyramids. As the South African nation blossomed and grew, and prosperity began to thrive, the Black Africans began to immigrate into the land. They found the highest standard of living for Blacks, anywhere on the continent. They found the best hospitals, schools and jobs for Blacks of anywhere in all of Africa. It was a very popular spot for the Africans to move to.

"Here is where the White-race haters moved in. They did not thank the Whites for doing good deeds. They did not thank the Whites for providing good things for the Blacks of South Africa -- Blacks who had not built the country of South Africa but had come only to share in its wealth. Instead, the whole world, and ESPECIALLY THE WHITE NATIONS like the United States, attacked South Africa, demanding that their proud country be turned over to the Blacks."

"Well, that was only fair!"cried Elroy. "It was African soil and most of the people living there were Black Africans. They deserved a vote just as much as any White fool."

Professor looked at Elroy with compassion on his face, as he might have look at a child who still believed in Santa Claus and was valiently arguing in support of that belief.

"Well let us see about fairness Elroy. After the country was turned over to the Black race, South Africans ceased to prosper. Their industry floundered. Their judicial system collapsed. The Whites who could not escape were finally raped and/or murdered. The Black standard of living fell down to where it was as low as any on the African continent. Every single group of people, with the small exception of the Black communist leaders themselves, were vastly worse off than before the "evil"Apartheid was ended. Today if you go to South Africa, all you will find are some old ruins, overgrown and hardly visible, standing beside some primitive villages, consisting of grass huts. The magnificence of South Africa left it, along with the White rule.

"I see you find that idea unpleasant."

The professor was eyeing the motion of the students in their seats. He saw a flash of anger in a few black eyes.

"It is not surprising that you do. You were warned before you came into this class that ideas that are not customary are to be found here. I am not a middle of the road teacher and fortunately this school allows some freedom of thought. I do not represent the mainstream but I believe that I am right. Is your mind so delicate that it can only be exposed to the mainstream lest it collapse from its frailty? Weigh what I say. Compare it with the facts. If I am wrong, reject what I say. But if I am right, you must accept it. I defy any of you to prove one fact wrong that I have put out here today!

"Having said that, I will leave you until next class period with this legend. It is said that five hundred years ago, back when man could still fly, from city to city and even out into space, there was a White migration. A few hundred thousand of the "White Devils"went up, off of this planet, in several devices they called rockets. In space they met a larger spaceship which was circling the earth many thousands of miles away. These White people then headed outward, into space to find another world where they would not be hated so much and could live their lives alone.

"Alas, it is only a legend. The mighty White race is dead. Even if the legend were true they would probably have died in space. But there are those who say that they made it and now live on a beautiful new world, a world they call Valhalla."

Your homework, dear reader, is to answer the question, why are we systematically being destroyed? For a helpful hint, please see: Who Rules America

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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