A Racist Comedian

THE SILVER LEGACY Casino in Reno, Nevada is nearly 4 years old," said a security guard that I had stopped to chat with as I was walking through the lobby the other morning. Inside there was a huge three-quarters sphere, rising up 15 stories, upon the inside of which they projected pictures of the sky, representing different times of the day or night. Every so often they put an advertisement for some up coming event, up there in the simulated sky. I was told that this dome is the largest of its kind in North America. If one looked closely he could see at the top of the dome, a few helium filled balloons, pressing against the ceiling and appearing so tiny that he could not recognized them for what they were if not told. Built inside the middle of this domed ceiling, rising up ten stories, was a simulation of a silver ore processing plant. There were belted transports, and huge wheels and pulleys, moving a gigantic metal cross-bar balanced across the top of the structure like a teeter-totter build for children 20 feet tall with no fear of heights. The bar, as it rocked back and forth pulled on a cable stretching far below which drew a bellows up to its full length of about 20 feet, and then let it fall back down, compressing itself to a mere 4 feet or so. The whole simulation was quite striking. An escalator took gamblers down from the lobby floor, to the casino level where slots and video poker machines awaited them. As they descended, they passed directly under the box containing the huge bellows, and the escalator dropped them off beside one of the four massive concrete supports for the I-beams of the ore machine.

The previous night my wife and I, with a group of friends of ours, had taken that escalator down, passing by the slots and into a little theater called Catch a Rising Star, to see a comedian named Todd Glass. I found the routine done by Mr. Glass to be quite funny and enjoyed it very much. However, first I and my lovely wife had to endure another comedian, named Jackson Perdue, who was supposed to warm up the audience. Instead he spent half of his time ridiculing the audience because they were not laughing at his left wing stabs at American culture. The other half of the time he wallowed in vulgarity, but that is another topic. Perhaps his left wing bias stemmed from the fact that his mother is Japanese and his father is a White man. It seems miscegenation always creates confusion in the offspring.

This Perdue attacked racism several times. Of course it was not hatred directed towards whites which he was attacking. Instead he was lambasting Whites who are race conscience. He told us all that diversity is what makes America great. He was getting very little laughter from the mostly White audience, which I was glad to see. After several jabs at mainstream White America and the values of the Whites, he started ridiculing the audience for being too "uptight" and then he progressed to singling out an older gray-haired gentleman sitting up front, who was obviously looking angry, just as I was, at what this left wing White hater was saying. He held this man up to scorn just because he did not find this liberal humor funny. Over and over again he came back to take a jab at the gentleman. When he had finished his routine, the audience was not nearly as "warmed up" as they were before he had started. The keyboard player, who called himself Kuech, had done a great job at the top of the show getting everyone in the mood for a great show, only to have this turkey throw on a wet blanket. Todd Glass had to work hard to get everyone back in a good mood, but he did it.

It is so common to hear liberal performers express their political views. Whether it is comedy or drama, television documentaries or news broadcasts, the liberal always feels free to express his liberal views as part of the content of the presentation. Those holding right wing views, have no such opportunity. If a comedian showed up at the Silver Legacy's Catch a Rising Star Club and started ridiculing multiculturalism or diversity, pointing out that a race riot -- or any other type of racial problem -- is only possible if diversity exists, he would never do a second show! Freedom of speech has been redefined as liberals' freedom to promote liberal ideas.

Returning to the morning in question, about 7:30, as I walked through the nearly deserted casino, I was taken with the stark contrast between the leftist Perdue I heard the night before, and the paintings all along the wall surrounding the dome. Here were life-sized paintings of the 1800s, where White people were doing White things. No multiculturalism. Only White children on swings, Whites riding bicycles and White couples courting. I am still amazed that the Silver Legacy put up the murals on the walls, but I am certainly glad that they did! It made me feel very good. I felt just like I belonged where I was standing.

The scenes of the White folks on the walls, made a visible contrast to the people who were passing by throughout the day. Many White faces were in the crowd, but the number of dark faces, belonging to people who have nothing in common with those people depicted upon the wall, was large. Those darker faces just passed on by. They did not stop and look at the wall, or care about what those White people were doing. What they consider a foreign culture, the White culture, mattered not at all to them.

Since those who are Nonwhite will not respect White culture, it is clear that any steps to be taken to preserve White culture must include limiting the number of Nonwhites in White countries. Certainly the preservation of White culture, would in any sane definition, include in it the preservation of the White race. In that vein the following four points must be implemented in all White countries. None of these items is "hateful." None if these items is meant to harm any member of any other race.

  1. A White country should remain at least 80% White. Whatever it takes to keep it that way should be done. Things like immigration must be controlled to maintain that balance. Miscegenation must be strongly discouraged. Birthrates must be monitored and actions taken to encourage White births and discourage Nonwhite births when needed to maintain the 80% White population. Why? Whites need their own lands in which to perpetuate their species, as do the other races. Just because Whites need their own countries and must therefore limit the number of Nonwhites who live in White countries, does not mean that Whites intend any harm whatsoever to people of other races, or their nations. White nations have shown through the years that they are compassionate towards Nonwhite suffering. Whites have supplied a great deal of food and care to Nonwhites around the world. These facts would clearly differentiate, to any fair minded person, between true hatred of other races (which is not demonstrated by White people), and actions required for the survival of the White race. If White countries do not draw the line, the other races, which are today already overpopulating their own countries, will overrun our nations, and ultimately eliminate the White race from the face of the earth through the shear weight of their birthrate. We have the right to stop that from happening. This is right. It is moral. It is love for White folks. It is hatred of no one else.

  2. Whites have the right to live in their own communities, attend their own schools and even work along side of their own race. This is natural and it is not hatred. Forcing whites to integrate if they chose not to is hatred and must be attacked with all available energy. Since living among your own race is more natural, how can anyone rationally attack the right of Whites to do just that? How can that be labeled "hate?" Only one who hates White folks would do so! For white people, living in an all white neighborhood is safer, less stressful, and provides security against race-hazardous activities like miscegenation. In a land where the White citizens were guaranteed the right to pursue happiness by their founding fathers, it is only right that they have the opportunity to do so in a neighborhood with the demographics of their choice. In a White nation, white neighborhoods are perfectly normal and should be expected. The diverse and integrated neighborhood is what should be discouraged by law and custom! We must stop viewing the all-White neighborhood as if it were some kind of leper colony, filled with sick people. That is a twisted, hate filled view, promoted by those who hate the White race. White neighborhoods promote the White race and White culture and that is a good thing. It is not hate. It is right and it is moral. It is love for White folks. It is hatred of no one else.

  3. Nonwhites, living legally within a White country's borders, of course have the right to protection under the law, and along with that the obligation to live within the law or suffer the consequences. Nonwhites will not be persecuted by the government. However, they may be required to live in their own neighborhoods. They should expect no special treatment in the form of affirmative action or quotas. If they want the special treatment that comes from living among one's own people, they should return to one of the nations where their people dominate. As long as they remain in a White nation, they can expect to be treated as good as they act. If they become criminals they will suffer. (Just treatment is not hate!) And of course they will always be free to leave. Rule of law, law created by Whites for a White society, is what must be accepted by all those living in a White society. It is not hate. It is right and it is moral. It is love for White folks and their culture. It is hatred of no one else.

  4. Whites are going to naturally be the ones who most benefit from living in White countries. While all races deserve respect, the dominate race, the race which built the nation will naturally, and rightly, draw the easier path to success in business and other facets of life. When you look like the locals, and speak the local language well, you will be more likely to be hired to a job, and to be given a loan for starting a business. A country is first responsible to its own race and people. The members of the dominate race should naturally receive first opportunity at college loans and grants, medical assistance or any other type of assistance. No other group should be allowed to receive better treatment from the White government than members of the White race do. The absurd approach which is common today, of giving Nonwhites preferential treatment over Whites is an outrage and morally wrong! For the White nation to take at least as good of care of the members of the White race as any other race is what any objective man would accept as correct behavior. It is not hate. It is right and it is moral. It is love for White folks. It is hatred of no one else.

What I am proposing is the returning of White countries, like the USA, to the White race. It is long overdue! It is time that we stop giving any sort of ear to those who claim that preservation of the White race is a bad thing. It is time instead, to assert our rights and our voices in taking our nation back from the White-race haters who have snatched it from our grasp. There should be Zero tolerance for the White haters! Zero tolerance for politicians who promote new Nonwhite immigration. Zero tolerance for any program or law which benefits any race more than the White race. Zero tolerance for the promotion of diversity.

Here's to a White America, a White United Kingdom, a White Germany and a White Scandinavia. Here's to all of the White nations of the world, remaining at least 80% White. This is a good thing. It is not hate. It is right and it is moral. It is love for White folks. It is hatred of no one else.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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