A Letter to a Liberal

THIS IS A LETTER TO A LIBERAL, which I wrote in response to an article,  entitled White Whine that I read on the internet.


Date: 12/2/98 To: mblock@netexpress.net

REF:   White Whine by Marylaine Block

Dear Marylaine Block,

I just read your nearly 3 year old article "White Whine." When you there asked, "Does this make any sense to you?" I must reply, "No."

You complain that white males "whine," while ignoring the far louder whine of the feminists and the minorities in America. This country has had its families destroyed by the feminists and its neighborhoods and schools trashed by the liberal elite who have brought to the campuses attitudes just like yours, and 1000 unruly minorities for every serious student like Roy Wilkins.

As our country is being dismembered by multiculturalism and diversity, it is a clear slap in the face to say that white people did not earn their status in America today. There would be no America today without white people. The financial contributions, provided through hard menial labor, which could have been laid at the feet of the black slave was obliterated by the cost of the civil war. If we never would have had a black man set foot on American soil, America would be bigger and better than it is today.

I do not wish anyone harm, no matter what their skin color but America has historically been a white country (90% white in 1960) and therefore it is only right that white people reap the greatest rewards from it. In Japan, the oriental is dominate and they have great prestige and advantage because of their race. It is their right, just as it is the right for the white man to have it here. That sticks in the liberal craw like an unchewed potato chip, cutting all the way down. Nonetheless it is a fact.

I have seen what has happened to the whites of South Africa when they followed your reasoning. The numbers of murders and rapes of the whites are growing each day. Many of the whites are fleeing for their lives. You want the same thing to happen in America but hopefully we will not continue to be as stupid as the South African whites were. Hopefully we will throw your point of view in the trash where it belongs before it destroys our country completely like it has already destroyed the inner cities and any place where minority presence has become large in size.

The point is that nice idealistic models often have no correlation to anything in reality. Racism has always been a fact of life and always will be. If you wish to use a world model that does not include that major piece of reality, you will find that your model will give terribly wrong predictions of what will happen in the future. It is like looking at the atmospheric conditions and ignoring the high and low pressure values. You will never come close to understanding the weather with such a model.

I want all races to do well, but that means -- unavoidably means -- separation of the races into their own lands.

If you use the word "whine" for what white males are doing today, you must use the terms "tantrum," "crybaby," "little brat tactics" for what the feminists and minorities are doing and have been doing for 40 years.

Another last point which you have probably overlooked, Roy Wilkins should consider himself damn lucky he got his education before affirmative action watered down his academic curriculum. He got a decent education which I am sure made a major contribution to how things have gone for him.

I would recommend that you read The Bell Curve. It gives clear documented, scientific evidence as to why the liberal world view will only bring destruction to America. It is impossible to bring white and black under the same blanket of freedom, and merit based advancement, because the whites will usually come out on top, which produces hate and discontent. Another solution is needed. I much prefer a nonviolent solution, while that is still possible.


Only you can
prevent extinction!

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