A Billion Points of Light

I RECENTLY CAME ACROSS A PICTURE that tells a story more clearly than any set of words can. You can find the picture at space picture. It is a picture of the entire planet Earth at night, shot from space, and is really composed from hundreds of pictures taken by orbiting DMSP ( Defense Meteorological Satellite Program) satellites.

The interesting thing to me is how our relative perception of different peoples is shown in graphic clarity in this picture. Note how the Dark Continent, really is. In fact the only part of sub-Saharan Africa that is lit up in any significant way is South Africa! And of course, its lights will be extinguished before too many more years go by.

The Asian continent is next darkest, along with the under-populated Australian continent. Japan, the one Asian country that has embraced a significant portion of the White culture, and borrowed its technology, is lit up like a Christmas tree. China, with its billions of inhabitants is pale in comparison. South America is better lit than Africa but it is struggling in a great deal of darkness.

What is most striking to me is the places where the White man is dominant, or has been dominant in the past, light abounds. In India, the land once conquered by the Aryan invaders, is lit up far more brightly than its neighbors. As I mentioned, South Africa is the brightest part of the Dark Continent south of the Arab held lands. Of course the White financed land of Israel is lit up very brightly.

Just look at the European continent. It is lit from the western portion of Russia all the way to the Atlantic. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Artic Ocean, there are lights all the way. Our people have plastered the indicators of their presence so thoroughly across their lands that you can trace their existence from space by just looking at the lights.

And then you come to the United States. It is nearly exploding with light. The heavily populated northeaster corridor is the most well lit place on earth. The border of the entire nation is easily traceable. Note the southern border of Texas, even though much of west Texas is lightly populated. You can see the line where it becomes darker as you cross the border into Mexico.

Looking at the lighted areas of the world, you can tell what the three major divisions of man have been up to. From the dark, unlighted continent of Africa, and its slightly better lighted southern hemisphere neighbor of South America, to the more lighted areas of Asia, to the brilliantly lit areas of the European people, the story this picture tells is indisputable. As if to reflect the color of the actual people of these regions, the night is lighted by varying amounts in each land.

I do not love my people because they have better, or more numerous illuminating facilities. I am proud of them for that, but I would love them anyway, even if they lived on the darkest continents on the planet. What I am most interested in is the survival of the people who invented the electric light, and who have produced the power to drive the electric light so profusely in their lands. Survival is dependant upon having a land that is our own, and until we realize this fact, we are going to see our lights begin go out, and our lands will become just like most of the rest of the world: dark in illumination and in people.

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