Preschool Attack

September 7, 2004

NEWT GINGRICH POSED THE QUESTION TO THE LITTLE MAN, asking of him what would he do, other than spending more money, to improve the results from our educational system, so that we get more actual education for the money we spend on our schools? Robert Reich, the former Clinton U.S. Secretary of Labor, not surprisingly, immediately infuriated me with his reply.

Yesterday, I had paused the old movie in the DVD player, while my wife attended to something in the kitchen. While I was waiting, I foolishly switched over to the cable to see if there might be something of more value for me to view than simply staring at the wall. Suddenly there appeared two faces that I recognized on the screen, and I held steady on the remote for a moment to see what they were discussing. Normally I donít pay a lot of attention to what the leeches and termites of the government have to say, simply because you know that they are lying as soon as their lips start to move. However, watching the little manís eyes light up as he moved into his enthusiastic attack upon our children, kept me from changing the channel.

Reich, in his typical silly sounding way, called our attention to a study that told us that children from ages zero to five are capable of great learning potential, and he was determined that the US government should start working with kids as soon as they are out of the womb.

I keep thinking that the scoundrels have done their worst already, and that all that is left is the mopping up of the ruined mess left over from where our civilization once stood. However, they still have it in their power to astonish me. Here the question was specifically asked as to what could be done to improve the worthless educational system that Reichís kith and ken have taken apart and left in pieces on the ground, and his response had not to do with how he would go about fixing their mistakes, but rather in how to expand them!

Feminism, another creation of Reichís hearty group of disruptors, has gone a long ways towards destroying the extremely important formative years of zero to five for our children, by extracting far too many mothers from the home and turning much of the next generation over to businesses called daycare centers. But there remain a hearty few ladies who will not be deterred from their most important role of creating, nurturing, and educating their young children. Those 5 years can shape a childís worldview so dramatically that all the propaganda put out by the Reiches of the educational world canít completely reshape it.

As I sat there, the whole conversation hit me just the same as if I had observed a mother tell her child to go and straighten up his room, because it had a few items lying on the floor. After an hour had passed by, and much noise had escaped from the room, Mother went up to check on his progress, and found that he had torn his room to pieces. Things were not merely misplaced, but they were broken beyond repair. Almost nothing of value remained. There was no place to sleep. There was no place to play. There was no place in the room where any conceivable physical activity could be performed. The room stood totally useless.

Mother at this point, in anger and frustration, asked the child what he was going to do to make things better, and he replied that he was going to accomplish that worthy goal by going into his brotherís neat and orderly room across the hall and begin working there.

The fact that little parasites like Robert Reich are seriously listened to in our society says more about the sad condition, and nearly hopeless state, of our nation than anything that I could write. One can truly say that if you tolerate that which is destroying you, you deserve to be destroyed.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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