Lloyd Center and You

I RECENTLY TOOK A WALK THROUGH LLOYD'S CENTER, a shopping mall with some history. It was built in Portland, Oregon back in the 1960s, and was for several years the largest such mall in the USA. Today, it is not even the largest mall in Portland, and only considered moderately large on a national scale, with 110 stores or so in its confines. But this is not a story about shopping.

In 1969, I paid my first visit to Lloyd Center. I was still in high school, and in my senior year. The idea of a shopping mall was brand new at the time, and even being from Southern California at the time, where trends were supposedly set, I had never seen such a thing before. My high school friends and I wandered from store to wondrous store, completely overwhelmed with the variety of shops and merchandise. We laughed at the joke greeting cards, and were dazzled by the colorful displays. Standing on the wide walking bridge, which rode up and over the middle of the rink, we looked down at happy ice skaters, and we were awe struck at the very idea of having such a thing right in the middle of the mall. The one thing, however, that I do not remember seeing was a Black face, in the crowd of shoppers. It was a White wonderland for White shoppers.

I returned to visit Lloyd Center in 1974, and it was still mostly a White haven, where few Black faces dotted the crowd, although the neighborhood around the shopping center had darkened very much. You did not see many non-White clerks, and few non-White shoppers, and life still seemed nearly all-White. The candle shops and knickknack stores were filled with happy White shoppers. Things still looked very optimistic for the people in Portland, shopping in The Mall.

The year 2000 came up much quicker than I had expected, and those 26 years have made a very big change in Lloyd Center. There of course had been extensive remodeling, including moving the ice rink over a bit from where it had been, but that was a very small thing indeed when compared with the change that had come to the patrons of the mall. This shopping mall, located in the heart of what is commonly viewed as a White haven, looked like one of the nightmare centers found in the Bay Area of California. No, it isn't YET quite that bad, but it is leaning heavily in that direction.

To understand the significance of this situation you must understand that Oregon is the beneficiary of the presence of a great many of the White folks who are leaving California in droves, due to the Mexican invasion of that state. White folks, many of who will not admit to themselves why they are doing it, are running scared from the non-White crime and hostility in California, that always accompanies the entrance of diversity into a White society. Quite a number of them are heading for the Pacific Northwest. But you would never know it by looking at the faces populating The Mall which once was the wonder of Portland.

I sat and watched the faces go by while I sat in a shop with my wife, eating an iced yogurt. The dessert was served up by an Asian, and the collection of faces that passed by was enough to sour the taste of the treat before it ever reached my stomach. There were Blacks walking by in gang style knit hats, followed by Asians, and even some Whites dressed the same way. There was a Black man walking with his little child who was so much Whiter than he was that it was obvious that the mother was a White woman. There were half Asians, and all sorts of other varieties of part Whites passing by in droves. There were a couple of very black men with blondes on their arms, and mixed race kids in tow.

Later on, walking through this horror show, it could be seen that still over half the faces were White, but that will not be the case much longer. The blurring, and the darkening of the people is accelerating. And there is no action at all being undertaken by the grassroots of America to stop this atrocity before it is too late. America is collapsing into the third world, and Americans are only worried about pregnant ballets in an election that will put into office either an anti-White Democrat, or a Spanish speaking pro-diversity anti-White Republican. Whether Gore is a "Sore Loserman" or not matters not at all. What matters is that a million and half new non-White "legal" immigrant faces, and/or trespassing immigrant faces, are going to be permanently entering the USA this year, just like last year, and the year before. On top of that, the non-White hordes are having babies at a very high rate, while Whites are not even breaking even. The election, run between two non-entities, was a virtual tie, which shows that the electorate is completely asleep.

Whiteland is becoming Darkland, and the people are being told it is not only not a problem, but that it is a wonderful change for the better. Worse yet, the brainwashed fools believe it! I received an email from just such a one this past weekend. He said that he could not wait until he could go out in the morning and see his Black neighbor on the one side, and his Japanese (he did not say Asian) neighbor on the other picking up their papers. I wrote back and asked him what he was waiting for? He could have that right now if he moved to Brazil. All the diversity he could handle is waiting for him there, right this very minute. But he does not want to live like they do in Brazil? No, he wants to live in a White world, populated by non-White faces. No such world exists, and no such world will ever exist. Either you live in a White world with White faces, or you live in a non-White world. You can have the diversity of Brazil and the accompanying standard of living, or you can have homogeneity and its accompanying standard of living. Only a fool thinks that he can have the population of Brazil, and still have the standard of living of the United States.

Many folks just assume that cities will have a diverse population, therefore they do not find much to worry over in seeing tremendous diversity within a shopping mall located in one of the Pacific Northwest's major cities. First of all, that attitude ignores the fact that a few years ago, the diversity was not there! Secondly, I also took a drive through, Hillsboro, a town a number of miles west of Portland and there I saw a Little Mexico being created. There were store signs in Spanish for everything from restaurants to cell phones. There was not a word of English on many of the signs, or in the shop windows. The invasion is on my friend, and it has progressed well beyond the beginning stages. Cities may rot from their heart out, as the minorities congregate there first, but they rot nonetheless. Do you think that rot, once started in any location, will be easily removed?

I look at what has happened to Lloyd Center in thirty years, and I see what is going to happen to the entire country during the next thirty. There will not be just a smattering of non-Whites "flavoring" the society. There will be an overwhelming saturation of non-White faces, pushing aside the people who created this nation. The non-White and the part-White will be all that is left in another century or two. And instead of learning the lessons being taught today at their shopping malls, Whites still follow the progress of sporting events, worry about that next paycheck, and what is on television tonight.

It is hard to conceive of anything more stupid and dangerous than what Whites in America are doing today. When you find your car going the wrong way into head-on traffic what do you do? Continue to adjust the radio for a better signal? Make sure that the heater is correctly set? Read a map? If you do not get out of the way of the on coming traffic, nothing else will matter at all. If White Americans do not rise up and put a stop to the policies that are destroying our homogeneity, then the Mack truck of diversity is going to crush us into a mangled wreck, and we will deserve it.

Who Rules America

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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