Living in the Looking Glass

July 12, 2005

WHITE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE THEIR OWN SPACE; countries where they are living, reproducing, and thriving, without other races invading that space.

This self evident fact is just one of many that you cannot openly state, and/or discuss in today's society. If you doubt that fact, just try it. Anyone who cares to look around the globe will see that the Orientals have their own living space. They can just as easily see that the Negroes have their own space. The Arab Semites, and now even the Jews have their own living space. This includes lands where each of these races makes up nearly 100% of the population, and where no other race is pouring into their space. The Mestizoes are safe in Mexico and South America, everyone knows it.

So, what about the Whites? In every single White country on earth, the Media, in every case controlled by the same tribe of White-hating people(1), is effectively promoting a campaign of genocide against the Caucasian inhabitants. In every case the lie is promoted that it would be evil for Whites to remain in all-White lands, and that they somehow owe their space to other races, while those non-White races continue to hold on to their own traditional lands. This insane doctrine is promoted daily in the media propaganda, and even worse, in the schools that are controlled by the politicians who are completely under the domination of the media's whims.

If we had an open, calm and reasoned discussion about this we would all agree that the process of unlimited non-White immigration into Caucasian living space would have the following effects:

If these obvious conclusions were reached by enough White folks today, they would rise up, throw the Media Lords out of power, and force the non-White invasion back from whence it came. In other words, our people would save themselves from utter destruction.

However, we do not live in a sane and logical world where the obvious can be openly discussed. Instead, we live in a land where Alice would feel right at home, a topsy-turvy world like that of the Looking Glass. Here, in this crazy land, if you try to talk about White living space, you do not end up discussing White survival, but instead you find that subject closed. It is not closed in the sense that nobody wants to talk about it, and are bored by it. But you will find that it is closed by hate, and extreme anger! As soon as you state the facts, you will be attacked, not because your list of facts is wrong, but because you broached the subject at all. In this world of insanity, White people are supposed to lie down and die without a whimper. If they complain at all, they are brutally attacked as being filled with hate.

If this were just a random bit of absurdity, you might be justified in thinking that the Mad Hatter was in charge of our society. However, it is far more organized than that. Everywhere you turn, even the White folks are blind to what is going on. They have been lied to for so long, and so completely that they have been conditioned to avoid the truth. Just broaching the subject with most of the brainwashed masses will generate real hatred towards you.

What could be more hateful than to exterminate an entire race of people? Whites are accused of doing this to the American Indians, however, most of the Indians who died after the White man arrived, did so from disease, not White guns. Because they have had SEPARATE LIVING SPACE on their reservations, today there are twice as many American Indians alive upon US soil than there when Columbus discovered America. It is separate living space that is the key to survival for any sort of creature other than parasites, who only live off other creatures, and cannot live on their own.

I ask you again, what could be more hateful than purposefully trying to exterminate an entire race of people? No one can honestly deny, if he does even a little study on the subject, that every White nation on earth is being invaded by non-Whites. No one, with that knowledge in hand, can deny that this process will destroy our people, our culture, and our way of life. (What are all those Save Tibet bumper stickers about? The very same process that is destroying native Tibetans is what is going on in America, England, France, Germany and all White lands.) Destroying my people through massive invasion of other people into my people's lands is the expression of extreme hate! And yet, I am called a hater simply because I want to stop, and reverse this killing process. Life in the Looking Glass is not rational.

We are not only asked to die, but we are asked to foot the bill for the bullet that kills us, the coffin, the funeral expenses, and the time the executioners have to spend on the process. Whites work and produce, and they are taxed at extremely high rates. The tax money is used to create programs and benefits that only the invaders can utilize. With our taxes, we pay for the medical, schooling, and eating expenses of people who are going to overrun our children and ultimately kill them. We work hard to pay our executioners. Life in the Looking Glass is not only crazy, it is deadly.

Can we talk about this? No, we are forced to struggle with minds that have been conditioned to view reality as being upside down from what it really is. All conversations come back to the massive mental roadblocks that have been created by the Media Lords. The death of our race pales in significance in the minds of these conditioned souls when compared with the prospect of being thought of as being a racist! There can be no greater demonstration of the mental damage that has been done to our people than this simple fact.

The open attempt at extermination of our White race is merely the most obvious issue that is closed to our conversations. There can be no doubt whatsoever that we will be exterminated if this process continues, and we still cannot talk about it. The list is nearly endless of other topics that are just as well protected by the Media Lord propaganda machine. The destruction of our schools is accepted by all, but the reasons for it cannot be discussed. The urban blight destroying our inner cities is admitted by all, but talking about the reason for it is taboo. The continuing crime rate is out of control, even with more people in prison per capita than any nation in history has ever had. The reason for this cannot be faced. Our families are falling apart nearly as fast as they are created, even though they are being created less often, as young adults wait longer and longer to marry. The reason for this horrible situation is off limits to open conversation.

The one bright light in this dark world of the Looking Glass is that all humans, even White humans, have a natural inborn need to survive, and to protect their children's survival. The insanity that is promoted as "moderate," "middle of the road," and "mainstream" today runs in direct opposition to our natural instincts. That which the anti-White haters call "xenophobia" is nothing but good old fashioned self defense against extermination. The whole phony house of cards is just waiting for a little breeze to blow by and topple it to the ground.

Remember that, because it is completely disconnected from reality, the Looking Glass is fragile, and it when it shatters there will only be little pieces of it left for us to sweep up. Take heart, it is already showing many cracks, and soon the hammer must fall upon it.


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