Lott of Trouble

December 13, 2002

IN AN ARTICLE, UNSURPRISINGLY WRITTEN BY SOMEONE NAMED JOHN SOLOMON, entitled Lott No Stranger to Racial Controversy,(1) the media once again attempts to whip the White man back into the death march column, out of which Senator Lott had managed to only appear to drift a millimeter off center. With 100% participation of the national leaders of our country, in the campaign to exterminate the White man in American, to openly express support for any part of real American history stands out like a black cat on the snow.

Solomon threw out items in this article, in an attempt to establish a history of evil for Senator Lott. What is the Senator "accused" of? He is said to have:

Also listed in the article is the total sellout of his beliefs and of the truth, that Lott has had to make to the Media Lords.(2)

Lott now repudiates:

Senator Trent Lott has sold out, and given his soul to the Media Lords in order to hold on to his job. No matter how much he may regret the decision, he has made it, and while he rattles the bars of his cage from time to time, he never leaves it.

Here is a man who supports every one of the major factors that are destroying our nation and that are leading to the extermination of the White race in America. He supports integration, knowing full well what it has done to our schools and our neighborhoods. To him, his job is more important than our schools and our neighborhoods. To him, it is more important to sit in the Senate, than it is for our White little girls to have a safe and White place to live, or that our boys can get a good education from which to build the future of our nation. He is against "racism," which is translated as; he is against White people having a White society anywhere on earth. His job is far more important than the White race is, no matter how much of a show he makes of loving his Southern heritage. He admitted that there are more deserving Americans of having a national holiday than King is, but he did not admit the truth that King was a fraud,(3) an evil influence on our country, a communist tool, and not deserving at all of such a recognition. Lott cherishes his job more than the truth, his people, or his country.

Senator Lott ran like a scalded dog with his tail between his legs, cutting all ties with the Council of Conservative Citizens when the Media said he was a bad boy for acknowledging a group that has as one of its goals, "The preservation of the white race." The Media Lords, and their son John Solomon, have declared that such a goal is outside the limits of decency for a "civilized man" in America today. Solomon is asking you (what he thinks is a rhetorical question), "How dare anyone try and perpetuate the White race, when the Media Lords are working so hard to eliminate it?" Yes, they have taken all the trouble to buy up the media, and use that power to take control of our elections process, stock the major government offices with their pawns, and thereby established the caustic and lethal government dictates, which have forced upon the unwilling American people: integration; nearly unlimited non-White immigration; and exceptionally brutal penalties that can be applied only to White people for "hate" crimes. Now, after all of that effort, expressly aimed at destroying White people, here is an organization that has the effrontery to openly declare that its members want the White race to continue to exist into the future.

What exactly was it that caused our Media Lapdog President to jump up and down so eagerly for the camera in complete support of integration? What was it exactly that Senator Lott said? Strom Thurmond was having a party in celebration of his 100th birthday, and his retirement from the Senate. Senator Lott made the following "outrageous" comment during his speech:

"I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it and if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years."

For this, people have been calling for his resignation. You see, in 1948, Thurmond ran with the Dixiecrat Party, whose platform included support for continued segregation. There was no mention by Lott about that fact in his speech. He has repeatedly abased himself to the media, declaring that he abhors segregation today, but even allowing the possible implication that he might have intended to express support for segregation was enough to send the media dogs after his hide.

Logically, it is impossible to conceive of an election in 1948 being able to do anything to stop the racial disaster that has occurred since. Certainly the Media Lords know that, and they know that this could not have been what Lott was getting at. It would be ridiculous on the face of it. Lott was just making noise, and patting Thurmond on the back. But any show of possible resistance to complete assimilation into the PC intellectual body, no matter how improbable that resistance may actually be, is aggressively attacked. They donít care about Lott, Thurmond, or the Dixiecrats. All of them have already been defeated or corrupted utterly.(4) What they donít want is any spark of life to kindle in the White masses. Anyplace that such a spark might ignite they produce a full-fledged fire response, soaking the potential hotspot with everything that they have at their disposal.

Unfortunately, they have been completely successful in their battle so far. John Solomon can write that the preservation of the White race is a terribly negative thing, and thereís not peep out of the average White American.


1.    Lott No Stranger to Racial Controversy 12/12/02 22:17 EST, Copyright 2002 The Associated Press.

2.    Who are the Media Lords? See: Who Rules America

3.    Who was MLK really? -- The Beast as Saint

4.    As Senator Lott has attempted to wash his hands of any appearance of actually caring about what happens to White people, he said that his comments had been a "poor choice of words," and even went so far as to proclaim his statement as being "terrible" and `"insensitive." His groveling shows him for what he is, a puppet with no internal moral compass. He is all fluff and show, like all those in office, under the control of the Media Lords.

In another article by "Jim Abrams" (another of Solomon's tribe) it is pointed out that Senator John McCain, R(ace traitor)-Ariz., demanded that Lott "have a full-blown press conference with an opening description of his absolute outright hostility to discrimination in any form." (We should note that being merely another hypocrite in office, and even though he wanted Lott to condemn any form of discrimination, McCain clearly didn't mean for Lott to express hostility to the discrimination of affirmative action, or of the procecusion of only Whites for "hate crimes.") --
Lot Won't Give up GOP Post 12/13/02 12:22 EST Copyright 2002 The Associated Press.

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