Lovely Bones
Politely giving up.

I WAS ASKED IF I WOULD BE WILLING TO GO TO THE THEATHER to see a movie made from a book a friend had read. The name of the book and the movie was Lovely Bones. I knew next to nothing about the story. So, I checked on the Internet quickly.

I never, ever go to a movie, where I am tied to a chair in a public place and I am left at the mercy of the Media Lords(1) and their caustic agenda, set to destroy all that I hold dear, without checking. I unfortunately didn't check enough this time. I went to a web site and found the cast listed, and saw that the first 7 members of the cast that were listed, were all White. Number 8 and number 10 were Oriental it looked like, perhaps Indian and Chinese. But they were obviously secondary characters at best. Okay, I assumed from this that there wasn't going to be some romantic love interest between a White main character and a non-White, which outrageously (though no one seems to be outraged by it) is the driving motivation of many movies today. Lovely Bones was supposed to be a murder story, written from the perspective of a young girl who was the victim and she was supposedly writing (or in the case of the movie, narrating verbally) as a ghost.

From what I had to go on, it was going to be another Ghost, where the bad guy gets run to ground by the one he kills. It doesn't sound awesome, but it sounded like I could put up with whatever it was to put a smile on my lady's face.

When the previews ran, the first trailer they showed was for a miscegenation movie. It wasn't a White girl mating with an African, which is the media's main goal to get America to routinely accept and finally actively embrace, emotionally and physically. It was a Mexican girl and an African man, and the movie was a comedy as the families tried to mix African and Mexican culture. (Somehow, American culture was never mentioned, but then why should it be, when the Africans and Mexicans are so dead set against it?) They threw up pictures of the African putting a lip-lock on the Mexican and you know what they wanted was to have that role played by a blue-eyed blonde girl. But America isn't quite ready yet, though it is close—very close. What I didn't realize was how close I was to being exposed to something very much like that.

I should have guessed it, I suppose, because, I am aware of the dirty tactics that movie makers use in advertising movies in one way and then making them in another. I can no longer count the number of times I have picked up a DVD with a cover full of White faces on the front, only to find that the actual movie has a majority of its camera time taken up with non-Whites. They do this so routinely that it has become a tired old cliche. I also am aware that they tend to run trailers of similarly aimed movies as the one you came to watch, thinking that you must be stupid enough to like what you are watching and will therefore be dumb enough to like the one they are advertising as well.

Despite all of this, I was completely shocked only moments after the actual movie began. When the preliminaries, of introducing the protagonist and her family, were over, only a handful of minutes into the movie, the victim, who was in high school, predictably walked past an Othello poster on the wall. School is the most racist environment in the country. In every hallway, classroom and textbook, you can be sure to have the White race attacked, intellectually displaced, and completely stripped out will be every supportive word, image, or idea for our people, you know, the ones who created America, paid the taxes that paid for the school, the books, and the teachers' salaries who are aiding and abetting the scoundrels who are doing this. Of course the only Shakespeare that the Media Lords(1) want kids to remember is one with an African protagonist. The rest is all "too White" and needs to be ignored.

But that was an expected slap in the face, one which I was prepared to deal with. But then the real insult happened. A boy from India, who had been put into our culture by the stupidity of the British for accepting him into theirs, and then pawning him off on us, suddenly appears, having just passed by the Othello poster, rubbing in the point. We find that the blue-eyed girl is having orgasmic delusions about this brown-skinned boy, as if he were the most handsome thing in the world, and she just had to kiss him. And this is the girl we are supposed to feel sorry for all movie long because she was murdered.

Right there in the hall, after having a quick talk on how wonderful Othello is, the Indian attempts to put his mouth on the White girl, but a teacher broke it up before he could. I was ready to get up and walk out right at this point, and moments later it gets worse as the grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon, a woman who has made a career out of shady and sleazy parts, begins to rave about how good looking this Indian boy is and to push her granddaughter into pursuing this relationship. Worse and worse. Now they have not only put the media stamp of approval on the act by having the "alpha" female character of the movie lusting over a non-White male, but the "older generation" is spoken for by this twisted grandmother, making it seem like there is nothing but stupidity and misfortune standing in the way of the total bliss that has been shared by so many like the wives of OJ Simpson and Tiger Woods.

At this point I had two things keeping me in my chair: 1) I wanted to make my wife happy, because it was "a date" for us; and 2) I knew this girl was going to be murdered, and probably before she could have the tryst she had set up with the Indian. It is sad that is what movies have brought reality to. I just wanted this whole thing to be over, and it had just started.

After being led through an incredible display of computer graphical miracles, where the road to "heaven" was shown in ways that would have fit in nicely with what LSD is said to have produced for its users, we find that the guide to heaven for our little White girl with miscegenation upon her heart, is an Asian girl. Later it turns out that she is one of the many victims of this serial killer (who naturally, was White). Note, that nearly all the victims were White, but the one, and only one, who approaches her to lead her on was a non-White. As is nearly always the case for any movie made today, camera time and screen presence is demanded for the non-Whites, in any predominantly White film, even if there is no literary reason for it to be so, and usually strong reason, as in this case, for it to not be so.

If Lovely Bones had used a White boy for the protagonist's girlish infatuation, and a White girl as her guide, the movie would have completely removed the whole topic of race from it, and left a movie that was visually appealing and of interest as a novel approach to a story. It would not have been a great movie, but it would have been just another movie that was okay to watch, with some entertaining ideas.

Unfortunately, the Media Lords(1) have no interest in merely entertaining you. It is the unthinking lemming who goes to movies simply to be entertained, without thinking about what is being promoted politically by the movies he watches who is the most culpable in this process of destruction. Propaganda is only useful and effective if you are exposed to it. By inviting it unthinkingly into your mind you are making it powerful and giving control of your own mind to it. Movies are directing unthinking Americans into accepting the death of their society, of their culture, and of the future of their children and children's children for all time. In justification for watching these movies with a stupid glaze over his eyes the lemming says, "I just think the movies are entertaining. I don't worry about the politics." This is like eating food because it tastes good, even when you know it has poison in it. How can anyone be so stupid? How can such food even taste good? Only a mind that has been twisted by years of exposure to the Media Lords'(1) agenda could even get this filth down and enjoy it.

But the final insult was still to come. Just as the girl was finally ready to give up on getting the murderer caught, and to head off to "heaven," she decides to head back to earth and take care of one more thing. The murderer's identity had been discovered, but he still had the girl's "lovely bones" hidden away in a safe in his basement. He put the safe into his station wagon, and hauled it off to a sink hole where he could dump it forever and no one would ever find it. When he shows up he gets the owner to help him roll the safe over to the sink hole. Quite a few movie minutes were spent watching the two of them roll this heavy safe along, as the ghost came hurrying back. Would she get there in time to stop the bad guy and get him caught red-handed? There was a White girl at the location of the sink hole, who "saw things," and the ghost came right in and possessed her body.

But instead of running out and having her big husky father grab the bad guy and make him open the safe, or something like that, she falls on the bed in the arms of the Indian boy "who happened to be there." The safe goes into the sink hole and the murderer drives safely away. Although I didn't watch it, the screen was filled with those brown lips all over the White ones for quite some time. This is what the ghost had come back for. She had nearly gotten her father killed getting him to chase the bad guy earlier, but now she didn't come back for that. It was for that act of Media Lord delight: a White woman getting it on with a non-White man.

In the end, it turned out that miscegenation was what the entire movie was about, not murder.

You can be sure that I will never go unprepared into another theater, without knowing in advance that the Media Lords(1) have not placed another propaganda bomb of this magnitude into the movie. The technology is awesome, and they can do miracles with visually amazing computer graphics, but the horrors that they are putting upon us as a people are even more incredible. And day after day, we go and have our brains scooped out and replaced by Politically Correct ideas that say our forefathers were stupid, backward, racist, sexist pigs who should be forgotten, so we can eagerly chase after the Media Lords'(1) dream of making America just like other racially heterogenous societies like the "world leading" Brazil.

The only thing lovely about this movie was the fact that it was finite and I could finally get out of that theater. Even days after sitting through that I am angry, very angry. Each year that passes, the Media Lords(1) grow more bold, and America's Whites grow more and more passive about protecting what is theirs. Soon there will be nothing left to protect and we can all just go home to oblivion, because that is all that will be left us.


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