Love Your Race

February 8, 2004

THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE IS PROMOTING a campaign to hand out as many copies as possible of a very benign brochure on Valentines Day. The brochure has the message "LOVE YOUR RACE" on it, along with a very nice profile picture of a blonde White girl looking up and off into the distance. I would love to see those brochures pop up all over town, all over the country. I hardily support the effort!

I think that it is a very clear and unavoidable indication of what sort of distress the White race finds itself in today, that such a brochure not only needs to be handed out, but that it is considered to be controversial. In any sane society, love of one's people is considered part of basic mental health. If you can't love your own people, you can't really love or respect any other people. So, telling someone to love his race should be as surprising or exciting as to tell him to love his mother, or to take a breath.

What has our White race been reduced to that we need to go around feeling as though we were revolutionary soldiers, executing some deep and complicated plot, in order to simply tell White folks to love their own people?

This fact alone speaks volumes about our country today! From this we can deduce that we have a government that is working to destroy us. If the government were not working through all of its agencies to promote the idea that White survival, and the ability of the White race to flourish in this country that the White race created, were somehow evil, how could anyone feel threatened for handing out a brochure that is doing nothing but telling his White brothers and sisters to love their race?

If the government were doing the sensible and just thing, it would be onboard with this campaign. We would see brochures like this posted on the classroom bulletin boards in school, reinforced with government sponsored service messages on television. We would see Celebrate Your White Race bumper stickers on teachers' cars, and there would be White History courses taught in our schools.

But look at reality as it is today. If one of those brochures actually made it up onto a classroom bulletin board, the person who put it there would be in serious trouble. If it were a teacher, he would lose his job. If it were a student, he would be in for counseling at the very least, and disciplinary action would land on his innocent head. Any television station that aired a supportive service announcement would not only not get government sponsorship for the airing, but it would be fined and subject to other forms of government sponsored harassment. Whoever made the decision to air the spot would be fired and blacklisted from working again. Any teacher bold enough to put a pro-White bumper sticker on his car would be in very serious trouble with the school administration, and shown the door. The idea of a White History course would never seriously cross the minds of, let alone pass the lips as a suggestion by, any of the teachers in a US school today. Anyone who was foolish enough to suggest such a course would be viewed as a racist, and not to be trusted.

While Black History month is promoted by our government -- and its propaganda machine that has been mislabel a school system -- White History, as White History, is suppressed, twisted, and belittled. Celebrating color is valued and applauded, while celebrating Whiteness is vilified and attacked.

How could anyone be so silly as to actually believe that America can continue to be America, if we replace the people who created America with people who did not? How can we perpetuate America, and the American way of life, if we defame its founders, revile its foundational beliefs, and denounce the very people who populated this land from the birth of the USA, right up until the 1960s?

It is time that we remembered that it is a wonderful and beautiful thing to love your race. Not only that, it is a necessary component of real mental health. All normal people tend naturally to care about their own people. It is only through a desperate and continual propaganda barrage,(1) laid against White Americans from the day they are born, that has created the conditions that we see today, where White people actually need to be told that they should love their race. This situation is absolutely pitiful. Here's your chance to do something about it.

Print up the brochure, make some copies, and then make sure that a lot of people get to see the message on it. Valentines Day is a day of love, and what better day to show your love for your race?

Link to the Love Your Race Brochure


1.    Who Rules America

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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