A Walk In A Mall

TODAY I WALKED THROUGH A SHOPPING MALL in one of the more White cities in our country. It had been a number of months since I had taken such a walk and so I was not numb from overexposure to what was going on there.

I was checking prices for an eye exam, in hopes of getting my first pair of prescription glasses, and in each of the several shops which offered eye exams and glasses, there were posters of Black men and women modeling the glasses. It was like a slap in the face, as if they were saying that I should want to wear a certain style of glasses because this Black model wore them. I just shook my head and moved on.

Later on we turned a corner in the mall and there was a life sized picture of a Black teenager sitting on a park bench. Beneath the picture was a statement about how you should really be talking to your kids, as if this Black kid could be your kid. Again I shook my head. Just how many of your children’s problems come directly from the Black race? The music that their friends will be listening to, and trying get your kids to listen to, will be from some Black rappers who hate Whites and White culture. The clothes, that they will be trying to get your kid to wear, will be the Black ghetto gang attire. The morals which will be passed around the schools will be the Black, amoral, jungle hedonism. The drugs that will be put in their path will be the same ones that the Black sports “heroes” use. Yet, White folks walk past that billboard display all day long and do not even think about the absurdity which stands before them.

Up and down the mall, in window after window I saw posters and ads which were trying to use Black models to sell me products. If all White people reacted like I do, that practice would stop in a hurry. I avoid any product that I see being “promoted” to me using a Nonwhite model. Unfortunately, not too many Whites even give it a thought any more. Every effort is being made to soften up the White race to the idea that they are losing their country, and that Whites are nothing special in the United States of America, a nation which the White race created.

Just before we left the mall, and probably helping us to make our decision that we were done with our visit, we ran into a huge, bigger than life display, right in the middle of the main aisle. There before us was a photo of a boy and girl, about 15 or 16, holding hands. The boy was White and the girl was Black. Underneath the photo were the words: “One Nation - One Town”. I mentioned to my wife how inappropriate such a disgusting image was.

As we were walking away she said, “I can’t believe they put that up in the mall!”

I replied cynically, “The only thing that I can’t believe is that they used a White boy and Black girl instead of the other way around.”

We have been invaded. We are under control and the end of our people, our nation and our way of life is in view. The enemy is so confident that he thinks restraint is no longer needed. He thinks that no outrage is sufficient to activate the sleeping White race. Sadly, he seems to be right. We have Black and Yellow models promoting products, and the White zombies go out and buy them. We have Black kids presented to us as “our kids” and think nothing of it, even though we would think very much of it, if anyone should suggest that we move to a neighborhood where all the kids were Black!

The White camel of our nation is loaded to its maximum carrying capacity. The Media Lords are throwing more and more on, not in straw size, but in cinder block size. They throw it on faster and faster. The camel’s back is straining and it seems that at any moment it will snap. We are seeing every day, more Nonwhite faces at work, in the mall, in our schools, and in our advertising. It grows ever worse. We see Nonwhites in movies playing the part of heroes for our children, lovers for our women, and superiors to ourselves. Our White nation appears to be a thing of the past, and our future looks grim and very dark.

Our children’s children are going to be living as third world citizens in a third world nation. And all that most Whites are doing about it is to hope that they can hold on to what they have until their miserable lives are over. One Philadelphia Inquirer story said this about it…

Of course, there are innumerable straight, white men who welcome change and champion inclusion, men who handle their personal crises with confidence, grace and a sense of fairness and proportion.

Cheer and applaud these White men who, not only see how their nation is falling, but they welcome it! They champion the race mixing, which will spell the end of the White race. They are confident, fair and have a sense of proportion. They are riding the Titanic all the way to the bottom and loving every minute of it. Here is what the Media Lords want from all of us. “Shut up and take your medicine!” “There is nothing you can do about it, so stop whining!”

I receive email from some of you who are quite depressed because there are so many zombie fools like those described in the Philadelphia Inquirer quote. I can understand that. It does look pretty desperate right now, and we may be looking at the last few years of the great United States of America, to be replaced by the multicultural, third world, crime ridden, Mexico-clone Fragmented States of America . We can stand here wringing our hands, and shaking our heads or we can act. We can put our lives on the line, or we can quit. The Founding Fathers were mostly well off men who could have just lived off their good positions for the rest of their lives. They did not need to risk their jobs, their land, and their lives to have nice comfortable existences for as long as they lived. They risked it all to create the White United States of America. If we are going to ever save this nation, and return it to the White people it was designed for, we are going to have to be willing to do the same thing.

So, what does a White nation mean to you? Is it worth your job or your life? Or is it only worth talking about when it is safe? Think about it. Are you ready to fix the problem, or just bemoan it? Look around you. You will see that time is growing short. The enemy is not growing bold, he is already bold and growing bolder! He will not be turned aside by a halfhearted effort by part-time racialists. Just take a walk through the nearest shopping mall and you will see how far your race has fallen. Shake the White folks around you. Wake them up, or it will be too late for us all!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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