The Matrix*

ONCE AGAIN THE YOUTH OF OUR NATION, who are the most obvious targets of this flashy piece of propaganda, will have their minds shaped into the leftist mold, by a celluloid trap. They will be taken along by a very interesting story, exceptionally good special effects, and high tension action. Indeed, just like the sweet bait provided by the Venus Flytrap, there is to be found here everything you could possibly want to draw in the pliable minds to be shaped to your world view.

The movie is set in the future, on Earth around 2199 AD, where men are used as batteries to power the machines that are their masters. Babies are grown in pods, and then placed into the Matrix, by having their nervous system plugged into a computer grid that supplied all sensory information to them. When a person is connected to the Matrix there is no way to tell the difference between the computer sensory data and real sensory data. The humans all thought that they were living real lives in a real world, but their lives and world were nothing but a computer simulation. In reality, there were towers with thousands pods attached to them, each pod housing a human being, completely still, and being fed through tubes, who thought he was actually living a real life in the computer world. Virtual reality had replaced the real world and nobody knew that the real world was a dead, dark planet, being run by machines. No one that is, except for a handful of folks living on a ship, who had been disconnected from the Matrix and were fighting the machines. Here is the crew of that "Resistance" ship:

Morpheus - The leader of the group. A large Black man. He was intelligent, strong, courageous, selfless and heroic in the extreme. His leadership was firm, fair and unquestioned by all but the White traitor. He was a man's man, sophisticated, yet sympathetic and understanding.

Trinity - A White female, the second in command. She was heroic, tough, a masculine-like fighter, physically up to any challenge, and extremely intelligent. Except for her expressions of romance for the hero at the end of the movie, one would expect her to be attracted to women rather than men.

Cypher - A White male who turned traitor later in the movie. He was disgruntled with the leadership of Morpheus and wanted to return to The Matrix to live.

Tank - A Black man who was the "operator" or contact for the "good guys" when they entered The Matrix . He was intelligent, brave, born "free" of The Matrix in the city of Zion.

Dozer - Tank's brother. He was much darker than Tank, which would imply a "half-brother" relationship. He was brave, big and strong.

Mouse - The only White male of the original group which could be considered a "good guy." He was well named, in that he appeared weak, and he was picked on by the others. He was obsessed with sex and created a virtual reality woman that he tried to pimp to the main star of the movie.

Switch - A White female, hard looking, masculine in demeanor, a warrior mentality. A secondary character but obviously placed there to promote the feminist, fighting female myth.

Apoch - A dark skinned Hispanic. Quiet, strong and a good soldier. A secondary character, who filled the role of a courageous, and dependable Nonwhite.

At the start of the movie, we are introduced to the savant ones by way of a fight scene where Trinity easily killed 4 males with her bare hands. This feminist's erotic dream pushed forward the myth of the physical equality of the sexes, and was a blatant attempt to promote the idea that a woman can be a superior soldier. Of course the reason that she was superior was later explained as being not the result of her gender, but rather because of her status as one of those who know the Matrix is not real and therefore that the physical rules contained therein, can be bent or broken. Nonetheless the desired image had been planted in the young minds watching, and the feminists' propaganda was pushed ahead.

Next the "Agents," the ultimate "bad guys," were introduced to the audience. They were White men, with red hair. The way they dressed looked a great deal like FBI agents. These Agents were actually "sentient programs" that were running in the computer Matrix to police the activities of the human slaves and ensured that they all acted the way the machines wanted them to. The Agents had exceptional powers and they could not be defeated in combat. Any human who had tried to do so, had died.

The promotion of the Media Lords' agenda was set into the mosaic of the tale very effectively, in a technically excellent fashion, highlighted by flashy special effects, artistically interesting camera angles, and a rapid moving story line. But is was impossible to ignore.

I could not help but notice that all things Evil were White.

The only real concession made to Whites, who obviously would be the main viewers of this film, was that the hero was allowed to be White. To make the attack on traditional White America complete they could have cast Will Smith or Wesley Snipes in the lead role. I am sure that they considered it! However, the somewhat more subtle approach they used was probably more effective in getting their message across. As the movie stands, it allows the viewers to be exposed to the idea that all things White are evil, but that Whites can be saved from themselves through working for diversity. The movie The Matrix tells us that only through diversity can the White race be elevated from its natural evil condition.

One of the standard ploys used by the Media Lords in movies today is to have White women working around, and with, Nonwhite men. Then when situations occur in the movie, as they always do, with emotional content where women have traditionally either hugged those around them, or required comforting from males close at hand, of course the White women will end up hugging the Nonwhite males around them, or will be comforted by those Nonwhite males. This gives a "golden opportunity" to those who wish to promote the racial suicide of miscegenation. Here the social taboos against White women hugging and kissing Nonwhite males is broken down, in what appears to be a totally natural and innocent manner. In actuality there is nothing innocent or natural about the whole thing. It was contrived right from the start. There is no mystery as to why the Media Lords are so eager to have settings where White women and Nonwhite men are working together in any movie or television show. In The Matrix just such an event occurred. When the evil White Cypher killed Dozer, one of the Black men of the crew, Trinity just had to hug his Black brother Tank in consolation.

There were several things about this movie that promoted the Media Lords' feminist agenda. Of course the two masculine female characters pushed the idea that "warrior women" are a great idea. When the hero Neo, was first picked up by the gang of "good guys" it was the two White women, Trinity and Switch along with Apoch, the Nonwhite Hispanic man, who were sent to do it. The girls were shorthaired, masculine, and in charge. Apoch was just the driver, apparently there only to take orders.

Another feminist thrust was made at an earlier point in the movie where Trinity had introduced herself to Neo, and he asked her if she were THE Trinity, who had "cracked the IRS Dbase." When she replied in the affirmative Neo said, "I thought you were a guy." To which she replied, "Most guys do." This was a typical attempt to break down the traditional differences between the sexes and to promote the idea that all sexual differences are social constructs. The idea was to push the concept that it is society, not biology that makes men the most common and effective hackers, and it is nothing but pure and stupid sexism that allows anyone to doubt the Media Lords' position.

There was another important female character, and she had the ability to see the future. She was known as "The Oracle." She was almost a god to the "good guys" and naturally enough she was Black. She had a somewhat diverse but mostly White collection of kids, called "potentials," hanging out in her living room who were being groomed, perhaps to follow in her footsteps. The Oracle was a woman who was homey and personable, with a condescending attitude, wrapped in a personable fašade. Around her apartment was the only place in the entire Matrix where you saw Black faces.

The Character of Morpheus was a powerful image, used very effectively to promote the idea of diversity. Here was a man who was Black, strong, intelligent, and a great leader. He was betrayed by the White Cypher, but the great Black Morpheus put up a tremendous fight against Agent Smith, after telling the White, redheaded agent that agents "all looked alike to him." (After Morpheus was defeated, the agent told the cops to take Morpheus. The cops ran in, and then formed a circle around him, and began beating him with their night sticks, as if he were Rodney King. The imagery was an obvious attempt to remind us how racist White cops are.)

As Morpheus sat cuffed to the chair, the camera pans over a tray filled with surgical appearing instruments. The White agents now were being depicted as evil Nazis, who had obvious plans to torture the great Black leader. Morpheus was then depicted as being tortured and demeaned but he was still filled with dignity. One would have to admire such a man as he. As he suffered on camera, and the White Agent Smith ridiculed him, your heart naturally went out to him. The way he stood his ground and refused to talk, protecting his people, was admirable. At one point Agent Smith rubbed his fingers across Morpheus' bald scalp and complained about the smell, shoving his fingers against Morpheus' nose. Was he talking about the Black smell, or merely the human smell? He did not say, but the racial implications were just under the surface. While this was going on inside the Matrix, back on the ship Tank was busy telling Morpheus' unhearing body, "You are more than a leader to us, you are a FATHER."

While the audience is enthralled with the journey of the White Neo, as he strives to become "The One" who will defeat the Matrix, they are, for the most part, completely ignorant of the programming job that is being done on their minds. They have been programmed to be more accepting of feminism. They have been programmed to accept diversity. They have been programmed to view White society and people as inherently suspect, if not inherently evil. They have been programmed to view traditional White society as a fraud, and to view multiracial societies as being superior. They have been programmed to view Blacks as natural leaders. In general, the entire Media Lords' agenda has been promoted in a very big way in this movie. The sad fact is that most viewers will understand no more of what was really going on in this movie, than the people who "lived" in the Matrix understood about what was really going on in their lives.

In short, The Matrix was a movie which did exactly what our enemies wanted it to, and it did it very well!

Keanu Reeves ........... Thomas "Neo" Anderson
Carrie-Anne Moss ..... Trinity
Laurence Fishburne ... Morpheus
Joe Pantoliano ........... Cypher
Hugo Weaving ........... Agent Smith

Director ...................... Andy Wachowski
Director ...................... Larry Wachowski
Producer ................... Joel Silver
Producer ................... Barrie M. Osborne
Written By ................. Andy Wachowski
Written By ................. Larry Wachowski
Music By ................... Don Davis

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