Good Old Baseball Racism
Part 2

IT'S ALL OVER! Now the home run race is ended and Mark McGuire hit a remarkable 70 home runs to Sammy Sosa's 66, everyone can go back to their seats once more and forget about the fact that race was a big part of the fan's excitement during the chase.

Did you notice how all at once, when Sosa hit number 62, the liberals started screaming, "racism!" Why? No one cared much that he hit number 62 because McGuire had hit 62 already. Sosa did not break the record when he hit number 62. When Mark McGuire hit 62 home runs he did something that no man had ever done before! It was wonderful. Roger Maris' family was present to celebrate the occasion. It was history. When Sosa got to 62 it was old ground he was treading. He was following the footsteps of McGuire who was leading the way. There was no reason to celebrate Sosa's achievement which was not breaking new ground. 

Sammy Sosa hit 66 for the year but that will be just a footnote to the 70 which McGuire hit. Now for the obvious racial side of this story. If the numbers were reversed, you know what would have happened. Of course the media would have made another Tiger Woods out Sammy Sosa and we would have had story after story about how wonderful it is for the first time to have a black man hold the Major League home run record for a single year. Do you see any such comment on how excited everyone is about a white man who extended the home run record by 9 additional home runs? No? Did we see the people of Mark McGuire's old neighborhood, like we saw for Sammy Sosa, huddled around TV sets rooting for him to break the record because he is, rather than a Latino, a white man from America? Of course not!

This is the entire problem that we have in this country today in a nutshell. The media, and liberals in general, will go absolutely bonkers over any accomplishment a black man makes in sports, especially a sport, or area of a sport, that has been dominated by whites. The liberals are fairly in heat to promote any other race's accomplishments, and not only that, but they are willing to point out the racial component to their enthusiasm! They mention the fact that the star of their personal worship is black (Asian or Latino) as part of the reason as to why they think the accomplishment is so great. Yet what mention is made of the positive aspect of the fact that Mark McGuire, is a white man who hit 70 home runs? None whatsoever!

It happens day after day, over and over again. Black (or brown) accomplishment is applauded and cheered pointedly because it is black accomplishment. White accomplishment is never applauded or even pointed out as white accomplishment. Digest that. Think on it long and hard. It is consistent and it is intentional. It must change! Are you tired of having your country taken from you and handed out as a Liberal gift to any and all other races, while at the same time your race, heritage and accomplishments are belittled and covered up? If there is any chance at all of saving this country, you need to wake up and do something. It is time to take control of our nation back. To quote our president, "Sooner rather than later."

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