Military Waste

May 12, 2004

WHY DO WE HAVE A MILITARY in the United States of America? The number one reason for our military’s existence is to protect our borders from foreign invasion. We have the most powerful military on earth. Others call us a “super power”. And yet thousands of Mexicans invaded America last night, as did thousands of their kinsmen the day before and the day before that. The stream of aliens pouring in over our borders continues day after day with no real response from our military. Why is that?

Our military is not idle. We have sent thousands of our troops around the world to kill and be killed while meddling in affairs that are of little or no concern to America, at the same time as our lands are being rapidly invaded.

“Predominantly White” is a catch phrase, normally connected with a low crime rate, and a high living standard, and it used to apply to 90% of our country. However, at the same time, the news media has managed to make this very good and healthy condition appear to be filled with hate somehow.

Promoting a low crime rate and a high standard of living by promoting predominately White neighborhoods has been misconstrued as being a bad thing. Americans have been led to believe that a neighborhood that has a higher crime rate, but that has a racially diverse population is somehow better than an all-White neighborhood, no matter how low the crime rate and how civilized its residents. This is clearly insane, but there is to be found very few people willing to point out the fact that “the emperor has no clothes.”

If ever reality has matched that old fairy tale of deceit and gullibility, where all the people were pretending to see that which was not there, it is now in America. The Media Lords(1) are spinning their falsehoods and the American people are pretending that they believe them. White Americans are being told that the loss of their world-class schools of the 1950s was not because the schools were integrated. They are told that the loss of their culture in areas of high diversity is really an “enrichment” of their lives. They are told that the explosion in crime in non-White areas is from poverty, and not from the people who inhabit them. And yet...

All White Americans know that if you move your family into a Black neighborhood, you are going to put them at grave risk. They know that a Black school is a dangerous place for White kids, and that the level of education is going to be far lower there. There is no need to check the quality of the teachers, or the income level of the neighborhood. Just the fact that it is a Black school is enough to tell you that.

When a nice quiet, and safe neighborhood starts to have Blacks move into it, that neighborhood deteriorates at a rate that is directly related to the number of Black families that move into it. The Whites move out to protect themselves, and are ridiculed for “White Flight” instead of being praised for seeing through the myths of the Media Lords.

Clearly, if Blacks and other non-Whites filling up a neighborhood is a bad thing, and all Whites know in their hearts that this is true, then filling up an entire country with them is going to be a worse thing. There has never been a racially diverse country that has ever amounted to anything in the past, and there never will be in the future, any more than an emperor prancing around in his underwear is ever going to be thought well dressed. You don’t have to wait and see where we are going to end up, you just have to look at the lands where there is no dominate race to see where we will be in another generation or two. Look at Brazil and see America in 2050.

The saddest thing is that many Americans today already know this is true. They shake their heads and bemoan our direction of travel, and then say that there is no hope. They have bought into the Media Lords lie than this process is both inevitable and irreversible. IT IS NEITHER! And it is time that this message of hope is proclaimed far and wide: America can return to its White roots, and all is not lost! The emperor may be naked today, but we can change that, and we can run the lying thieves out of town who have been selling us these lies.


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