Submitting to Rape

EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT GOES BY AMERICANS ARE SUBMITTING to the rape of their minds, and the minds of their children. Over and above the general mental onslaught of the media, Americans are forced, against their will into having their brains conditioned, openly and without camouflage of any sort. If you work, you almost certainly have submitted your own mind to this violation.

They donít call it rape of the mind, but that is what it is. What they call it is "sensitivity training," or "awareness training." However, what it boils down to is you submitting your will, and your mind to the powers that be for conditioning, so that your ideas and opinions can be exchanged for theirs.

And this process is MANDATORY! Those who wish to keep their jobs must submit. Ask John Rocker about forced mental conditioning. Or ask yourself. Have you had to sit through a course on "Harassment Avoidance Training?" Did you ever attend a "Diversity Training" session in your company or in the military? Setting up rules is not enough for our Overlords. You must not only be forced to act a certain way, they want your mind as well. They want you to think a certain way, and they have the power to force you to sit through their propaganda sessions and submit to mental conditioning, or else be fired. And you better not appear to be antagonistic, or even openly apathetic to the training either. As was the case in George Orwell's 1984, such actions are a form of "Face Crime" and are punishable.

What has happened to the American people? What in the world is going on? Is this the same people who revolted against King George because there was "taxation without representation"? That was nothing compared to what we are facing. We have to give up half of our money to "our" government (in the form of taxes, licensing, fees and fines) to support the activities of our so called "representation," that is only concerned with the interests of Media Lords, and the concerns of Israel (who receives 80% of our foreign aid -- a fact most Americans don't even know!), and not at all concerned with what the majority of the American people want. Even as these tyrants are financially robbing us, we are at the same being forced to submit to more and more mental conditioning. The news is continually mentioning this outrage in passing as if it were no big deal. There are companies, courts, and other government agencies forcing mental conditioning classes, courses, and sessions upon the citizens of this country routinely. Like a herd of sheep, with wide unblinking eyes, the masses sit quietly in their chairs having their minds conditioned without so much as a single "baaa."

Why is all of this mental rape suddenly appearing in American society? Why do we need to be conditioned so often and so completely? The fact that it is occurring at all is the clearest of all possible indications that we are living under tyranny. A free society not only would not require "sensitivity" brainwashing sessions, it would not tolerate them!

The second thing that the mere existence of such sessions prove beyond any serious debate, is that something that is naturally against the normal will of the people is being forced upon us all. You don't condition people to do what they already want to do. You condition them to make them do what you want them to do. Having the will of the ruling body forced upon the people, is the very definition of tyranny, and all of these mental rape sessions are an open admission that we are living under tyranny this very minute. Fighting tyranny is what the American Revolution was all about. Well folks, IT'S BACK!

If you want to know what the powers that be are afraid of, you only need to look at the laundry list of those fears that they have provided in the topics of the brain washing sessions. They are terrified that you will follow your own self-interest and reject the destructive policies that are being force upon you. Therefore, they are forcing you to submit to mental conditioning in order to force you into accepting diversity, feminism, and homosexuality. If you naturally tended to accept these ideas, there would be no conditioning required. But since these ideas are contrary to your natural instincts, and contrary to your best interests, you are forced to sit down and have your mind operated on by the propaganda experts. Remember that none of these mental rape sessions were required before the 1960s invasion. The brainwashing term, "consciousness raising" was never heard in general discussions before we were conquered in the 1960s. It wouldn't have made any sense before then, because our nation was homogenous, and our people were free to think what they wanted to think and act in ways they felt were right.

Now, we are being forced down an extremely unnatural road, and hence the minds of the people have to be strongly conditioned to accept the unnatural state of affairs in America today. Think about it. There is no other possible explanation for all of the mental rape going on in our land right now. There can be no other reason why Americans would be routinely told what to think under penalty of being fired, or worse.

The next time you hear that an "awareness" or "sensitivity" training session is being held somewhere, remember what they are saying is that tyranny is being supported by those who are providing the "training," and we are no longer living in a free land.

I wonder, how many people thought that Braveheart was a lunatic for being willing to suffer torture and to give up his life for freedom? Based upon their own actions, obviously nearly everybody who ever saw the movie. Our people today are so terrified of appearing out of step with the other sheep that they will do nothing, even though it is clear that they are being led to the slaughter. Our children are going to have their future completely destroyed by the concepts that are being promoted in the brainwashing sessions. Let me repeat that. Our children are going to have their future completely destroyed by the concepts that are being promoted in the brainwashing sessions. I am sure that William Wallace would have been disgusted by us today. But I'll bet even so, he would have found something to do about it. We stand conquered today, but we are not yet defeated. There is still hope, but only if you are willing stand up and speak out against what is going on. Kneeling is no longer an option. It is time to stand and oppose the villains among us. What say you?

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prevent extinction!

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