Martin Luther King Blvd.

There is a road that wends its way through the heart and soul of black America. Sometimes it is called a boulevard, a drive, an avenue, a street or a way, but it is always named Martin Luther King Jr.

… More than 500 streets are named for King in cities and towns from one end of the country to the other, with more added every year. Map them and you map a nation within a nation, a place where white America seldom goes and black America can be itself. (1)

ALL ACROSS AMERICA, ITEMS LIKE THE ABOVE QUOTE can be found in the local newspapers. The brain numbed masses who read them never think about what is being said to them, by the very people who financed, masterminded, and still perpetuate the racial disaster that America is living through today.

Let's take a moment and look at the admissions that the enemy is making in print.

  1. The growth of the MLK Blvd. phenomenon, is for the benefit of Black people only. It is finding its path cleared "through the heart and soul of Black America" not of White America. It is something for Blacks, and not for Whites. It is a racial, and therefore racist statement in favor of Blacks and opposed to White America.

  2. It is named for a man who did not love America, but was used as a pawn by the Leftists to disrupt our nation. His only claim to fame was that he disrupted American life and made things worse for 90% of Americans. (Which is the percentage of America that was White at the time he started his disruptive work.) He in no way was attempting to improve life in America generally for all. He was only concerned with Black Americans, regardless of how much his agenda would harm White Americans. He was a racist through and through. I personally do not have a problem with that, but the lying hypocrites who write for newspapers claim to. If we are to have consistency, Martin Luther King Jr. should be condemned just as vigorously as they condemn David Duke, who is working for his people. But of course that double standard, and demonstration of total hypocrisy goes by uncommented on by even the so called conservative commentators.

  3. The process of displacing names of streets created by White people, in favor of MLK Boulevards, is growing every year. In Portland, the city that publishes the paper in which I found the article, there was a major north-south running road, name Union Blvd. It is only fitting that the name "Union" was replaced with the symbol of Black rejection of White society, and that street is now named Martin Luther King Blvd. It is no surprise that as the number of these streets grows, the areas of our society where White people can live among their own kind is shrinking in direct proportion.

  4. Each MLK Blvd. helps to "map a nation within a nation." Interesting admission that. In America the lie is continually being put out by the propaganda machine that we live in a society that is a melting pot that melts down all differences of consequence, and makes one homogenous mass of people joined together in one nation. Such a claim should be horse laughed out of town. Look at what has happened as American has been loaded up with more and more non-White people. Each of the races here now has its own political agenda. Each has its own political voting block that is fighting for its piece of the pie. We have hyphens appearing in the personally selected descriptive nationality names of more and more Americans, where 50 years ago there were none.

    The running fractures within our society are growing by leaps and bounds. And as the above quote shows, the other races are not really part of our nation, but they are each instead "a nation within a nation." The nation that this article says is being mapped, is based upon one thing: race! It is a Black nation. The Leftist newspaper admits this. It is a nation whose members have allegiance to it, not based upon their birth as Americans, but rather upon the fact that they are born to the Black race. It follows from that, that each racial group in the USA is a separate nation, that is apart from the American nation.

    Before the 1960s, when America was a White nation, there was no racial disconnect. White Americans were part of a single White nation: The United States of America. The insignificant pockets of non-Whites in the land were tolerated but not part of the actual nation. There were Chinatowns, and Black towns, living separately and having minimal impact on the body politic. As long as things continued like that, America remained united and strong. As long as it remained racially homogeneous, and admitted its White racial base, and cultural footing, that union and strength continued. It was the Leftist attacks in the 1960s that drove the destructive wedge into our nation's strong foundation, and which has shattered it, at least for now.

  5. "A place where White America seldom goes…" Once again, in the quote, it is pointed out that there are separate Americas today. It is stated that there is a White America, and a Black America. It directly follows that there is an Asian America and a Mestizo America. We are divided along racial lines. This article admits it, and celebrates it. The irony of the fact is that, this is coming from the same people who were demanding a "color-blind" society -- who wanted a single nation that did not take race into consideration at all. Of course they never believed that lying line. They only hoped, unfortunately the hope was realized, that White Americans would be hoodwinked by it. As long as Whites mistakenly believed that it was possible for Blacks and Whites to become interchangeable units of society, they would not be horrified at seeing the extermination of their race and their nation.

    Even now it is not too late for them to wake up and smell the frijoles. All they have to do is actually read what their keepers are writing to them in articles in their papers. If there is a White America, then it has its own destiny and life, separate from any other part of America. It also is "a nation within a nation." This is a profound fact that has been lost to most Whites in our land. Until this knowledge is reclaimed we live in peril for our very lives!

    And if there are places within our own borders that we do not go, then those places are part of an alien nation, with its own allegiances and desires that are different from ours. No melting pot myth will dissolve the differences created by race. By expanding the areas where White America does not go, as this article admits is happening, at the same time it follows that the areas where White America does go is ever shrinking, driving us off of our own land, and forcing us into smaller and smaller areas.

  6. The last item hammers home the entire point: "…Black America can be itself." Here it is admitted that Black America cannot be itself in White areas. Black America wants to be different than White America, or any other part of America. Black America is a separate nation that has its own cultural desires and political aims. It can only be itself in areas that are Black. How can White folks read this blatant statement of the complete rejection of the PC proclamation that "we are all the same," and not be outraged at what has happened to our land over the last 50 years?

    Areas are being carved our of our cities and towns where Whites can no longer go, where Blacks "can be themselves," and that process is still dishonestly referred to as the workings of a "melting pot." It is not a melting pot, it is the complete fragmentation of a once strong and unified nation. It is the dismemberment of White America, which is being replaced with segmented camps of potentially warring races.

So, next time you see a Martin Luther King Blvd., remember what even the Leftists admit it stands for: the death of our unified country. While you are condemned for being a racist when you strive for a land where White people "can be themselves," the same ones who condemn you, at the very same time, celebrate the activities of members of other races who are doing what you are being condemned for! Such condemnation has no merit, and should be attacked for what it is: malevolent HYPOCRISY.

1.The roads where King reigns; The Oregonian newspaper section C1; January 17, 2002.

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