David Duke in the Monkey House

The cast:

Monkey #1:

Bill Maher - Jewish host of Politically Incorrect

Monkeys of the panel:

John Fugelsang - White co-host of America's Funniest Home Videos
Anne Taylor Fleming - White female Columnist
CCH Pounder - Black actress, and hostess of LA's Pan African Film Festival

Monkey Gallery:

The entire antagonistic audience.

Man in the Monkey House:

David Duke - Champion of European Americans

He walked out on the stage, tall, well dressed, and a boyish smile on his face. He shook the hand of the host of the show, and sat down. From that moment on, any relationship to normal human discussion evaporated. He resembled an intelligent man in a monkey house, walking from cage to cage, trying to explain to the inhabitants, deep and complicated issues of human existence. The monkeys looked at him, chattered unintelligibly, climbed on the furniture and made loud and rude noises. He patiently moved on to the next point, as the monkeys continued their oohs and ahs, and their banal laughter. One of the monkeys picked up some "feces" and threw it at him, the monkey house roared with monkey hilarity. The whole process was a study in the absurdity of trying to reason with dumb animals.

It was not that the 4 people who shared the Politically Incorrect stage with David Duke were naturally of subnormal intelligence. They were acting the part of creatures with dumb animal mentalities, because they knew that calm, reasoned discussion with David Duke would draw converts to his cause. They knew that David Duke is intelligent, sophisticated, and a force to be feared by those on the Left. So, they went into their monkey act to try and silence him, and make him look foolish. The audience however, acted as thought they really were monkeys, who were not capable of any other mode of thought. It was impossible to get over the impression that David Duke was wasting his intellect and his manners upon animals who were incapable of understanding him and who were aggressively putting up a banal front to drown out what he was saying.

As a final insult, demonstrating the animal mentality of the people David Duke had to deal with, just as the show was coming to a close, John Fugelsang, did something that was perhaps the most outrageous thing I have seen someone do to a guest on a show of any type. It was rude, disgusting and in the worst possible taste, and the societal equivalent of a monkey hurling feces at Mr. Duke.

He started out seated, looking across the table on the set at David Duke, and he said, "There's nothing wrong with you that sex with a man won't fix. I'm prepared to make that sacrifice." He stood up and started to take off his coat, as the camera pans over to Bill Maher the host of the show who is laughing. "I'm going to cross over to the dark side for you Obi Wan. [He fluttered his fingers in mock invitation, and then his voice increased in volume and tenor.] I'm going to make you bite the pillow bitch!"

Anne Taylor Fleming was laughing uproariously, and said, "We'll bring you over to the right side!"

This is how our leaders are treated by the Media Lords. This is all that we can expect from those in the media. John Fugelsang, who is obviously White, and claimed to be raised Catholic, is cut from the same cloth as the Baldwins, the Sheens, and the other Leftists in Hollywood who have no love or respect for America, or the People who made her great. They have no respect for the dignity of anyone who disagrees with them. David Duke showed the highest degree of civility on that show, and still they treated him like scum. It is not a question of disagreement, it is a desire on the part of the Left to obliterate the very memory of the White race. No man should have to take the sort of animal-like abuse that David Duke did on that show, especially one who is acting in such a civilized manner.

But maybe that is the root of the problem. We have acted civilized all along. The government forced integration upon us, and we were civilized about it. The government forced Affirmative Action upon us, and we were civilized about it. The government opened our borders to Nonwhites and closed it to Whites, and we were civilized about it. Perhaps another approach is needed.

When David Duke was explaining his past, he mentioned the fact that he was Politically Incorrect, and the host of the show, Bill Maher bristled. Now, it is a travesty to have a far Left radically avid PC supporter like Bill Maher hosting a show called Politically Incorrect. He is as Politically Correct as you can get. And he, one of the world's biggest hypocrites on the issue of Political Incorrectness, got angry at David Duke for applying the term to himself! It was amazing. Here's how it happened.

David Duke said, "Look, I've never committed any violence, my organization, you talk about the Klan, there are many types of Klan organizations... My group was never violent, never charged with violence. My problem was that I was Politically Incorrect..."

At this point Bill Maher broke in and said, "I was going to be nice to you [implying that it was a very difficult task] but if you are going to appropriate my term, then I am not going to be nice."

It was a vain threat he was using because, Bill Maher was attacking Mr. Duke right from the start. His very first question, to anyone on the "panel," was directed at David, "It is Black History month, how's it going for you?" That got a big laugh from the audience. Maher only got worse from there. So, he had no intention of being "nice" anyway. Besides, it is completely absurd for any Leftist to claim the term Politically Incorrect as "his term". It does not even apply to him, let alone belong to him. Such chutzpah is not to be believed.

David Duke responded, "I was using the term before you did!"

Bill Maher completely ignored the valid objection that Mr. Duke had just raised and continued, "Politically Incorrect means honest, it means not being political, it doesn't mean racist, and don't make me be honest with you this soon." The audience broke into a big applause. The entire time Maher was saying this to David Duke, he refused to look at him! He finished the last sentence while pointing his finger at David Duke, but he was looking away from him the whole time. Of course to a Leftist, any White who actually stands up for his race, does not deserve common courtesy, or civil treatment. Only those of a like mind are treated with dignity or respect.

Does "Politically Incorrect" mean "honest", and being "not political?" The phrase is grammatically absurd if it means "not political." In order to be Politically Incorrect, you must be political. You must walk on political ground to be politically anything. If you are not political, you are apolitical, not Politically Incorrect.

According to the dictionary, "Correct" means, "To make conformable to a standard." It also means, "Proper; acceptable." The term Political Correctness therefore means to make people conform to a standard set up by the political powers that be, so as to make the people act and think in such a way as to be "proper" and "acceptable" to the ruling party. Incorrectness would be "not correct," or not matching up to the standard, and not proper or acceptable to the powers that be.

What is this "standard of conduct" that Political Correctness is promoting? It was created by the Leftist movement in this country that wishes to crush everything that was traditional and normal in America before the 1960s revolution. Naturally Political Correctness is the exact opposite of traditional Americanism. That which was included in traditional America is, by definition, Politically Incorrect, because it does not line up with the "standard of conduct" demanded by Political Correctness. Traditional America was 90% White, and segregated. Traditional America was patriarchal. Traditional America was pro-law and order, and anti-communistic. The PC "standard" would label traditional America as racist, sexist, homophobic, and unprogressive, definitely Politically Incorrect.

With this in mind one can see that it would be preposterous to define the term Politically Incorrect in such a way that David Duke is not included in it! In order for David Duke not to be Politically Incorrect, he would have to be Politically Correct. Seeing the standard that one has to meet to be Politically Correct, it is absurd to say that David Duke lines up with it.

When David Duke pointed out that White people are being discriminated against in this country Bill Maher, responded with the following, "Except for the fact that the White people are the overwhelming majority who have been in charge. You can't place yourself in the same place as minorities."

Now let us look at that statement and see if Bill Maher did not let something out which he did not mean to say. White people cannot be placed "in the same place as minorities." Think about what that means! You can never be the same as a minority. A minority can never be the same as you. They are different from you and they always will be. This is what David Duke has been saying all along. There is a significant difference between the races and it will always exist. Bill Maher agrees obviously, so why is he intent on pretending that he does not?

He then continued, "Let me list some facts that are foreign to you. For every one dollar held by White families, Black families hold eleven cents. Bill Gates owns $58 billion in stocks and bonds. All Black people together own 11 billion."

There are a several ways that the first statistic could be viewed. Maher did not qualify what he was saying, and left us to guess what the numbers are really saying. Since Blacks only make up 12% of the population, you would expect them to hold no more than 12% of the money. If it is a per capita statistic, it seems to me that it is probably ignoring the money taken from Whites and given to Blacks by welfare. Even if it is a completely valid statistic, it only means that Blacks are not out earning money as well as White people are, and anyone who has read The Bell Curve knows why. In this day of racial preferences and government programs, there is no excuse for a capable Black man to not make as much as a capable White man, and for the most part he does!

On the second statistic, if you take an equal number of White people, as the number of all Blacks combined, you would probably find that all of them together do not approach Bill Gates wealth either. So what? As David Duke went on to point out, Bill Gates worked hard to earn that money, and it has benefited many others, including Blacks. He said, "Just because you have a lower income does not mean that you have been discriminated against."

This fact seemed to outrage Bill Maher as well as CCH Pounder, the one Black member of the "panel". As Maher was attempting to cut David off, she said, "Let him roll a little bit more [as she rolled her eyes and pointed to the audience] people need to hear him." Implying that people only need to hear David Duke speak clearly and everyone would turn against him. That was very interesting, since all during the show they did all they could to cut him off and ridicule him.

Here they were, 4 Leftists on the attack for a full half hour, backed up by what appeared to be 100% of the audience. They were so terrified of Mr. Duke that they stacked the deck that strongly against him, and then Miss Pounder had the lying gall to say, "Let him roll a little longer..." as if that would harm his cause. If they honestly believed that tripe they would have gotten Don Black, Yggdrasil, and Kevin Strom, to join Mr. Duke on the stage, along with Dr. Pierce as host for the show. Leftists would not be working so hard to get sites pulled down off the internet if they truly believed that letting the racial message out would kill it! On the contrary, they are terrified of the truth being exposed.

At this moment John Fugelsang, went into his monkey act, by jumping up, pointing his finger at Mr. Duke and yelling, "And I'm tired of taking it from the man!" At different points in the show he hopped around, acted like he was going to physically attack David Duke, and even crawled up on the back of his own chair. He was intent on disruption, without a doubt.

When David Duke said, "Obviously, I feel like I am here in the lion's den..." Bill Maher replied, "Where are you not? Where except at a Klan meeting, are you among friends?"

David Duke, the only time during the show that he did so, finally lashed out at him and said, "That is a cheap shot, that's no way to talk to me."

I have to agree with Mr. Duke. He has been elected to public office and did not do all that badly for a third party candidate when he ran for president of the United States. He certainly did not gather all those votes from only Klan members. It was a cheap and absurd shot. Not out of character of course, but out of line.

Anne Taylor Fleming said, "With all of the changes that have happened, and the inclusion... you are so passe, and it is a model that is so painful. You are insecure, it is not even hate."

David Duke replied, "If I were insecure, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be saying the things that I am saying. I am a European American who wants to defend his rights and his heritage."

Think of what he was doing. He was in this monkey house of unlistening, and thoughtless drones all in the mob attack mode, and he was facing them all. He tolerated abuse that none of them would have been willing to face, and kept his cool throughout. To call him insecure is hardly accurate.

CCH Pounder asked David Duke, "What difference does it make if a White man rapes 200 of your women or a Black man?" When Mr. Duke tried to answer, they cut to a commercial. It must be kept in mind that what generated that question, which was turned into a statement by the commercial break, was a comment made by David Duke in reply to the question of what he was "so afraid of?" He had said that he was afraid of the fact that for every Black woman who is raped by a White man, 200 White women are raped by Black men.

Notice how the meaning of what Mr. Duke had said completely went over her head. He had pointed out that because of the diversity of this land, which is growing by leaps and bounds, the risk to White folks was growing at a similar rate. To judge that risk, it would be enlightening to look at the relative crime statistics between a diverse group and a White Homogenous group. Also, it would be helpful to see what the relative crime threat to Whites would be relative to the criminal threat to Blacks from Whites. If you fear diversity and someone asks you why, it is only reasonable that this sort of pertinent and factual data be supplied. So, David Duke showed that Blacks are raping White women 200 times more often than Whites are raping Black women. A perfectly logical piece of information to share in response to the question.

Completely ignoring Mr. Duke's point, intentionally or unintentionally, CCH Pounder focused on trying to debunk the idea that raping by Blacks was intrinsically different, rather than numerically different. Now to any normal White woman I am sure that rape by a Black man would be intrinsically different, but that is not what David Duke was talking about. He was trying to point out the fact that the crime statistics show Blacks are far more likely to rape, murder or commit any other crime, which is a very serious flaw of diversity.

While the Black CCH Pounder had missed Mr. Duke's point, Bill Maher did not miss it, because he commented later, "You fail to look at the root cause that people who are not given a fair shake by the American dream do not feel as compelled, as others to be law abiding, and I don't blame them."

If it were a court room and you were pleading a case for a White America, you could rest your case on that one. Here is an admission that minorities are prone to criminal behavior and the Leftist applauds that criminality! How can you build a strong and safe nation if you have large, growing segments of it, that are prone to criminal behavior, while those in power celebrate that lawlessness? You cannot build such a nation, and you never will. This is not rocket science, as the cliché goes. It is clear that the Leftist can see the destructive path we are on as easily as you or I. They just don't care! They applaud the murderer and the rapist. They celebrate the losses inflicted upon White America through the increase of diversity and "inclusion." They are passionately excited about the fall of White America, which means all of America.

Throughout the remainder of the program, there were many of the typical bogus comments, made by the Leftists on the show, making no more sense than the chatter of monkeys in a cage:

I would like to say that David Duke is a very brave man, and it took tremendous courage to go out there to be attacked and vilified so completely, as I am sure he knew he would be beforehand. I am at a loss to understand how Americans can sit in front of their television sets each night and watch people like these Leftist White-haters, and call it entertainment. How can a White man support the hatred behind such programming, by routinely watching it? While David Duke did get in a few facts, my feeling was that the regular viewer of that show would come away with such a distorted view of what our cause is all about that they would just hate our race the more for having watched it. When you are talking to the monkeys, in the monkey house, you cannot really expect them to understand you.

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