I HAVE TAKEN A BIT OF REST THE LAST FEW WEEKS. I have gone on vacation, and been occupied with other tasks, and I have been mulling over our predicament. I keep bumping up against the absolute stupidity of the average White American citizen. Is it really possible that such a large group our people are so stupid as to actually think this is all going to turn out well in the end? Can they possibly hold the idea in their heads that flooding our land with diversity, and teaching their own children that White people are bad, and other people are better, will somehow lead to an improvement in the standard of living, and the way of life of the average citizen, regardless of its impact on the White race?

I don't think so! I think that the average White American today knows full well that his country is being destroyed. He can see with his own eyes that a tremendous cataclysm is looming up ahead, but, just as he does with his own death, he is pretending like it is not going to happen. He thinks if he doesn't dwell on it, it will not catch up to him. When the grim reaper takes his life, it will be a complete surprise to him, because he thought it would never catch up to him. And in a similar fashion, it would catch him totally unawares, when his country is completely overrun with the non-White hordes, his descendants are no longer of his race, and the USA has its standard of living cut down to the poverty level (and I mean real poverty, not the get-a-welfare-check kind of pretend poverty you find in this country now), except that he will probably be safely dead by that time.

As America slides into the third world quagmire being prepared for it by the Media Lords' activities, all the average White guy is worried about is whether the decay and rot can be held off long enough in order for him to personally live out his life. He does not give a moment's thought to what he is passing on to his children or grandchildren. I guarantee that the vast majority of Whites in America have never once considered what kind of place this country will have changed into, 5 generations from now, as a result of their own activities.

How about those who have considered it? The science fiction writers of the last century thought about what things would be like in the future. They nearly all ignored race, and its positive (and negative) impact on a society. When they created their fantasy worlds and civilizations, if those civilizations were populated by humans, they were usually predominantly White. The science fiction writers never conceived of the impact that the Leftist philosophy would have on the future, even though most of them embraced it!

The only concern of the "forward looking" sci-fi writers, when it came to race, was whether or not non-Whites were going to be treated well by Whites, never what would happen to White societies once the Whites were exterminated. If you read the sci-fi from the 30s and 40s, you find an almost totally White cast of characters. As you move forward in time you watch the Media Lord's poison seep in deeper and deeper into the stories. The characters remained White at first, but there were more and more females running things, and the tradition view of the sexes was shown in a very negative light. What a coincidence! All the media outlets simultaneously started beating that same exact drum about that same time.

Then the stories started including more and more non-White characters in them, but the assumption was always made that changing the race of the characters, would not change the society. These authors were supposed to be intelligent men, who had a gift for extrapolating things occurring in our reality into what reality might become. But not one of them predicted the destruction of our society because we destroyed the White race. It is no wonder that is the case of course, because the Media Lords own the publishing houses, and any book that would point out what would happen from taking such a outrageous course, would never have been published.

But what is amazing to me, is that White Americans, who know that living in Black neighborhoods is out of the question, can night after night watch on television, and see in their own shopping malls, and other areas of their lives, that their society is being taken over by non-Whites and still not make the connection. If the small number of non-Whites that make up a non-White neighborhood can make that neighborhood unfit to live in for a White family, how in the world can it be anything but disastrous to turn the entire country into a non-White land?

The White man has seen what has happened to his sporting events -- and look at any picture of any mainstream sporting event before the 1950s and you will see that all the participants, and nearly all the spectators, were White. Before non-Whites were allowed in, if a player did anything that would blacken the reputation of baseball, steps were taken to remove that player from baseball. There were no players who were known to be doing illegal drugs. There were no convicted rapists in boxing. Basketball players had to follow the rules, which included prohibition of offensive goal tending (slam dunking), and traveling. These rules have been done away with, because it cramped the Black players style.

While the NFL has become the National Felony League, and the NBA could legitimately be called the National Black Association, the fact that Blacks are at the heart of most of the drug related and other crimes committed by professional athletes is ignored. We must pretend that our sports have not been ruined by the introduction of non-White players. American Whites have seen these changes and just accepted them as if it were something that could not have been avoided.

Whites continue to support the professional sports leagues that tolerate the outrageous conduct by non-White players. They continue to tolerate a government that has as its official goal the destruction of our White society. They stand and watch their nation being dismantled, piece by piece, as more and more of it is taken from them and given to foreigners. And it all is happening without a whimper.

White Americans are holding on to their deck chairs as if that is what really matters, as their ship is heading to the bottom of the sea. They buy their toys, and consume. They are entertained by television programming content that should send them into armed revolt to take back their nation. Their wives keep crying, "Why can't we all just get along?!" (Perhaps it is fitting that they are the ones who will suffer first from the collapse of our society, as is the case in Johannesburg, South Africa.)

It is like some crazy nightmare, or sinister cartoon, where the rules of reality have been abandoned, and surreal, insane things become the norm. I receive emails from people who sound like they are intelligent, but who write like they have a subnormal IQ. Anyone who studies the facts with an open mind will realize that diversity is death to our society. Anyone!

The only ones who cannot see are the ones who do not wish to see beforehand. They use tricks of the mind to try and confuse the crystal clear picture. They try to confuse the issue by speaking of the way one individual non-White acts, or the way you feel about one non-White, while avoiding what the impact will be of living in a non-White majority. That is neither intelligent nor honest. It is similar to saying, "I knew I guy from prison, and he was a great guy. So, criminals are not bad people and we should let them all out of prison." Such reasoning is fallacious and must be discarded by any rational man.

Where does this leave us? We are on a fast moving stream heading for a waterfall. Most of the people on the boat are doing nothing at all to move the boat to shore. In fact they are attacking anyone who suggests there might be a problem, by claiming that they are filled with "hate." Obviously, if we continue on as we are now, we are going to go over the falls, and our society and our people are going to be destroyed. Let me repeat that. If we continue on as we are now, we are going to go over the falls, and our society and our people are going to be destroyed.

The question is, are we willing to let all be lost in order to hold on to our own personal deck chairs? For most White Americans the answer is yes. So, not only are we facing the situation that is being created by the Media Lords intent on destroying our society and our people, but we are also faced with a huge block of apathetic White people who are more than willing to let it happen. The number of roads open to us are not great in number, and they are growing fewer every day. I wonder if we have any of the "Spirit of 76" left in White Americans any longer. Either we do, and the White race will rise up in time to save this land and our race, or we don't and we will slide into oblivion.

Which will it be?

Who Rules America

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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