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The Music Man

February 20, 2003

WALT DISNEY WOULD SURELY ROLL OVER IN HIS GRAVE if he knew what the Media Lord(1) Michael Eisner is putting Walt's name on these days! The most recent example of the trashing of Mr. Disney's name that I am witness to is the remake of The Music Man.

A few weeks ago, when I heard that they were redoing The Music Man, I told my wife that they were either going to use the movie to promote diversity, feminism or both. As it turned out they did both, but the emphasis was on diversity.

The setting was pre-1920, in a small Iowa town called River City. From the promotional material, the cast would appear to be all White, but Eisner doesn’t work that way. He never lets reality get in the way of his poisonous agenda.

I think it is important that we remember that the “Heartland of America,” which River City, Iowa was intended to capture, is still the strongest holdout for traditional White America. Therefore the Disney remake of the Music Man was not merely fiction, but it was fantasy, promoting not only what was not, but what could never have been.

Right at the very start of the movie we are shown a carload of salesmen on a train. In this it is quite similar to the original movie. However, right in the middle of all these salesmen is a Black man, dressed like all the others in a suit, close cropped hair, and acting like he was just one of the boys. He even had a major part in the song, where the salesmen were debating the usefulness of credit as opposed to cash. Having been a fan of the original movie, I found this insertion of a Black man in this scene to be like a crack in a mirror. It defaced the entire scene. He did not belong there, and it was an obscenity for him to be placed there.

It was obscene because it was a lie! This “Disney” movie would be watched by children; many of whom never saw the original movie. Probably a lot of the adults watching this version had missed the 1962 movie as well. Just like the propaganda center that Winston Smith worked for in George Orwell's book 1984, this movie was creating a false history that would be accepted by its consumers as factual. Big Brother has decided that America will be racially diverse, and therefore his propaganda tells us that it was always racially diverse. Reality, along with its documentation will be sent down the memory hole, and the new custom made propaganda pieces will take its place.

The Disney Company has remade several of the old White Disney movies, and as a result, it is far easier for kids’ parents to find copies of the new ones. It grows harder and harder to find a copy of many of the older movies that really were made by Walt Disney, before he died and the Media Lords bought up his company. The old movies are slowing being put down the memory hole, and our kids are being exposed almost entirely to the new Big Brother approved PC versions.

There remains no real history for our children, only propaganda. And it is propaganda that is destructive to their very existence! Our children are taught that America was always racially diverse, and what is going on today is merely a continuation of the same process that had always gone on. It is very much like telling the passengers on the Titanic that the ship’s deck had always listed that way, and the water pouring into the side of the ship is perfectly normal. “Celebrate icebergs!” “Rejoice in the enhancement of your ship that is created from all that water rushing into the lower compartments of the Titanic!”

As the White actors in The Music Man moved about the sets, speaking or singing their lines, all around them in the background, and from time to time in the foreground, the viewer can see Black and Asian faces moving about the town as if they actually lived there as part of the community. Reality tells us that this is impossible. The Heartland of America was White in this era and if Blacks were anywhere around, they lived in their own part of town, completely removed from the mainstream of society.

It is interesting to note that one of the songs in The Music Man promotes the wonders of the town Gary, Indiana. The song would make you think that Gary was a paradise. If it indeed was, early in the Twentieth Century, you can get a clear picture of what lies in store for the entire country if the Media Lords get their way. Gary Indiana is now 84% Black,(2) and only 12% White. It has the highest percentage of Black residents(3) of any city in the US with a population of 100,000 people or more. The murder rate in Gary, Indiana today is 79.36 per 100,000,(4) whereas the rate for the entire nation is 9.58 per 100,000. Rapes and robberies in Gary Indiana are at double the national average.

Compare that with Peoria, Arizona, a city with nearly an identical population size, just over 100,000, and which happens to be 85% White,(5) and only 2.78% Black. In Peoria, the murder rate is about a third of the national average at only 2.68 per 100,000,(6) and the rape rate is about half of the national average, while the robbery rate is only a quarter of the national average. In other words you are 30 times as likely to get murdered in Gary than you are in Peoria, nearly 4 times as likely to get raped, and nearly 7 times as likely to get robbed.

The lying propaganda, created for our children, is of course not limited to the remake of The Music Man. It is to be found throughout all of the offerings of the Media Lords. But this example does highlight the point why we must not allow our children to watch television or movies made today. We have to be proactive against this threat to our children and their future. You can be sure that our enemies are going to continue to be as outrageously active in promoting the demise of our society and our people, as they have already shown themselves to be.

Of course the absurdity of having Blacks and Asians show up in The Music Man, where no Blacks or Asians could have been, was not the complete extent of the propaganda in this piece. As Professor Hill stated, “Why warm up if you aren’t going to pitch?”

There were numerous places in the movie where miscegenation was openly promoted. It started with young kids, nearly in their teens, in the ice cream parlor: one Black boy sitting with two White girls, and moved all the way to one scene where two couples were shown in the high school gym, posing for some function, and both of the couples were mixed race. One teenage White boy was standing with, and holding the hand of, a Black girl, and a teenage White girl was standing with a Black boy who was holding her hand. The mayor of the town walked past them, and then halted just beyond them, to yell something at someone off camera, leaving this ugly and destructive scene in clear view, for your kids to have implanted into their brains.

Another such scene was in the soda shop where a Black woman in her early twenties was romantically looking into the eyes of a White man as they sat at a table together. "Yes, children, America was always racially diverse." If you don’t believe it, just ask Michael Eisner!

The dishonest point in the movie was not just that diversity was always part of America. Even more importantly, the message was being driven home that White people have always been as stupid and accepting of their own destruction as they are today. A small town in Iowa in the first decade of the twentieth century would have reacted very strongly against any form of diversity within their town, and violently against any attempt at miscegenation. The people would not have to have some slick salesman tell them that there was "trouble right here," if they had seen the mess that was depicted on the set of The Music Man! And they would not have stood around smiling and ignoring mixed race couples like the actors were doing in the movie.

The only saving grace of the movie was that even on an artistic level it was poor. Casting Matthew Broderick as Professor Harold Hill was silly at best. Comparing his weak performance with that of the dynamic Robert Preston, who stared in the original, is like watching a high school play when compared with a full Broadway production. Broderick's energy level was nearly non-existent, and his voice was not designed for singing, at least not the songs in this movie. With its poor quality, perhaps the remake will be ignored. We can only hope. However, if someone sees this movie first, he will probably just ignore the original thinking that it would be just as bad or worse. (Why would they remake it if not to make it better? Why indeed!)

The fact remains that almost certainly millions of children have been, or will be, exposed to the deadly lying message being portrayed in this movie, and it is up to White parents to prevent, or undo that damage. All White parents today have a full time job on their hands merely undoing the mental harm that the Media Lords are doing to their children. It cannot be a passive effort, or one relying only on their own person example. Children are under a non-stop barrage of propaganda, peer pressure, and teacher coercion, all promoting the agenda of our enemies. If we sit back, we lose. Our descendants are going to suffer grief, and ultimately extinction, if we do not counteract the efforts of our enemies.


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