Natural Laws

WOULDN'T IT BE NICE if we could build a one hundred story building out of wood? No special building materials, just run up the two by fours and nail on some plywood and siding, and there is the skyscraper all ready for occupancy.

How about an automobile that takes no fuel? Drive as fast and as far as you like without cost or pollution. Wouldn't it be great if those onboard a doomed jet airliner that was diving for the ground at several hundreds of miles an hour could say, "Time out! Let's suspend the laws of nature just long enough to let us get off this thing."

While we know all of these things are impossible, for some reason, as a nation, we have bought into something just as impossible. We have decided that we can suspend the laws of nature and pretend like they just don't exist.

In every society that has ever dealt with diversity, there has been a continuous pressure exerted by each of the component races of that society, upon the government to grant additional, privileges, empowerment and moneys to its own people. This of course always leads to strife, and severely limits the capabilities of the society to progress.

Look at the United States in the 1950s and into the 1960s. Everywhere you looked, you saw progress. The Interstate freeway system was built, we put several men on the moon. We invented the semiconductor industry. We had manufacturing facilities for all types of electronics equipment and machinery. But then it was brought to a halt. We had it decided for us, by those who control our government, that diversity was more important than America, and the American way of life.

The arguments that have been put forward to justify diversity are simply amazing. Amazing, not for their intellectual soundness or their compelling quality, but for their irrational and disconnected nature. There are two main arguments that I hear repeatedly.

One argument goes, "We must respect other races." The implication is that if we do not wish to live with other races in our society, we do not respect them. If you think for only a moment, this argument falls apart into ludicrous, absurd pieces in your hands. Does it mean that you do not respect the Jones next door to you, because you do not allow them to live in your house with you? Is it a sign of disrespect for each family to have their own home, and to forbid others, who are not part of their family, to live in their houses with them? It takes only a moment for any open mind to grasp the idea that respect does not equal acceptance as a member of your own household or society. You can treat someone with complete respect and still not desire to live with them.

Another argument states, "We should learn about other cultures!" Once again one is struck with the shallow nature of this argument. First of all if someone moves into our neighborhood, and he is living a different culture, so much so that we can actually learn that other culture by observing him, the question is forced upon us: Why is this person living in our society and our culture? There is no valid answer to that question. If that foreigner wishes to live his own culture, and avoid ours, then he logically must remain in the country that produced his culture, for he will not find it in out neighborhood.

Secondly, this new comer has displaced some other individual from our neighborhood, who was practicing our culture. Our culture is thereby weakened by one practitioner of it. Therefore, for every addition into our society of a foreigner, practicing his culture, our culture loses ground by a factor of 2.

Thirdly, we are faced with the same type of stupid reasoning as was used in the first argument. You do not have to permanently live with someone of another culture to appreciate that culture, or to learn it. If you wish to learn a culture to the point of embracing it for yourself, you must logically move to the country where that culture is dominate and, while giving up your own culture, you learn to practice that foreign culture. If you merely wish to understand other cultures, you can take classes, take vacation trips to other lands (made possible by the financial benefits derived from living in a homogenous White land), and develop pen pals in those other lands. It is the height of absurdity to suggest that we must give up our own culture in order to learn or respect other cultures.

Lastly, remember that if culture is so unimportant that we must give ours up in order to learn about other folks culture, it is then just as true that other cultures are of no real value either, and are then a waste of time to be studied! If culture is important then we must guard our own culture, and protect it from obliteration by other cultures. It cannot be both ways. Either culture is important or it is not. Whichever side the multiculturalist comes down on, he is left with no support for his position at all.

It is a law of nature that diversity destroys White civilizations. Egypt was powerful and a world leader. It fell twice, but as long as it remained homogeneous, it managed to rise up again. But once it embraced diversity, and lost its core people to miscegenation, it fell to never rise again. Looking at the country today, you wonder how it ever amounted to anything in the past. It is clear that Egypt is not today peopled by the same race as it was in its glory. (See White Egypt.)

Persia (Iran), and Babylon (Iraq) were once White and once great. They now are populated by other races and have other, lesser destinies. Greece lost its racial character and its greatness forever. Rome, the greatest pre-modern nation that ever existed, suffered terminally from diversity. If they had not been able to hire German soldiers to protect their empire they would have fallen centuries earlier. As it was, when they finally did fall, they too had lost their core racial characteristics, and the new, diverse and mixed race population was, and still is inadequate for greatness.

America now is heading down that same path. The natural law is clear for anyone who studies history. Diversity is death for a White society. Yet, we are injecting the fatal virus of diversity into our own veins. Every day we have another reminder of what diversity has done for us, when the White body count, and rape victim count is totaled up. We look at our schools and see the illiteracy being grown there, and know that diversity is why.

White America is like a strong man who has contracted cancer. He can continue his normal life for quite awhile, but over time all his physiological resources are turned over, one by one, to supporting the nonproductive but greedy cells. At some point in the future, he will be overwhelmed and he will die. Death is forever folks, and diversity is ultimately death for any White society.

Look at your paycheck today. See how much is taken out in government taxes and programs like FICA. Then, on top of that, you go out and live your life, and find at every turn the government has its hand out. Anytime money exchanges hands, the government grabs a piece of the transaction. If you die, your heirs will have to give the government a piece of your estate, as if it were your first born child. If you buy gasoline or the car to put it in, the government is there to steal some more of your money.

In the 1950s, the average man, with an eighth grade education, could buy a house and a car, support his family and live a pretty good life, on a single paycheck. Today, if he wants to do the same thing, he has to have a good education and a job that pays very well. The average guy, even with a college degree, will not be able to do it. He will have to settle for apartments, used cars and a lot of scrimping.

If you look at the money a man makes today, it would be enough for all of the things that the man of the 1950s could afford. Enough, that is, if it were not for the taxes being stolen from his paycheck, taxes to pay for robbing our country of its heritage, is racial characteristics, and its future.

So, while we have given up our nation, our future, our prestige, our heritage and our culture, we have received nothing but grief in payment. While we are giving our daughters to Nonwhites, or having them forcefully taken by Nonwhites, our government is helping more and more of the Nonwhites to come into our nation. It is clear from history, that the laws of nature which govern White societies, state without exception, that diversity is always death to White societies. And what have we done with these laws of nature? We have ignored them. We have even defied them, and just like the man who stepped off a 500 foot cliff, while claiming that the law of gravity did not apply to him, we are ready for a fatal fall.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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