The All-White Neighborhood

WHAT IS AN ALL WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD? What are its characteristics, which differentiate it from other demographic arrangements? On average, are there any differences that stand out? It would appear that there are.

An all-white-neighborhood will almost certainly have a relatively low crime rate, with illegal drugs being less of a problem than what other neighborhoods will experience. The houses and apartments in this neighborhood will usually be kept up and graffiti will be seen far less often. Cars are far safer being parked on the street, and the citizens are safer both on the street and in their homes. Gangs will be absent from this neighborhood and most of the children will have the opportunity to reach adulthood and will get a better education along the way. The policeman will be far safer in performing his duties, and will receive far more support in that pursuit.

All of these advantages make the all-white-neighborhood a very attractive place to live. The residents are quite happy to remain in this pleasant environment, and do not in any way try to disrupt the lives of people who live in any other type of neighborhood. The government has decided that people living happily in their quiet and safe neighborhoods are bad people and they must change the demographics of their neighborhood so that they will be subject to the same risks of crime and violence as the other members of American society. Why is this? Is the white race superior in its ability to create a pleasant neighborhood? Are only white people capable of producing a relatively crime free way of existence? It appears that the government thinks so. It insists that white neighborhoods bring in other races in order for them to be taught how to live in a civilized manner. Yet in every case, when this attempt is made, the once all-white-neighborhood takes on the characteristics of the high crime, ghetto-like style of life, rather than creating a multi-race quiet, happy neighborhood. Therefore, the white folks pack up their wives and their daughters and move them to a new location where they will be safer from being raped or murdered, and they pack up and move their sons to help maintain a good possibility of their reaching adulthood with out having experienced crack cocaine or a bullet in the brain.

The very strangest part of all this is that those in the government who have destroyed so many all-white-neighborhoods where previously so many families had lived their quiet safe lives for so long, puff up their chests in pride at what they have done! All that suffering that they have created is a good thing in their minds. These are very sick minds.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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