Why Racism is NOT Hate


If a man shoots at you, you have the right to shoot back at him. If you are threatened or attacked, you have the right to defend yourself. No one will accuse you of hate if you defend yourself, because self-defense is not hate!

According to Webster, "Hate" is an intense hostility and aversion. It is a feeling that is carried around with you, where you despise some other person, either for a justifiable reason or not. Of course the way the liberal uses words, the thoughts are never complete. They leave phrases hanging so the listener will fill in some implied meaning that is false, harmful, or both. When the Leftist uses the term "hate" the dangling undefined term, is used to imply the insane, unjustified sort of hatred that has no reason to exist. The "hater" is one who is stupid, irrational and in need of incarceration.

So, using the Leftist term of "hate," it is impossible to apply that meaning to a man who is attacked and is merely defending himself. That man will no doubt be filled with rage at the moment, for being attacked, but it is a rational and normal response to an outrageous situation. It is not insane, unjustifiable hatred, that has no reason to exist. Instead it is what would be expected of any mentally healthy man. It would be considered abnormal for a man not to defend himself, if attacked.

Beyond the realm of what is merely considered normal, self-defense is a legal defense for killing someone. If you kill a man in self-defense, you will be exonerated from any wrong doing. This is your right! You can legally do whatever it takes to defend yourself from harm, up to and including killing your assailant. Self-defense is a powerful right we all have.


What is "racism"? According to Webster's racism is a belief that some races are by nature superior to others; also : discrimination based on such belief. If this definition were taken at face value then some would find the concept repugnant. Who is to say whether one race is "superior" to another? It drives us far afield into trying to define superiority and inferiority, and one could be bogged down for a lifetime just trying to define terms. The second part of the definition is a little more to the point. Discrimination has been programmed into the American mind as a buzz word, something that is evil. Yet every time a woman goes grocery shopping, she selects the best produce she can by being as discriminating as possible in her selection. She takes the best fruits and vegetables and leaves the rest. The same is true if a man is buying a stereo system. He attempts to be as discriminating as possible in his choice, picking the best stereo possible for his money. Discrimination is merely being able to distinguish or differentiate between two dissimilar items. (It is impossible to discriminate between to equal items.)

Leaving the distorted definition of the Webster's dictionary behind, let us define what racism really means to the vast majority of people who consider themselves racists, and the way the term will be used by this author.

Racism 1: a belief that there are differences between the separate races of man, and that such differences are significant. 2: a belief that race is one of the chief defining characteristics of each person 3: a belief that each person is part of his own race, and that relationship is extremely important 4: a belief that each race has a right to defend its own survival 5: a belief that each race has a right to its own lands, relatively free of other races.

Because the Leftists have stolen control of the political agenda for public discussion today, and have been allowed to define the word racist as fits their own ends, many racists have chosen to call themselves something other than racist, such as racialist, or racially aware. Yet, each of these terms really refer to the same thing: a belief that race matters, and survival of our race is important to us. Now that we know what racism really is, let us take a look at what its function is, why it exists, and why it is important that it does exist.

Let us start with the concept of preserving a group. First of all, what is a group? Once again checking Webster, we find that a group is a number of individuals related by a common factor (as physical association, community of interests, or blood). What is required for a group to exist in the first place? A common factor. What is required to destroy a group? Removal of the common factor of course.

The White racial group is bound by the common factor of the racial characteristics of the Caucasian race, and their European ancestry. The group can only exist as long as these common factors are shared. If these factors are destroyed, the group is destroyed. How can the common factors of race and heritage be destroyed? By effectively introducing diversity and multiculturalism. How can the common factors be strengthened? By racism! Racism will promote pride in your heritage and love of your people. It will celebrate that which strengthens the group and reject that which weakens it.

Racism specifically avoids genetic mixing with dissimilar peoples, thereby preserving the race. Sexual mixing between the races will completely destroy the common factor of race between the members of the racial group of White people. Racism will stand against any such mixing and will promote genetic group integrity, allowing our race to continue into the future. When an individual is racially aware, he will not mix his genes with those of other races because he knows it will harm his group. He knows that it will weaken the position of his race in the future, and so he avoids it.

Racism also defends the personal property of the group, so that it is passed on to its rightful heirs. As we have seen in America, as the "civil rights" movement and other Leftist causes have attacked our people, our land has been stolen from us as well. The legacy handed down to us from our forefathers is being taken forcibly from our hands. Our birthright is being given to those who hold no legitimate claim to it. The only reason any of this was possible, was because racism has been effectively attacked as something evil. The White race has had its normal racism surgically removed by those intent on destroying this great people. Today racism no longer defends the lands or the people of the White race, and it no longer protects the rightful inheritance of our children for the future.

Racism is the immune system of the White race. It waits for any invading organism, and then rises up against that invader, driving it out. Anyone, who would accuse a White Blood Cell of hate would be called a fool. Protecting the body is a just and right occupation. It is healthy and necessary for any human or animal to be able to fight off attacks from outside its body. Just so, the White race has the obligation and the right to fight off the attacks of invaders who are not part of the race, but who are trying to enter the body of our people. Racism will cause us to react to invasion and to rectify the damage immediately. Racism will cause us to see danger even before it happens and to setup countermeasures before they are needed. Just like a healthy immune system, racism will protect the body from terminal illness very effectively.

It follows that as long as racism is strong within a racial group, that race will continue to survive and to thrive. Robust health is only possible in a human body as long as its immune system is working well. Robust health is only possible in a racial community as long as racism is working well. Maintenance of the group is only possible with racism, and impossible without it.


Since self-defense is not hate, and racism is self-defense for the group, it is follows undeniably that racism is not hate. Look at nature and you will see that lions in nature only mate with other lions. They can of course mate with tigers and produce offspring, but they do not. It is that separation, that racism, which keeps the lion in existence and the tiger in existence. There are many other species out in the natural world that will not mate with other species, even though they can. That racism is inborn and a natural defense against extinction. It is not hate! Lions do not hate tigers, and tigers do not hate lions, even though they are "racists". They just do not associate with each other. It is not hate. It is self-defense.

It should be clear to anyone who studies nature, that survival of the species is the primary goal of all creatures. It is the right of any species to attempt to survive. There is no right to survive, but only to try to survive. Survival depends upon being worthy of survival. The most fundamental aspect of that worthiness is being willing to try to survive. Each creature must try its hardest to perpetuate the species, by gathering food, and reproducing at least as well as his competitors. Racism provides that first step in survival. It makes a man willing to perpetuate his species. It makes him willing to procreate, and to fight for the survival of his group. It is clear that we have suppressed both of these traits of survival, as the White man has been stripped of his natural racism. If this is not rectified very quickly, all will be lost!

It is the burden of each member of the White race to foster the desire to protect his own race. It is the obligation of any White society to promote the racism which will create the proper drives of survival in the members of that society. It follows that no law which stifles racism can be right or just. Racism is necessary to a people in order for them to continue to exist. It should be obvious to any intelligent man that laws which attempt to eliminate racism are not only misdirected, but are extremely hostile to the race which is being targeted by the laws. These laws, which today abound in the USA, must be fought with all of our might.

In the same vein, there are many sources of propaganda which are aimed at the removal of the necessary racism of our people. As has been already demonstrated, the loss of racism will kill the White race. So, any attempt to weaken our racism is an attack on our existence. Any movie which shows Nonwhite males in romantic situations with White women is attacking the very existence of the White race, by undermining the critical racism we need. Racism demands that White women mate only with White males. By mating with Nonwhites, White women will not perpetuate the White race, and that perpetuation is required for our survival.

News shows that put out stories of White crime, and that ignore stories about Nonwhite crime, are intended to destroy our natural racism and to thereby destroy our race. Movies about KKK crimes, which ignore Black gang violence against Whites, are attacking our necessary racist feelings. Billboards, and TV ads that show Blacks and Whites in social setting together, especially in cross racial romantic situations, are directed at our destruction as a people by killing our natural defense mechanism of racism.

I can think of no more basic right than that of racism. Since a race cannot continue to exist without racism, it is equivalent to saying that a race has no right to exist, when it is said that racism is wrong, and that no right to be racist exists. It is genocide to kill racism for it is the same as killing a race, when its natural feelings of racism are killed. If a person has a right to have an immune system, then a race has the right to their immune system: racism.

To those who claim that they believe race does not matter, I must point out their hypocrisy. If a law were passed that all Nonwhites were to be sterilized, as an attempt to exterminate Nonwhite people in the future, these hypocrites would suddenly be very concerned about race, and would be taking serious steps to protect these Nonwhite people, such as actively protesting, and even revolting if necessary! Yet they will not lift a finger to protect the White race's existence.


Racism is good. It preserves any race that practices it, and defends the property rights of that race. As already discussed, racism generates the positive feelings of pride in one's race, and a desire to perpetuate and protect one's race. Only someone who hates the White race would attempt to kill the racism which is the protector of the White race. Racism is the only thing which can protect the heritage of our ancestors and that will ensure that the wealth and security created by our forefathers, will be passed on to its rightful heirs.

Notice how the removal of racism from the average White man, has led in equal proportion, to the removal of his rights and prerogatives. It would be absurd to think that the one was not connected to the other as closely as are a set of Siamese twins. A man who has racial feelings will not sit still when his race is under attack. A man who has no racial feelings will make no effort to save his people. As the White race has been raped, and rob of its treasures, how have White people responded? They have responded according to their racial feelings, according to their personal degree of racism. The Whites who have fallen prey to the anti-White propaganda campaign, who have no real racism left to themselves, applaud the destruction of the White land of America. They celebrate diversity, as if it were a blessing instead of the lethal plague that it really is. The man who is filled with racial pride, is outraged at seeing his nation given away to Nonwhites by his government. Racism is the key factor that divides those who are willing to fight for their country and those who are not.

Racism is healthy. Look at any AIDS patient and see what happens when the immune system collapses. The body is no longer protected against hostile cells moving in, and disease runs rampant. Look at Washington DC, and see what happens when White racism disappears completely. This city, the capitol of our country, is 95% Black and filled with crime. Its murder rate is ten times the national average and there is no hope of any real change for the better. Nearly all the Whites have left, and the people who are left did not build the city, nor are they capable of running it without great outside assistance. The immune system failed completely in DC and that city has died. Whites have no inheritance left in that city, even though they built it. Racism had disappeared, and with it, the will to protect their land, their city, evaporated too. Whites just up and left Washington DC to the Blacks.

Racism is normal. People are born with the natural tendency to be with their own kind. They naturally tend to fight for their family or group. In most families, the boys will stick up for each other, and of course their sisters. If you attack one of them, you will have to deal with all of them. An interesting example of how races stick together is the way that ghetto gangs tend to divide along racial lines. They are born to be racist and it is normal.

Before the Leftist invasion of the 1960s most White men in America were healthy racists. They did not hate other races. They did not harass other races. They gave to charity specifically targeted at other races, in other lands. But they were racists just the same! They lived in all-White neighborhoods and liked it that way. They sent their kids to all-White schools and demanded that it stay that way. They made sure that their daughters married White men and had White babies. They were good and honest people, who were not filled with hate, only with Racism. These are the people who created America. They are the ones who made this land great. And they were racists!

Racism is necessary. As already discussed, racism acts like an immune system, protecting a race from extinction. Without an immune system, a race, just like a man, will die. We are seeing that very thing happen today in the USA, and other White lands, where racism has been weakened or killed. These countries are being overrun by Nonwhites, who are pressing in on the White race, forcing it backward, mixing with it and destroying it. There is no room for debate. Without racism to protect it, the White race is doomed to extinction.

As the government, and every outlet from the media, are joined in a chorus sung in complete synchronization of content, declaring without qualification that racism is evil and must be destroyed forever, we are at the same time faced with the fact that racism is far from evil. Since the government and the media are clearly lying to us, it is intellectually safe, and even mandatory to ignore them. We must turn our backs on these people who hate our race so completely, and to set our own course.

We must strive with all of our might to develop a strong healthy racism in our people. Racism is the lifeblood of survival for a race or species. Our children must be taught that their race is as important as their family, for it flows from the same source. Our family has a common history, and so does our race. Our family is our kin, and so are those of our race. Genetically we are much closer to other Whites than to any other race. Our European history is something to be very proud of. It is ours and does not belong to any other race. We are its protectors, and its heirs. No other race can be.

It is very important that our children are taught that defense of the race is always critical, never optional. We only date and marry people of our own race. This should be so deeply engrained in them that our children will be completely repulsed by the thought of a mixed marriage. They should be made aware, as should all adults, that maintaining White environments, in the neighborhoods, schools and workplace, is the best defense against the racial death of miscegenation.


It is clear by now, to any open minded individual that a people without racism will die! They will not defend their borders and they will not defend or properly train their daughters. They will cease to exist. It follows then that promotion of diversity and anti-racism it is a lethal attack upon our race. How can anyone not see that trying to exterminate a race from the face of the earth is true hatred of that race.

Each time that you hear someone say that we are all alike, remember that your family, and the members of your race, are not exactly like those who live in Africa or Asia. They are different, and they are worth fighting for. The person who tries to tell you the lie that there are no differences between the races is not your friend, and is not concerned with the survival of the White race at all. Instead, we must always keep in mind that those who are trying to sell us the lie that racism is evil, sick or unnatural, are set on the destruction of our people. They hate us. At the same time they dishonestly call racism "hate," when it is actually the exact opposite!

In summary, it would be wise to remember that racism is NOT hate. Self-defense is not hate. Racism is racial self-defense -- the only proven mechanism to defend a race from extinction -- and therefore, it cannot be hate. In fact, racism is good, healthy, normal, and necessary, and consequently must be developed to a healthy level in our people, especially our children. Lastly, all of our energies, and our resources must be set against the true haters of our race -- those who promote diversity and anti-racism.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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