Why You Should Oppose
the Attack on Iraq

March 18, 2003

ON THE WAY INTO WORK LAST WEEK, I was listening on the radio to a diatribe by Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor, where he was promoting the "war" on Iraq, that the members of the so-called Right are so enamored with these days. One thing he said really caught my attention. He attacked the pope for being “out of touch with reality” because he opposed the war. I am not Catholic and I have no particular love for the pope, but I was just shaking my head listening to this nonsense. O’Reilly said that the pope obviously hadn’t considered the fact that Saddam had killed many of his own people, and if we don’t attack he will be free to use his anthrax and other weapons. It would be wrong to not oppose this mass murderer.

I am amazed that an otherwise intelligent man would put such ridiculous arguments forward in all seriousness. Think about it. There is no proof that Saddam Hussein has weapons grade anthrax available. (Whereas someone does here in America; and has used it!) How can that be a reason to attack? Even if he did have anthrax available, so do many other nations, including the USA and Israel! Yes, Hussein did put down a revolt in his own country, which resulted in tens of thousands of people being killed. Compare that with Abraham Lincoln who, to quote Charley Reese, “...made war on his own people, killing 262,000 of them, burning their cities, destroying their food supply and placing the survivors under military occupation...”(1) Remember that he did this against his people who were merely trying to legally secede from the union. According to O’Reilly’s logic, this makes Lincoln a “mass murder,” many times greater than Saddam Hussein, who should have been deposed by alien intervention.

NOTE: It should be kept in mind that the USA has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, through its actions over the last dozen years. If killing Iraqis is justification for attacking a nation, we are far more guilty than Saddam Hussein is! The media, including Bill O'Reilly, continue to spew nonsense out as if it were facts and logic.

I have been reading the reports on what the US is planning to do to Iraq when it launches its unprovoked attack. (And it is unprovoked. Iraq has not lifted a finger against any other nation on earth, let alone the USA, since the Gulf War.) The US is talking about launching hundreds of cruise missiles within just a few hours of time. The destructive impact will be of a level that would easily qualify as “mass destruction” within any sane man’s definition. Therefore, we are planning to use weapons of mass destruction against a country that, even if it has them, has not used such weapons on anyone outside of its own borders. Compare that with the USA, who has an extremely large cache of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and has used nuclear weapons already. Not only that, but it has given a large stockpile of these weapons to Iraq’s mortal enemy, Israel.

It is pure madness. It cannot be described as anything else. Here in the USA, you hear one talk show host after another -- usually hosts that claim to be “conservative” and who claim to “love” America -- beating the war drum to go kill Iraqis.

If you love America, you must be opposed to the war against Iraq! There is no other choice. The war will do nothing to further the cause of America, and it will create even more hatred against us for being a bully yet once again. We have gotten to the point where we think that anytime we don’t like what a country is doing, we can start launching cruise missiles at it. Have any of these so called concerned “conservatives” given even a moment’s thought to how they would react if some country started bombing us because they didn’t like our weapons of mass destruction, or the fact that we refused to disarm ourselves, or if some nation said that George Bush the First and George Bush the Second had to be out of our country in 48 hours or they would attack? If we were suddenly attacked from space, by a foe we couldn’t fight back against (which is pretty close to the same thing that the Iraqis face with our cruise missiles) by a nation that we had never attacked or directly threatened, how would these warmongers feel about it?

What about the Middle East? What is the real problem there? What is the agency that is brewing all the trouble? Israel! The Jews invaded a land that wasn’t theirs, with weapons and money supplied by the United States. They have ever since expanded their empire, committed atrocities against the former inhabitants of the land, and threatened the entire world with war in order to have their selfish way with things, while Americans have footed the bill. Recently a Jewish professor mentioned in passing that the Israelis RIGHT NOW have major European capitols targeted with nuclear weapons.(2) That is a REAL threat my friend. That is a real danger. Iraq poses no direct danger to any nation outside of the Middle East, but Israel is willing and able to kill millions. Israel poses a real threat, but Iraq does not. So, what do these geniuses on the talk show airwaves want to do? They want us to take out Israel’s enemy while leaving the real problem to grow even stronger. It is clear, that in the interest of America’s future, and the future of all of Europe, they are targeting the wrong side in that war.

What did it take to get the Americans to the point of fighting in the Second World War? An act of treason by our president! FDR arranged things so that Japan had to attack us, and FDR knew that would pull us into the war.(3) He let our servicemen die at Pearl Harbor to further his political aims, and to force Americans into doing something they did not want to do.

Contrast that with the way America goes off on a killing spree at the drop of a hat today. Yugoslovia was having a civil war, completely contained within its own borders. We started dropping bombs on them. (Imagine if that had happened during our own Civil War!) On another occation Bill "the zipper" Clinton launched missiles to draw attention away from the Monica Lewinsky affair. That makes him a murderer by any accurate definition, and all of us accomplices because we just stood by and let it happen. George Bush Sr. launched an attack against Iraq, and forced them out of Kuwait, but then he didn’t stop. For over a decade we have continued to bomb, harass, and sanction Iraq, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and children along with the hundreds of thousands of the men who were sworn to defend their own land. Now, we have a president who, in a move that is clearly intended to protect Israel and do nothing for the United States except create more enemies, is set on killing even more virtually helpless human beings. He looks like a little schoolboy pitching a fit, every time anything comes up to slow him down in reaching his deadly goal.

Are we now going to bomb every nation on earth that refuses to disarm itself? Where do we drop the first bombs? Shall we start with ourselves or perhaps Israel? What nation on earth would be willing to submit to such an outrageous demand? Especially if they had a crazy nation like Israel so close, fairly bristling with illegal weapons of mass destruction.

Do we bomb every nation that ignores a UN resolution? Israel has ignored several times as many of them as Iraq has.(4) Why are we not beating the drum to attack Israel?

I am not promoting war on Israel, although it certainly would be justified after their attack on our warship the USS Liberty. What I am promoting is a bit of consistency and some of that old time American spirit of taking care of our own business. Let’s stop propping up outlaw nations like Israel, by sending them money and weapons, and instead let them fend for themselves. We should get out of the war business except to protect our own borders and our own interests.

I must ask you why it is that our government is waging war against a country that is not a threat to us, while it is allowing millions of illegal non-White invaders to come into our land? Why is it not only not stopping them, but it is not sending them back when it accidently discovers them, and it even pays them benefits once they are here? We are being overrun and displaced by a full-scale invasion and our government is doing next to nothing to stop it, while it is spending billions of dollars to defend Israel: a nation that is being run in a racist, and fascist manner.

Seriously, if we are supposed to love diversity, and multiculturalism, as our government is constantly and nauseatingly putting out in it propaganda stream, how can we justify supporting a nation like Israel? Israel limits its immigrants to Jews. It treats all others like second-class citizens, and it will not even recognize marriages between Jews and Palestinians. It is completely antagonistic to the whole “celebrate diversity” façade that we are supposed to be fighting for!

Or to put the shoe on the other foot, if we can support Israel, when it is run in such a racist fashion, why is it wrong ("hate", "white supremism", etc.) for White Americans to insist on taking their nation back for themselves and their children? You can’t have it both ways, unless of course you are a fanatical Zionist.

The average American can easily see that if Israel did not keep its population nearly totally Jewish, that Israel would cease to be what it is today. To remove the Jew from Israel, would remove Israel itself. The sad thing is that they cannot see the just as obvious fact that if you remove the Whites from the United States, the United States will cease to exist in the exact same way.

Until Americans stop allowing the anti-American Media Lords(5) to control their thinking for them, and start looking out for their own interests, White Americans are going to remain on the Endangered Species list, right up until they are transferred to the Extinct Species list.


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