Grossly Offensive

YOU ENTER YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD, BUT instead of getting into the area where you can manage your account, you are greeted with a screen that says your account no longer exists. This has happened to hundreds, if not thousands of pro-White people on the net. It has happened to me several times. I have had my account deleted for web pages, mailing lists, and even page counters, and usually I do not even get a notification that it happened. My account was just suddenly gone. If you hear anything at all from these weak kneed anti-White services, you are told that you have violated their "Terms of Service".

The other day, when I finally reopened my guest book, one of the first entries in the book was an entry from some White hater who said, "You have been reported for a violation of the Terms of Service for this guest book!" The funny thing was that when this mindless ADL clone reported my guest book, there were no other entries in it. (Even the spineless operators of most of these free services at least insist on something being present, which can be twisted into appearing objectionable, before they delete the account.)

Here is a sample of some of the clauses in the Terms of Service that have gotten my account deleted in the past: at:

5.You may not publish any material that is grossly offensive to the general on-line community, including but not limited to, exploitation of children, blatant expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment, defamation, invasion of privacy or excessive profanity (cursing). This includes material that defames, abuses, harasses or threatens any person or group. We reserve the right to be the final judge as to what is or is not acceptable.

Note, that anything that is not considered inside the window of what is normal and politically correct is ruled out by this statement. If you agree with the founding fathers that this nation was created as a White nation and should remain so, your account is deleted because it is said to blatantly express "bigotry" or " hatred." The simple act of "blatantly" disagreeing with the majority is enough to have your mouth forcibly shut.

And see what sort of behavior is grouped together with standing up for your people and your nation? If you love the America that our founders created you are the same as a harasser, a defamer, or a someone who uses obscene and vile language. You are grouped together with those others who are viewed as uncivilized blights upon society, in hopes that the facts you are presenting will never be viewed, because of where they are coming from, you dirty animal you!

From the Go Network "House Rules"

2. Pornographic, obscene, nude, graphically violent, and other inappropriate images are strictly prohibited.

3. Defamatory, libelous, hateful, pornographic, profane or obscene language is strictly prohibited.

These folks had my I Love White Folks web page up for almost 2 years (certainly due to their ignorance of its existence) before they decided to delete my account. Fortunately, by that time, I had already purchased my domain name and moved over to a server that had enough backbone to tell the ADL supporters who complain to shove it. It is clear to any objective observer that my page is not a "hate" page. I do not promote violence, and I am promoting love for my people and their traditional way of life. I do not wish any harm to come to those who are not White. But sites that promote a White America are under strong attack, not because they are "hate" sites, but because they are love sites, sites that love our people! Everyone of these terms of service statements is directed at us, and in reality, only at us. None of these service providers is half as frightened of having their name being associated with pornography as they are with being labeled pro-White ("racist").

Site Meter counter service

This service is NOT available to Pornographic, Adult content sites or sites that violate any laws or regulations. (The account will be immediately removed without notice.)

My account was only up a day or so on this one before it was deleted. Providing a simple counter was just too much for them. Notice that my site does not violate their TOS. I even read the TOS before signing up. My site does not have any pornography on it. There is a ban on "Adult content" and that reminds me of a cartoon I once saw where two guys were at a desk, one sitting and the other standing. The standing guy was looking over the books on the shelf, and saw that they were all college level, deep, and intellectually sophisticated tomes. He asked the seated guy, "Don't you have any 'Adult' material?" While my site has material on it that is directed at adult minds, it is not pornographic, which is how the term "Adult content" is being used here. (It is not reasonable to view this TOS as being aimed at banning anything more sophisticated than grammar school readers.) And of course my page violates no US laws or regulations, at least not until we lose the First Amendment.

But it does not matter that you are not really spreading hate. It does not matter that you are not really promoting violence. All that matters is whether or not you are promoting diversity. If you are not, if you are instead pointing out the failings of diversity, the thumb goes down, and your account is chopped off.

The following item I thought was rather amusing. I have never been associated with the Anime Weekly, but I could not help but chuckle at the hypocrasy that was contained in their TOS.

Anime Weekly's Terms of Service and Agreement


Members who are in violation of these policies may have their access revoked and their pages, or portions of their pages, removed without warning...


Anime Weekly is committed to providing a forum for diverse points of view. We have established the guidelines and terms of service that follow to help our members achieve a true sense of community. If you disagree with some of the opinions expressed by a member of our community, we encourage you to create your own Home Page and make your own views known. To us, this exchange of ideas is the definition of community


Content Guidelines


Please refrain from using your anime homepage for the following activities:


2.Providing material that is grossly offensive to the online community, including blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred or excessive profanity;


You see how it works? They want a forum for "diverse points of view" as long as those points of view do not clash with what the PC thought police have laid down as gospel for Americans. Anything that that would promote the White America that existed when I was born, is "grossly offensive to the online community!" What sort of twisted reasoning could come up with that point of view? How can traditional America be "grossly offensive?" How could we have come so far, so as to have not merely one Internet peripheral service provider support this anti-White, and anti-American point of view, but nearly all of them?

Stating that you liked America before the Marxists took over is now considered to be a "blatant" expression "of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred" and is in the same category as using "excessive profanity," whatever that means in today's society. In fact it is considered far worse! If you go to any movie house in America today you will hear every form of vulgarity, and all the obscene words you can think of, in the movies that they show, but where will you see even one movie that shows a character positively portrayed who is pro-White or pro-Traditional America? You can see women verbally abused, beaten, raped, and demeaned in all sorts of ways. You can see innocent men and women slaughtered like cattle. But you cannot find one positive character in a movie, that throughout the film, thinks it would be great living in a suburban home like the one "the Cleavers" shared, with all of the White neighbors that they shared it with.

Our position is not being attacked with facts or debate. It is instead being attacked with censorship. We are being told that we do not count and our opinions are worthless. We are being told that our ideas are so perverse, and outside of the norms of society, that we should not be heard because we will be too offensive. This outrageous position is not a new one. Anytime that there has been dissent in the past, it has been "grossly offensive" to someone! Was not the Declaration of Independence grossly offensive to King George and the British at that time? We can find actions and words spread throughout history where those seeking to redress wrongs were viewed as being "grossly offensive" to the common point of view at the time. If those great men of the past, who were filled with exceptional character and determination, could have been silenced by such tactics, there would never have been a United States of America, and many of the political and scientific advances we enjoy today, would not have come to be.

The very same thing is true with our movement. We have many bold and determined men who are charging the intellectual positions of our enemy. They will not be put off by these tactics of hate implemented through the weak minded creatures who run many of these Internet free web page, mailing list, or counter services, and who scurry like rats in terror when they are faced with a choice between free speech, and keeping the ADL happy. This will not change, until our society is restored to health again in the future. At that time these same cowards will be acting as if being pro-White was where they were at all along.

Take heart and always remember, when your position is attacked by force rather than facts, you are certainly in the right!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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