Some Olympics Thoughts

IT WAS LIKE A SLAP IN THE FACE! I was watching a video tape of an old Bonanza episode yesterday, and when I finished, I clicked off the VCR and I found that my eyes were suddenly looking at an Olympic Women's Basketball game. The USA team was playing against the Australian team. I didn't need to see the team uniforms to see which was which. The little box in the upper left corner of the screen listed the teams that were playing, and once I saw the people who were playing, it was obvious. I did not have to see the large USA across the chest of the American uniform. All I had to do was look at the fact that there was one team that was all Black, and one team that was all White. That is all it took.

The Australian team had 5 White ladies running around, passing and shooting, and the USA team had 5 Black ladies running around passing and shooting. The camera panned down the Australian bench and even their subs were all clearly White, with one exception: a girl that was slightly darker, and who may have just been a fan of the tanning booth. The announcer said that the Australian team had even beaten the USA team this year at some point. I was saddened to realize that made me feel good.

I sat there for a few minutes and watched in sadness that I was so completely displaced from my nation's sporting representatives. Black people are not my people. Of course it is not their fault that they are still here and that we have not yet sent them back to Africa, but it does continually rub that glaring mistake by our people in our faces doesn't it? In all honesty, when America fields a predominately Black team for the Olympics, I do not care very much whether our team wins medals or not. As the basketball game went on for a few minutes, I found myself rooting for the White Australian team over my own country's team. I turned the set off.

There is almost no problem that cannot be resolved, if we set our minds to solving it. The most depressing thing of all is that so many White Americans do not even see the problem. The loss of our country to other peoples is not a concern to them. The fact that their descendants will be of another race, and will completely reject White history, White culture and the White way of life, runs off their minds like water off a duck's back. It honestly does not matter to these brain dead White people that all that their ancestors held dear is going to be gone forever. There will be no one left who cares who Alexander was, or what Athens produced, or who Shakespeare was. There will be no more little blonde girls running around, and that is just fine with these people.

Is it that they do not see what the obvious results of their views will be? Or do they see, but just do not care? Can it be that White folks really have no feelings at all for their own people and their own "roots?" They went all gaga over the fictional Roots of Black folks in America, but they cannot find a scrap of sympathy and love for their own nonfictional roots.

Have you heard of the Hittites? They were a great White nation of the past.(1) They had culture, and a robust society. They had influence and armies. They were a powerful people. But what do we know, or care about their culture today? What do you know about the Hittites, other than what their enemies spoke about them in the Hebrew histories? Probably, unless you are an archeology fan, you know very little about what Hittites thought was important. You would not know what political ideas, philosophical ideas, or even what cooking ideas the average Hittite carried around with them. The reason you know nothing about the Hittites is because they were lost in the ages. They were killed, or mixed with other peoples, and there are no known descendants of these people left today. So, what's the point?

If you do not produce descendants like you, who care about what you care about, who are White and pro-White, in time there will be no more White Americans, and no more people who remember or care what White Americans thought was important. People on earth will no longer remember what political ideas, philosophical ideas, or even what cooking ideas you hold as being important. And what's more, they will not care about the fact that they do not remember, any more than you care that you know nothing about what the Hittites thought! For a people's memory to be carried on, they must produce children who are like them to carry it on. Mix with others, give up your identity, and you sink into the sands of time, never to be heard from again, just like the Hittites did.

I am reminded of a scene in a famous movie, The Ten Commandments, where a group of men were forcing their way into position to take water from a well. They were pushing aside the animals and the daughters of the well's owner, and one of the women protested that their father had dug this well and it was theirs. And the leader of the men laughingly said, "If your father wanted to retain this well, he should have had sons to defend it!"

If you wish your heritage to survive into the future, you must produce sons to defend it. You must produce daughters to carry it on. You must create a love for it in your children, and bury it so deep in their heart that it can not be removed without killing them. If you do want to end up like the Hittites, then you must live, and your children must live! You cannot lay down and give up. You cannot say, "Oh woe is me, all is lost!" Those are the words of a defeated people, a people whipped to death. They are not the words of the proud White men who conquered this land and created this great nation.

The first step is to talk like a free White man. Even though the right is now under full scale attack, you still have the right to speak your opinions in this nation. The constitution is bending and cracking but it is still there. You are not ashamed of your people, your heritage and the accomplishments of your race. You are not afraid to make your desire to live among your own people clearly understood. You will remember your Viking ancestors and be proud. This is where you begin from. You are not an insensitive animal. You are a civilized thoughtful White human being who is unafraid of the truth. You want your people to survive and you want them to retain what is theirs. This is a noble desire, and something that any truly honorable man would understand and support. It is nothing to be ashamed of!

And as the eastern proverb says, "With the first step, even the longest journey is begun."

1. Do a "Find in page" search for the Hittites at MARCH OF THE TITANS: Chapter 7 to read a little something about them. (It's about 60% of the way down the page.)

If you don't own a copy of this wonderful book please, help yourself, support the author and your race, by buying one: March of the Titan: The complete history of the White Race. You will not regret it!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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