The Leftist and the 1950s


Oregonians move out to the 'burbs
babies are booming, Elvis is still in the
building, and the American dreams seems
possible, especially if you are white

THE ABOVE HEADLINE WAS ON PAGE 1 of Portland, Oregon's The Oregonian newspaper for December 27, 1999. My wife and I were visiting family, and my wife grabbed a newspaper, looking for some coupons to use at a local store. I picked up the paper and noted the article, by Spencer Heinz, topped by the headline above. The Leftists are terrified of the 1950s, but the decade existed so they have to deal with it. The way they choose to deal with it is done in a textbook fashion in this article.

First, they mention something positive, and then they paint that positive item with the race brush to attempt to make it appear dirty to the brainwashed masses. Over and over again you see it happen. A large portion of this article was, as I expected, given over to "civil rights" and the changes that were forced upon American by this distorted and misguided movement. Usually the discerning reader will notice that enough facts are presented in such articles as these, to completely destroy the Leftists' point of view, if he only takes the time to think about what he is reading. Instead, most readers are carried along with the author's distorted delivery of the facts, as he is supposed to, and never even realizes what has happened.

In reading the headline for The Oregonian article, you will note that the positive fact was given that in the 1950s the suburbs were flowering, which we know gave families bigger houses and better living conditions. It also states that the birthrate was high, which means that Americans were busy providing a next generation of Americans that were native to this land, and therefore would perpetuate our culture, and our way of life. A negative item is also listed, though not intended as such, in the fact that Elvis Presley was alive, but like a cloud over the horizon his love of the Black style of music was pointing in same the direction as the one in which we would be soon walking, to our destruction. Lastly, the headline states, " the American dream seems possible," and that is very positive! Imagine a land where everyone looks at a good life and says, "That is possible for me!" That was life in Oregon in the 1950s. Upbeat, safe, happy and looking to the future with eager expectation. I can tell you that I remember the same feelings in Southern California where I grew up in the 1950s. It was as close to heaven on earth as anytime, anywhere on planet earth for any people.

The headline's final phrase shows why the Leftists are terrified of that decade. Things are super. They are "swell." Things are nearly perfect, "especially if you are white." Leftists would much rather that 100% of the population were in abject poverty, rather than have White people be happy in the lives that they had created for themselves. This fact was listed in the sidebar to the story which merits contemplation: 98.4% of the population of Oregon was White in the 1950s. Just think of it. A society where 98.4% of the population could reach for the stars, live wonderful happy lives, and expect the same for all of their descendants for as long as they can envision, a society that actually existed in our country. What other system of government, or what other society had ever given so much hope and joy to such a large segment of is population? Nothing else has ever come close, certainly not what we have today!

Another fact mentioned in this article was that when Oregon became a state in 1859, it had two provisions concerning slaves and slavery. The first item was that slavery would not be permitted within the state of Oregon. Of course the Leftists are overjoyed with that item, but then they are faced with item number two which makes them crazy: Oregon banned all Blacks from within its borders! Indeed, just like Abraham Lincoln, the original Oregonians realized that, slavery is not a good practice, but neither is having Whites and Blacks living together. So, the solution is to ban both. Very wise these first Oregonians!

Later when the original good sense of the Oregon people had been overruled, the White folks still understood what their forefathers had been trying to say. Throughout the entire 1950s and into the 1960s many housing tracts had homeowners associations which maintained the all-White community. The Oregonian article focused upon one representative association for the Cedar Hills housing tract outside of Portland. In order to prohibit activities that would "detract from its high value as a high-class residential district," there was placed in the covenant of the association the following:

No persons except persons who shall be of the Caucasian race shall be allowed to use or occupy said property, or any part thereof, except in the capacity of domestic servants, chauffeurs, or employees of the occupants thereof.

This article certainly did not discuss the validity of the concerns of the association. How many White communities have seen the value of their houses fall, because of the increased crime rate as Nonwhites move in? How many Whites have been robbed, raped and murdered in their own communities by Nonwhites because covenants like the one above have been crushed by the Leftists in our government?

The article also mentioned another White self defense mechanism at work in the 1950s called "Sundown laws" where minorities were not allowed to remain in a White neighborhood after dusk. Not mentioned was the fact that there was very little Black crime in Oregon in the 1950s!

What the reader of The Oregonian article was taken through was an ugly distortion of the 1950s, intended to make it look worse than what we have now. Since that would be completely impossible if the facts were covered fairly, fairness is the first thing to be thrown out by Mr. Heinz. In this article, there was no mention of the extremely low crime rate in these all-White neighborhoods of the 1950s. There was no mention of the very high success rate for marriages in the 1950s before feminism went to work on them. There was no mention of the extremely successful school system that was in place during this decade, where students were taught White culture along with the intellectual skills they needed to succeed in life.

The article did mention the opportunity for 98.4% of the population, but tried to make it look unimportant because 1.6% of the population was "left out" of the mainstream. Fairness would dictate that we compare what percentage of the population is being left out today, by having them murdered by Nonwhites, uneducated by the integrated "school system," and taxed into oblivion by the programs to take care of those poor Nonwhites. But fairness is not to be found in a Media Lord outlet.

Truly it is an outrage that such a distorted, dishonest article as this one in an Oregon newspaper, could come to print. Yet it will be mirrored at one time or another in every paper all across our land, as the Leftists continue to spew out their lying propaganda.

When The Oregonian article was not speaking of the Black issue, or feminism, it was whining about the anti-Communist attacks of the 1950s. The fact of course is that the Leftists were indeed in control of Hollywood then, as they are now. Communism was deeply embedded in the Hollywood scene. The Media Lords have always been sympathetic with the Communist cause, and so, if the 1950s are mentioned, instead of remembering the wonderful, safe neighborhoods, filled with happy people, these White-hating people only worry about the attacks upon their own kind. They will never stop whining about the fact that Americans had the guts to attack the Left with such gusto. Whining is what they are good at.

Another distortion of the 1950s promoted in this article, in order to make that decade look bad, was the promotion of the idea that all Americans lived in desperate fear of "The Bomb." Of course the reason that the issue existed at all was as a result of the Jewish spies, the Rosenbergs, who had stolen the secret of how to make the H-bomb and gave it to the Russians. That is never mentioned by the Leftist newsmen. Of course the natural reaction of the American population in the 1950s was concern about another country pointing missiles at them, complete with nuclear warheads. Not mentioned in the article is the fact that this situation is every bit as real today as then. Russia is still pointing its missiles at us, and now thanks to our traitorous president, China can use the secrets for building H-bombs, that it has been stealing for years, on missiles that Clinton sold them the guidance technology for. Now China, as well as Russia, can bomb us. Today, thanks to the Leftists, we are sitting in a deep hole. The fact that we are used to it, does not change the fact that we are there. How can we possibly fault the 1950s for this condition? Logically, and honestly we cannot. But logic and honesty was never something that the Leftists were close to.

So, the next time you see an article in a newspaper or magazine, are exposed to a "documentary", or hear a discussion on the Media Lords' propaganda box, on the topic of the 1950s, watch and see how many times they focus on the side issues of race, feminism and anti-Communism, and how little they focus on the real issues of happy White folks, long lasting marriages, low crime rates, the best schools in the world, and the bright future that the "civil rights" movement destroyed. The packaged propaganda line on the 1950s is only fluffed up and shuffled around a bit from article to article, book to book, or program to program. If the average guy thought about it, he might expect some sort of originality, or creativity to creep in, but that is only because the average guy is ignorant of what is going on. If he went to work and did a little research, he would find that all treatment of certain subjects are rigidly forced into a preordained form, and no deviation will be tolerated. The PC party line will not be crossed on the subject of the 1950s because therein lie the seeds of the complete destruction of the Leftist edifice. The 1950s were how America was supposed to be, and the Media Lords know it. The White 1950s stood head and shoulders above anything that has come since, and so the Media Lords' attack it every time they get the chance, just to make sure that White Americans never realize the truth of what was lost, as the 1960s revolution killed our country.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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