Our Land

I LOOK AT AMERICA TODAY AND IT RIPS MY HEART OUT! We have a nation that was once vibrant and healthy, growing by leaps and bounds, with large happy White families everywhere one turned. Now, it is not only relatively free of large White families, it is antagonistic to them. As the White population heads into major decline, the Nonwhite birth rate in our country is very high, and immigration, which is 90% Nonwhite, is pouring into our country like a flood from a broken dam. A view of any gathering of people, such as at a shopping mall or at a sporting event, will show an ever increasing selection of Nonwhite men associated with White women. While our nation begins to crumble into the flames, the television and movie industries are throwing gasoline upon the fire. Movies tell our children that the White race is evil and racist, and that its only salvation is in suicide, by the weapons of multiculturalism, diversity and miscegenation. Our kids watch more and more movies where Black men are matched with White women, outsmart all the White men, and who are completely amazed by any members of the White race who refuse to support giving their White daughters to Nonwhites (demonstrated by their instant heavily sarcastic imitation of a slave).

We face a huge mountain before us. We must go right over the top of it, and it will take great strength of purpose, as well as body, to do that. A half-hearted effort will not be sufficient. If we do not rise up and face the forces arrayed against us, we will cease to exist as a people. America will become a brown nation, and it will be yet another third world country with third world living conditions. That is what we are preparing for our children today. Every parent that allows his child to grow up watching television and movies, which support the agenda of the Media Lords, is a contributor to the death of our race. Every person who sits quietly by as others sing the praises of diversity and multiculturalism is a conspirator with our enemies. Silence is deadly.

The haters of our race are clearly not interested in the prosperity of any people, except themselves. It is clear by their actions that they have no desire to create a strong and prosperous nation. For example, wealth has never been created through taxation, anytime in the history of man, for any people. Taxation is a blight upon the citizens. If a tax is paid by a people, that people should receive some benefit for their money. What are you getting for your contribution of half your income? It should make you very angry to think about it.

For your tax dollars, you are getting a government that hates you. It sets policies that are allowing your people to be displaced by Nonwhite immigrants. At the same time, it is using your tax dollars to promote the idea that the death of your race through diversity, is just wonderful, and you should celebrate it. Fully justified revolutions have started over far less. Those who started the American Revolution were certainly no more justified than White Americans would be right now if they rose up in revolt over what has already happened to our people.

In addition, your tax dollars are being used to pay benefits to aliens who have no legal status in this country and are therefore criminals. Medical benefits, school and welfare benefits are being paid to these criminals with your tax dollars. And to show where you stand in your own country, the Hispanic invaders have said that they do not want these benefits to stop, and our government follows their wishes while ignoring your wishes. Revolutions have also been started over far less than this.

How does it feel to you to be working more than six months of every year for the government that is trying to kill your people? It better make you angry! Your tax money goes to the government and the government uses it for programs, policies and court rulings that are designed to destroy your place, your status, and the future of your children in this nation, that was created by the White man.

If you should happen to work overtime, it really highlights what is going on with your pay. You get paid time-and-a-half for working extra hours, putting extra wear and tear on your body, cutting into your own leisure time, time that you should be spending with your family, but what do you get to take home in exchange? Instead of enjoying the fruits of your own extra effort, you find that the more you make, the bigger is your "contribution" to the anti-White government. Why is that? What is Uncle Sam doing for you, that you should be working so hard to support him, with even more money than you are allowed to keep to use to support your own family?

This is an outrage of the first order. We are being destroyed, and being forced to pay for the destruction with our labor, just like the victim of an execution squad, who has to dig his own grave before they shoot him in the back of the head. Our own national grave is well on the way to being completed. Not much longer is left us before it will be too late to do anything about it.

As if digging our own grave were not enough, while we are awaiting our end, we feel our faces being slapped over and over again, by seeing the Media Lords put on television programming that degrades White folks, and calls them insulting names. We are told that we do not have the right to defend our own lands, while other races are continually being lifted up as if they were superior to us. If the White race does not find all of this sufficiently insulting and unacceptable to motivate them into rising up and doing something about it, they will deserve what will happen to them, just as the White folks in South Africa were begging for extermination in accepting Black rule. I think that our people are better than that. I think our people will react to what is going on at some point in the future.

Will it be in time? Well, that is up to us. We are the "Paul Reveres" of today. We have the task of sounding the alarm, and continuing to sound the alarm, until the White folks realize what is going on. We must grab them by the shoulders and shake them awake. Dying in their sleep is not an option that we can afford to give them. If they are going to be destroyed, it must be looking the enemy in the face. However, as our enemies know, if our people ever wake up, we will never be defeated. We are an irresistible force when we are working together.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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