TOO WHITE." THAT IS RIGHT! "TOO WHITE." That is what a modern commentator replied when she was asked what she thought of the old Mickey Mouse Club TV show. That pushed my button! It fits hand and glove with the attitude that is openly promoted in all of our colleges and universities. Our kids are taught in school that America before 1965 was TOO WHITE. The American colonies were TOO WHITE. The Revolutionary Army was TOO WHITE. The entire government of the original United States was TOO WHITE.

As an imperfect analogy, picture a freshly fallen drift of snow. It is pure and of course it is TOO WHITE. As the days go by, bits of dirt and other debris find their way onto the drift of snow and the diversity of material makes for an unsightly mess that fortunately melts away into a mud pile fairly quickly.

Some historians tell us that is what happened to India. They were populated by the white Aryan race, who built a great civilization, which included the construction of the Taj Mahal, and then were overcome by diversity, in spite of the rigid caste system which was meant to keep races separate. Look at the mess that is left where an Aryan drift of fresh snow once covered the land with greatness.

So, I will not listen to some banal chatter from the liberal left concerning a children's show which was wholesome and entertaining, teaching values to children, values which are sadly lacking in the youngsters of today. If an all-white show could do that, then we need more all-white shows!

My sensibilities are bruised and beaten by what liberals are saying about the white race, its great thinkers of the past, and its great accomplishments. This is far beyond being simply sick and tired of listening to the cacophony of illogic and hate spewing forth from the racist left wingers. It goes beyond that to the point where I have been wounded in the heart by the disgusting hatred directed towards the very people who made America great and that same hatred being taught in our own schools to our own white children, and even using our own tax dollars to it! This is beyond outrageous.

In a country that white men created, where the blood of white men was shed for the freedom that we have today, do not tell me that any school, institution, neighborhood, town, city or state is too white! There is nothing wrong with being white. There is nothing wrong with being all white. In fact there is a lot right with being white and it is time that our schools started teaching that to our kids! It is time that our movies and TV shows started depicting that truth for change as well. It is time that we direct the hostility that is appropriate towards the white race haters and liberal diversity promoters and remove them from any position of making policy decisions that effect our children and our society.

Either we keep our drift of snow clean or it will disappear into the same mud puddle that India did. The liberals like mud puddles far more than snow banks. Which do you prefer?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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