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THAT SIGN WAS POSTED on a telephone pole in the mythical town of Pleasantville, as the town heaved its last gasp as a traditional town. The town was changing into a "colored" town and the uncolored people were attempting to stop it and that is why they were having a town meeting.

Notice the phrasing of "all true citizens" on the sign. Of course the idea that white Americans are true Americans or that patriotic Americans are true Americans, is what is being laughed at here. But I am getting ahead of myself.

A movie was just released to video this past week and it is a not too subtle slam on the white nation that America was in the 1950s. The all white town of Pleasantville in the movie was just too pleasant for writer/director Gary Ross. It was so bland and free of the multicultural morass of the America of the 1990s, that it had to be shown in black and white. Like the black and white television shows that you may see on television late at night on a network which cannot afford to buy the garbage that passes for "real" programming today, Pleasantville had a culture that was, for a want of a better word for it, moral. However, Gary Ross wanted to put across the concept that any such society is phony. The Pleasantville people did not avoid immoral and illegal behavior because they chose to abstain, rather they were just too stupid to realized the hedonistic wonders of a life given over to debauchery.

Normally I just ignore most of what Hollywood puts out because it is so destructive. Pick any movie on the list of current releases and you will find the Media Lords' agenda being propagandized throughout the entire production. They "subtly" will show female CEOs, black supervisors and lowlife whites. They will have the villain displaying characteristics of the normal American of the pre-invasion years before 1960, such as white racial awareness, male leadership, or a Christian value system. It is clearly and easily visible to anyone who is looking for it. However, Pleasantville is not an indirect statement of hate for traditional America, it is a straight, in-your-face attack on our country and the people who created it. I therefore felt that I had to say something specifically about it.

Like the Truman Show, this is a movie about a television show. The movie started out showing a television commercial for a Pleasantville (television show) marathon. In an attempt to draw in viewers, the commercial referred to the fact that Pleasantville "features true family values." This of course showed that Gary Ross thinks that the historical white values of this country are clearly depicted by those presented in the Pleasantville television show, and he sets about to ridicule and hopefully destroy them in the audience's mind. Next a map flashed up with a town labeled as Pleasantville in each of the states of the USA, implying perhaps that the entire nation was at one time white and civilized in the 1950s.

Every effort was made in this movie to show how phony Pleasantville was. Since Pleasantville was the white values system in Gary Ross' mind, you see that he feels the entire white culture of the 1950s, where civilized people did not discuss sex, PMS or hemorrhoids in mixed company, was completely phony. It was not civilized white people choosing to live civilized lives but instead "colored"-want-to-be people pretending to be civilized and thereby made to feel like caged animals who were dying to be let free and become 1990s people.

At the start of the marathon, David a teenage boy and Jennifer his twin sister, were transported into the land of Pleasantville, by God. 1 After their arrival, they were "pasty," as Jennifer proclaimed. More correctly, they were gray images, like all of the black and white world around them.

Throughout this movie the attempt was made to show that happy people, leading safe and civilized lives are nothing but simpletons, smiling like some goofy cartoon characters. Throughout, the movie was clearly saying that anyone who does not reach deep into the integrated, depraved muck of the 1990s society is a fool. It proclaimed that civilized behavior is a lie and only chaotic behavior will make you truly happy.

The viewing audience was "treated" to a scene where Jennifer ran into a Pleasantville bathroom and threw open a stall, only to find a tiled floor where a toilet should have been. The implication was that there were no toilets in this town. The statement being made was that if our culture should consider it bad taste to discuss in public, the goings on in the toilet, that it is hypocrisy. Anything that exists in your life must be discussed in every detail with all people, in all situations to not appear to be hypocritical to Gary Ross.

In school they were taking geography, and once again the 1950s approach to history and geography was lampooned. In the real 1950s US students were taught US history and they learned what it meant to be a patriotic citizen. While they learned world history, they learned to love and admire America even more as it was contrasted with other nations. This healthy attitude is an anathema to the multiculturalist Gary Ross. In an effort to belittle the 1950s attitude, the class was depicted studying "geography" of the town, with a map drawn on the board with only two streets, Main Street and Elm Street. We found that Elm Street only had residential housing whereas Main Street has businesses as well. The high school class was acting like this was intellectually challenging material, except for Jennifer, who having been raised in this wonderful multicultural world of today, was much smarter than the rest of the kids.

This depiction is enough to make you nauseous when you think of how much better the kids of the 1950s were educated than the kids of today are. They learned geography of the entire world and more of them could have pointed out cities around the world on a map than could students in today's classrooms. The symbolism of course was to ridicule the view of the 1950s American classrooms which put America at the center of the student's world. He came away feeling proud of his America. Gary Ross wants kids to hate America when they finish school.

There was a big production with how much underwear women wore in Pleasantville. The idea that modesty might be a virtue certainly never entered Gary Ross' mind. Of course the sophisticated 1990s girl found all that extra clothing no impediment to introducing her male partner to sexual intercourse on their first date. This recurring role was at the heart of the entire movie. The boy, who had never done that before, afterwards suddenly spots a rose which had changed from black and white into full red, while the rest of the world remained black and white. The movie theme was indeed: hedonism is the root to all happiness, but white 1950s culture was phony and a path to unhappiness.

In a separate line of the "plot" David shows up for work at the soda shop and Mr. Johnson, the owner, is wiping the counter. We are told that he always wipes the counter down first and then when Bud shows up, he makes the fries, while Bud lays out the napkins. It is more than routine, it is the only way that it can possibly happen in Mr. Johnson's mind. On this day, Bud showed up late and Mr. Johnson got stuck wiping the same spot on the counter until he was actually removing the surface material. He was too stupid to realize that he could stop doing that and perhaps move on to other things. The white nation which was sitting on top of the world in standard of living, production of innovative inventions, and was gearing up to finally send a man to the Moon, is depicted by Gary Ross as being unable to think for itself at all. This absurdity is too profound to completely put into words. The Media Lords have so often put out this big lie that people can no longer properly appreciate the magnitude of the deception. They have forgotten where they have come from and are relying on people like Gary Ross to remind them of their "history."

Through the medium of sex, a section of the town began to physically change from being black and white into being full color images. The technology for this celluloid trick has been used in commercials, music videos and such for a number of years now. But here it is used as a political statement. Later in the movie they even showed a sign in a store window that said, "No Coloreds." (This was for anyone dense enough to be so completely distracted by this movie's simplistic content to have not detected the moral to this movie: integration is what makes life worth living.) The store owner who had placed this sign was shown as an angry white man hurrying inside his store and slamming the door, afraid of the changes going on around him. Here was the nasty segregationist determined to hold out those free spirits from his establishment. If only he knew how much more fun life would be if he would only open up his mind to this new way of looking at things.

I am reminded of a story a Texan friend of mine told me of a visit he paid to one of those neighborhoods where white folks are hard to find, and they did not suffer from the "hypocrisy" of Pleasantville. He was heading out of New York City and took a wrong turn, and ultimately found himself in Harlem. He was having trouble finding his way out and so he spotted a liquor store where he thought he might buy a map to help him find his way out of town. As he walked into the establishment, suddenly an alarm sounded and he found himself inside a "man trap" -- a cage - which had dropped over him and he was looking at a shotgun pointed at his chest by the store owner. The store had a metal detector built into the door frame and this Texan's big belt buckle had set it off. He never was allowed to enter the store. His map was slipped between the bars of the cage, after his $7 were slipped through the other way. The rear door of the cage was opened to the outside, and he was allowed to leave, but that memory will not soon depart. Rather than showing disgust for the societal decay that this demonstrates, Gary Ross would be simply ecstatic that Harlem is not that simplistic, hypocritical white-culture-saturated world of the 1950s.

Even so, at the very beginning of the movie, we were treated to a short visit to the cesspool, which was mistakenly called a 1990s high school, that David and Jennifer attended. This was obviously shown for contrast. The pierced, multicultural girls with no sexual morals were highlighted, interfacing with their next probable male sleeping partners. Later, the camera moved to David's and Jennifer's home where their single divorced mom, was on the phone verbally showing her strong desire to dump the kids for the weekend upon an unconcerned, and clearly not available father, so she could leave for the weekend with some guy 9 years younger than she. Again this served as another point of contrast. If white folks today were half awake, they would look at that these points of contrast as a clear proof that the revolution of the 1960s was a disaster. We should be hitting the rewind button to reestablish the environment of the pre-sixties. Here is shown the desegregated school, where girls dress in the undressed style, thinking virginity is a great sin. Here we see the decay of our society. We see the destruction of the family in this sad mother, which followed in the wake of the feminist movement. The early portion of this movie was like looking into a trash can, where trash and maggot infested garbage were mixed together and putrefying. This part of the movie was of course filmed in color to show how "real" it is.

The reality is that the multicultural elitists have managed to degrade our society from the previously great condition it was in. In the 1950s, society was just as "real" then. People did not live in a black and white television show in the fifties. It was not perfect and free from human failings. There was crime and teenage pregnancy in the 1950s. The difference was not the people but the attitude of society. Society did something about crime when it happened. Society did not freely accept unmarried men and women living together as being okay. Teen pregnancy was frowned on. When society has that sort of attitude, it does not obliterate chaotic conduct but it does lessen it. The average citizen will be effected by the attitudes of society. The average citizen will try to fit in with the societal standards. This will cause the overall society to tend to hover around fairly close to the standards. When the standards are lowered, as has happened because of the 1960s, the whole society will sink until it hovers about the new standards.

Note if you will that the multicultural elitists are no happier today than they were before. They are continuing to proclaim that we "still have a long ways to go." In fact, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how low we sink, we will always "have a long ways to go," in their twisted minds. Whites have given up their history. They have given up their culture. They have given up their language. They have given up their right to live among their own people. They have given up the right to continue the survival of their species. And still, "we have a long ways to go." A thousand years after the last white man has been killed or bred out of existence, they will still be whining about how racist whites were.

Meanwhile back at Pleasantville, Betty, the "mother" of David and Jennifer, hears from her "daughter," that up at lover's lane they are doing more than hand holding. Once again the absurdity of Gary Ross' premise is called into high contrast. Here is a "mother" who has never heard of sex. She has two children but no knowledge of where children come from. Implied is, if people in the 1950s refused to discuss their sex lives in public, they obviously did not have any. Of course all the children produced in the 1950s, known as the "Baby Boom," show this to be a lie. The "sexual revolution" destroyed the restraint which our white culture had created around the sexual act, and thereby weakened nearly all lifetime commitments between men and women of the future. Now a bride is not a virgin and fidelity after marriage is all too often not to be found. Gary Ross thinks that is just great, as our marriages collapse. He feels it is far superior to the horrid marriages that lasted an entire lifetime, where nearly all children were raised right into their own adulthood by their real biological parents together.

After Jennifer says that the kids are having sex up at lover's lane, Betty is not shocked but instead receives a "birds and the bees" lecture from her daughter, which began, "When two people really love each other..." The irony of that was too thick to slice with a knife.

Next, Betty searches for sex in every direction but with her husband, whom she assumes, without ever even mentioning it to him, would never want anything to do with that stuff. Soon she is having an affair with the soda shop owner, and of course she changes into a full color image. Gary Ross would not be satisfied even with a married couple "awaking" together with each other. Instead the glories of adultery were required to make the rejection of the 1950s mentality complete.

In Pleasantville everything was pleasant. The fire department only was used to get cats out of trees. Prior to the Pleasantville sexual revolution, nothing ever burned. There did not even appear to be a hospital in the town. The basketball team would throw the basketballs at the hoop and all of them went in, every time. The Pleasantville team was undefeated and untied. (Who it was that they were defeating was never mentioned. Since there was nothing which existed in their minds outside of Pleasantville, one is left to wonder where the opposing teams were coming from.) Men came home from work and dinner was on the table every night. There were no exceptions. An interesting shot was shown in the bowling ally where the camera panned passed three lanes side by side where the 7-10 split was portrayed on each of the lanes and a ball came down each of the lanes and picked up these splits, one right after the other. (I do some bowling, and I have an average of about 180, but I have never once seen anyone pick up that split. It happens, I am told, but it doesn't happen very often.) At one point in the movie they showed a score sheet for some of their bowling games and there were no "open" frames shown at all.

The point of all this pleasantness was apparently to show, that as the Arabs say, "All sunshine makes a desert." What Gary Ross wanted to portray was that life in the all white neighborhoods of the 1950s was just too bland. What they really needed was more adultery, more vandalism, more drugs, more rape and more of all that integration and multiculturalism has brought into our society. With all this additional unpleasantness we can more completely appreciated the rare moments when pleasantness presents itself, much like hitting your thumb with a hammer in order to enjoy the sensation of when you stop.

There were a few points where Pleasantville citizens reacted violently to the changes that were being inflicted upon them. At one point Betty's adulterous lover, Mr. Johnson, painted a huge image of Mom in the nude right across the large Soda Shop window. Although there did not seem to be any small children in this movie, 2 the idea of suddenly displaying a nude painting of one of the formerly upstanding ladies of the town in a such a prominent place, where no citizen could possibly miss it, was still a shocking outrage for the people. They threw a couple of rocks, followed by a park bench through the window, destroying the painting.

One of the things most hated by liberals is outrage against things immoral. Sure you can be outraged that some angry white male will not let his daughter date a black man. You can be outraged if that same white guy moves into an all white section of town, and pays to send his kids to an all white school. Those are worthy things to get angry about to a liberal. But things like public nudity, infidelity in marriage, and lying, are not to be condemned. Outrage is out of place for them. Outrage for the murder of a black by a white man is correct. Outrage for the rape and murder of a white girl by a gang of nonwhites is not correct or proper.

One thing that was really strange in the town of Pleasantville, was the odd fact that all the books were blank. In the 1950s many families had not yet been introduced to the nightly ritual of marinating their brains in the Media Lord's television propaganda. By and large, kids of that era read a great deal more than the kids of today. Yet in Pleasantville the books were filled with blank pages. Nobody read anything in a book. It would be like making a movie about the 1990s and therein stating that none of the kids had ever played a video game or watched a television. All you could say to such a distortion would be, "Huh?"

All at once, as soon as all the teenagers starting having sex with each other, in addition to becoming "colored" themselves, it had the strange effect of putting words into the books and the library became a teenage "rebellious" hangout spot. Of course Jennifer grabbed a book by D. H. Lawrence, no doubt it was Lady Chatterley's Lover and perhaps it was that sort of book that caused the eyebrows to be raised by the "angry white males" in town. Gary Ross was probably trying to make the case that if you are not reading pornographic books you are not reading at all.

I am reminded of a cartoon I once saw where one guy was inspecting another guy's book collection. There were several thick volumes on subjects like philosophy, history, and other heavy topics. He turns and asked the book owner, "Don't you have any adult books?" Here is the Liberal mind at its finest. If it is not sexual, it is nothing. Non-sexually explicit books are blank books.

Later we find that the Pleasantville "traditional" folks end up burning the books. Have you ever seen a book burning? Did they have any book burnings in the 1950s? Not in my town. Perhaps in yours? I doubt it. People of the 1950s were concerned about children (something Liberals do not understand at all) and anyplace where children might be exposed to sexually explicit material, it was banned. So, places like public libraries, and schools did not have these types of books on the shelves, but nobody burned them. Today computers connected to the Internet are placed in Libraries and let kids go look at all the porn that their little hearts can desire. Gary Ross is pleased with that I am sure.

At the end of the movie David, who was now returned to the 1990s, puts forward what he has learned from the whole experience, while comforting his real life single mom whose weekend with her younger "lover" did not turn out as she had wanted. Bud said that there is no right way to do things. There is no right life, right car, or right anything else. The whole concept of there being a way things are "supposed to be" is false. Two hours of white culture bashing all boiled down to that. Have no expectations for others or for yourself. No rules. No obligations. If it feels good do it. That is the great wisdom which David gathered in from his supernatural experience.

I did a search on the Internet and found a number of reviews for this movie, and I was hard pressed to find a single bad thing any of them had to say about Pleasantville. They loved it. A couple of them thought that it ran too long or that the "point" of the movie may have been beat into the audience's brains a few too many times by the end of the movie, but even still the ratings were universally high, with one critic proclaiming Pleasantville as the very "best movie of the year."

One movie critic, James Berardinelli, says, "Pleasantville is about the falseness of family values and the need of the individual to break through society's shield of conformity..."

Now that is something to contemplate. The white ideals and standards of the past are all false. Instead we need to embrace the "real" and "true" standards of the Media Lords. Look around you and see what their "standards" have wrought. Look at the divorces, the decreased stability of our society, and the increase in crime. All of these came as a result of the American people embracing these "real" standards. I am simply amazed at the pure audacity of these sick minds. They have put their values in place of ours. Next the data is collected: society is collapsing rapidly. If it were a scientific hypothesis we were talking about, it would be immediately thrown out as contradicting the facts. Instead, it is proclaimed as the gospel truth right in the face of all the contradicting evidence. AND WHITE PEOPLE ARE STILL BUYING IT!

Another movie critic, Ian Evans, points out that as people look back to the 1950s with longing, "what they forget is that the "good old days' also featured communist witch hunts, segregation and racial oppression, and a fear of things that weren't considered normal."

Here is the real liberal fear! Here is what terrifies them about the 1950s:

It is no surprise that critics who are liberals, would find the movie Pleasantville a pure joy. When you take a movie which hammers white society and makes it look so stupid, you are singing their tune. They would rather that we live in the multicultural jungle, than in a Leave it to Beaver type of world. In fact they would rather that we did not exist at all rather than return to the world of the 1950s.

Liberals are clearly very angry. They are upset that any of these old shows, these remnants of the white society which existed in the 1950s, still are being shown on late night television. They would love to have those shows banned for all time, but right now they cannot do that. So, they are driven in their anger to make a movie like Pleasantville. They hope to accomplish through ridicule and lampoon, what they cannot accomplish through censorship.

The television shows in the 1950s did not show many aspects of life, not because they tried to imply that such things did not exist, but it was instead a statement that some things do not belong in family entertainment, or in public discussion. Apparently Gary Ross, and all the supportive movie critics, feel that because the 1950s shows did not follow ladies into the restroom to watch them relieve themselves, that it was implied by these shows that the ladies never performed that function at all in the world they lived in. The fact is that people in real 1950s life, did not talk about the subject in their normal public discussions either. Yet, they still privately did what they had to do.

Being civilized is repressive. You must repress your tendencies to be a savage in order to be a civilized man. Chivalry was created in order to provide a code of honor for men to live by, whereby they would treat ladies better than they treated men. Of course the liberals hate chivalry. They would rather that a man punch a woman in the face, like he would a man, rather than open a door for her. They would rather a man cheat on his wife, and leave her with kids and the obligation of supporting them on her own, than to have a man support his family and allow his wife to stay at home with the kids. The idea that a man might take a leadership role in a family terrifies them to the point that they would rather the man was absent altogether.

Whites are going to have to start fighting back. We cannot continue to let the Media Lords have the only word about what our society was in the 1950s or at any other point in history. The Media Lords hate white people and they never will give an accurate description of what White people have done in the past or what they are doing today. Movies and television, in the hands of the Media Lords, are our greatest enemies today. Some method of convincing White people to avoid these forms of entertainment must be found. As long as our race continues to view these offerings from our enemies (and making them rich in the process!) we are doomed.

1. Don Knots portrays a character which was almost certainly supposed to represent God. He, as a TV repairman suddenly appeared with a magical television controller to replace the one that David and Jennifer destroyed in a fight over what they were going to watch. This remote controller did the actual work of moving them from their living room into the black and white world of the Pleasantville television show. Later Don Knots appears on television screens in Pleasantville to cajole David. He seems very upset about an apple that David's girlfriend had presented to him, which David ate, (the Adam and Eve symbolism was clear) on a night that they were in lovers lane. At the end of the movie, as he drove away in his TV repair van with a smile on his face, he seemed quite happy with the final outcome. Here of course is the implication that even God himself is very happy with the loss of white culture, and the presence of multiculturalism, relative morals, and desegregation which have gone so far towards destroying this country.

2. One of the continually aggravating aspects of life for liberals is the small child. The little pests have to be taken care of and there is no good way to run around naked, or celebrate feminism with a bunch of kids in the way. Gary Ross just kept them out of the picture while he ripped Pleasantville apart.

If you would like to read another take on this movie, I highly recommend that you vist this archived copy from Kevin Beary's, unfortunately defunct site, and read:
Adorno's Bastards: Pleasantville and the Frankfurt School

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