The Attack On Your Children

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I WAS WAITING TO PASS THROUGH A SECURITY CHECK STATION TODAY, when I noted two separate piles of magazines lying in view. Both of them were directed at parents and families. They could not have been more different in their approach. The first, whose cover is shown to the left, was filled with page after page of pictures of non-Whites in prominent display. The second was nearly free from such pictures. They both were geared to the Pacific Northwest, but one magazine acted as if it had a predominantly non-White audience and the other acted like it had a White audience. Since the Portland area is very predominantly White, why was that?

The answer to that question is that the “Portland Parent” is nothing but a propaganda magazine, aimed at programming White parents into accepting the idea of their racial demise. From front cover to back, it was filled with that message. (I did not include an image here of the back cover, but it only had a single picture on it and that picture displayed an Asian child of about three years of age.) On the other hand, the Family Magazine was directed at providing information to White parents, to use as White parents. The difference was absolutely striking.

Please note the message on the front cover of the Portland Parent. The lead heading, in red letters is, “The Changing Face of America.” How many times have you seen that message in print during the last few decades? That exact phrase, in those exact words (as well as a thousand different paraphrasing of that idea) has appeared in print over and over again. There is never any form of critical analysis of this proclaimed change. It is presented each and every time as if it were a fact of nature, like the temperature of boiling water at sea level, or the pressure created by X number of molecules of oxygen in an enclosed, given volume, and at a given temperature. The people promoting this idea are eager for all Whites to be exposed to it, but only in a form that expresses no hope -- and that attempts to crush any toleration of the very idea that hope might ever exist -- that the change can be first stopped, and then undone completely.

Next look at the picture. It is really a “double-exposure” or a more correctly, a digital overlay of one image over the other. The lighting is poorly corrected on the image of the flag and it obviously doesn’t fit with the lighting on the children. That is really a touch of honesty in an otherwise dishonest presentation. The American flag has no business covering that assortment of children. The non-Whites in America are not interested in wrapping themselves in the White symbol of “oppression.” They tolerate the flag for now, simply because it is expedient to their cause, but a time will come when they will openly throw it off altogether. (In parts of California we are seeing this already.)

The only surprising thing about the shot is that they restrained themselves from putting a blonde girl under the arm of the mixed race Hispanic boy. Perhaps they thought that would be just a little too much for one sitting, for even the brainwashed White sheep of America. They put the White boy’s arm over the Black girl’s shoulder and the White and Black children are shown to be beneath the rising Mestizo invasion. The children look stiff and posed, but that doesn’t matter. The story is told nonetheless; The White nation of America is being destroyed and replaced with a new nation of non-Whites. The Whites, like the little boy, will be allowed to hang around for a while, but it is clearly only temporary. Get used to it, the picture is saying, because it is a law of nature that you can’t do a thing about.

Moving to the inside of the magazine, the same message is implanted again into the mind of the target White reader. The photograph is slightly different but the message is the same: America is changing and whatever you liked about the old America is gone, so get over it. After the “unavoidable change” message is sent out, it is followed by the Party command to you. Listen now because you will be instructed, in the article that follows, what the “demographic and cultural trends mean for US children and families.” You can’t figure this out for yourself you see. Your nation is being invaded. Your people are rapidly being displaced, and have already been dispossessed of their inheritance. All that you knew and loved about this great nation is going to be terminated within the next century or two, and this magazine is going to tell you what to think about it, as if you can’t mentally react on your own.

How have people, of any color, historically responded to a full-scale invasion of their land, an attempted displacement of their people, and the dispossession of their rightful inheritance? They fought of course! We, on the other hand, are told in this article that we must be “tolerant.” We must not rise up in arms and defend our land from the invasion, but, the article proclaims, instead we must safeguard “our immigrant treasure.” TREASURE! For goodness sake is nothing too large an outrage for them to pass off on the White sheep? The hordes are crossing our borders illegally and we are to safeguard them as if they were fragile and might go away if we don’t. Right! And if you only properly safeguard cancer cells the rewards will be just as great.

It is clear that the ones responsible for the creation of this piece do not believe a word of it, but it is very enlightening to see what they think the sheep can be made to believe. It is a barometer of how far along they think their propaganda campaign has come. Obviously they think it has come a long ways. They think that showing images that clearly shove Whites to the background are quite acceptable. They think that there is no danger in telling the Whites that the bucket of manure that is being thrown on them is sweet smelling perfume, and a wonderful blessing.

Note that in the picture here, the Mestizo is standing well above the other two, as if in a position of power over them. The little Black girl looks uncomfortable with having the flag being draped over her, and completely board by the whole process. The White kid is surrounded and eventually doomed, but he is proud of his flag still, and blissfully ignorant of what is coming in his future.

I boxed in a bit of text that was in the article near the picture, and I included it in the image. It says, "It may be true that no other factor has affected American life more than immigration." No other factor. The Leftists admit it openly that immigration is a dominating factor of our existence, but are we asked what our pleasure is concerning immigration? Is our point of view represented by our mislabeled "representatives?" No, we are left with no choice in this, the most critical of all factors, but are only given the command: BE TOLERANT OF YOUR INVADERS!

On the next page of the article, in a little orange box the following message is given:

  The Immigration Challenge

  For government: An effective immigration policy  

  For individuals: Tolerance

The audacity of these people is not to be believed. The immigration policy created in the 1960s has set in motion the very forces that will destroy us. The creators of this piece are obviously in full support of those policies. It is completely disingenuous of them to imply that any new or "improved" immigration policy is required to reach their goals. They love the policy that they already have. It will destroy this nation is just a little while. Therefore, the first item is nothing but a smoke screen. If the government truly created an effective immigration policy, as it had in place prior to 1965, all of our immigration challenges would be over! There would be no non-Whites entering our land, and the ones that are here would be shown the door.

The whole point of the message in this box is to force the second item mentioned down the White people’s throats. Your challenge has been assigned to you. You didn’t have to create it for yourself, you only have to accept it. And you do HAVE TO ACCEPT IT. You will be tolerant of what is being done to you and your nation, or else! They keep throwing it in your face. Doesn’t that fertilizer smell sweet?

In this lead article of the magazine, there was only one picture that had a White face in it. That was the one at the top of the Article, a variation of which was used as the cover shot. All of the other pictures were strictly of non-Whites. Here is a close up of two Black faces, apparently as a bit of therapy to help desensitize the White folks from feeling too much revulsion at being up close, real close, to those of the Black race. Do you see how happy they are to see you?

The Leftist propaganda of the 1970s used to throw in a token Black here and there, mingling with Whites to try and break down the racial consciousness of White folks. They claimed that they only wanted Whites to be accepting of Blacks as individuals. It was a message that said, "White folks, you have a nearly all-White country, and you should treat the non-Whites among you better than you have in the past." There was no message about replacing the White people with non-White people. Only talk of acceptance for the small number of them (10% of the population) that were here at the time.

The propaganda steamroller has made great progress in the intervening 30 years. Now they only throw a token White into their propaganda, just to remind Whites that they are being overwhelmed by the policies created by our Leftist overlords. No longer do the visual images show a strong White society being tolerant of a few non-Whites. Now, our society has been conquered, and the displacing invasion is in full swing; and Whites are told that they just better be tolerant of those stealing their children's future.

The propaganda is always ahead of reality. Today, the American society is still nearly 70% White. There is still only a minority of non-Whites here, but the propaganda is setting up the Whites in America to be ready for an end to their White world. More and more, the propaganda is being distributed with the image of a non-White future, as if it were an unavoidable fact already.

One can only wonder whether the White sheep actually believe that there will be some point in the future when the process will end. Do they even care whether or not there will be any White folks left alive in the future? If they only had a working brain, they would realize that what is going on is evil, destructive, and soon will become irreversible. The entire work of the Founding Fathers, and that of all of the other White Americans up until 1960, which includes those who gave their lives, those who risked all that they had, those who sweated, and bled and strove to make America what it is today, all will end up counting for absolutely nothing if those who are creating this propaganda have their way. Once Whites cease to be a factor in America, America will cease to be a great nation, and her society will be no more connected to her heritage than Haiti's society is connected with the French society that it originally sprang from.

In this graph it is shown that 79% of all immigrants are in the 18-64 year old range. The article mentioned the fact that the immigrants, because of their ages (as if that were the only reason) are also having large numbers of children. So, as we are being overwhelmed by immigrants, they in turn are reproducing like insects, hastening the displacement of White folks, who are still being taught in school that they must have small families because the world is terribly overcrowded. In the meantime, this article tells us that we need these wonderful, breeding immigrants to make our nation better.

How much contradictory nonsense is too much? At what point in time will White folks wake up to the fact that they have been taken for ride, and completely duped by the Leftists? How long can they go on pretending that the Emperor's clothes are fabulous and gaudy?

The article mentioned a few other topics as well as immigration. It spoke of the fact that the traditional family with two biological parents living together with their children has fallen to only 24 percent of the households in America. The terrible impact of the Leftist Feminist movement is clearly seen in that fact. In spite of all their efforts, still 40% of the mothers with children under the age of 6 stay home with their offspring. That number continues to dwindle and the children are left more and more in the care of either the state or the media, both of which have the destruction of White society as their primary goal.

Another area that was mentioned was education, which the picture of a non-White student at the blackboard is supposed to represent. The article quoted Tony Wagner, the author of Making the Grade: Reinventing America's Schools, as saying, "Preparing children for today's challenges means focusing not just on technical skills, but also on critical-thinking skills and the ability to think analytically." Once again my audacity detection meter has gone off the scale. The one thing that our children are not taught in school is how to think critically or analytically. They are taught to accept the dogma of the PC religion unquestioningly and with reverence. (Not to mention how to defend the "PC faith" with all of their might!) If they were learning to think, they would see through the lies they are being told every day.

The name of Wagner's book leads to another observation... how long will White Americans allow the Left to continue to waste the time and lives of our children with reinventing the wheel? Each year there is some new harebrained idea that is put in the place of the last one, as our education level continues to drop. If Whites were half awake they would stand up and say, "Okay, that is enough. All you fools get out of the pool, and let's return our education system to the way it was when it was working well, i.e. the way it was run in the 1950s!"

It is clear from this picture that Whites are not wanted or needed in American schools any longer. It says, "We thank you for inventing this society, bringing it into existence, defending it with your blood, and then building it up to be the greatest on earth. However, it is now time to step aside and turn it over to those who are not even of the same people as those who created America."

In this next picture we see the non-White doctor with his non-White patients, appearing to simulate White life, as if they were going to just carry on American traditions and culture as easily and as thoroughly as Whites would have done, had they had the opportunity to do so. As is often the case with propaganda, the truth lies far away from what is being said. In the areas of America where non-Whites have actually displaced Whites, the way of life has been significantly altered from the normal American one. The signs are in foreign languages, the dress is foreign, the attitudes are foreign, and the people are foreign. Whites are not part of the culture of those people, and are not welcome there.

In the closing paragraph of the article it said:

If Americans can work together, reaching common agreement on the course to secure the best outcome, then the challenge we face today can be met with hope. Safeguarding our immigrant treasure, planning for adequate childcare, revolutionizing education, making responsible individual health decisions and protecting the poorest among us are good ways to get started in that direction.

Let's look at that paragraph point by point.

  1. Working together, reaching common agreement. The Leftist's policies have made this unattainable. The one thing that is impossible in a diverse society, with many cultures, is coming to common agreement. It is a constant struggle for power by each group to get its own agenda in place. It is nothing but forcing the wants of one group, the group in power, upon the others. Democracy cannot function in such a society. Revolution, and civil war will ultimate be the result. (See Yggdrasil's 10 Lessons.)

  2. Facing our challenges with hope. It is completely absurd to speak of hope, when the very ideas and policies which created the challenges in the first place are the only thing we cannot touch. Until we can conceive and begin to implement a plan to undo the demographic upheaval caused by non-White immigration, there will be no room for hope.

  3. Safgaurding our immigrant treasure. I have already mentioned how outrageous this assertion is. It bears repeating. The non-White invasion of our land does not bring us treasure or even something of neutral value. It as negative as an outbreak of the Black Plague. It will ultimately do more damage to our White population than any biological plague in history ever did to any people. We will be exterminated in the long run. To try and pawn off what is happening as if it were the gift of a treasure into our pockets is the most dishonest thing I have ever seen written.

  4. Planning for adequate childcare. In the 1950s we had adequate childcare; it was called mothers! Through the efforts of the Leftist supported Feminist movement, White women have been forced into the role of breadwinner, the side effects of which have been that White women do not have as many children, and that they don't have the time to raise the ones that they do produce. Providing state sponsored childcare will effectively disconnect parents and children in the formative years, and place them entirely into the hands of the Leftist state.

  5. Revolutionizing education. Even now, when they are in control, the Leftists still speak of revolution. The school system of the United States of America has gone from first, to nearly worst, thanks to the tinkering of these tyrants, and still they claim that they must "revolutionize education." You would think that they were looking for a sophisticated rocket fuel, or a cure for cancer, to listen to them speak of education. Education is a process that has gone on for centuries, and there is no magic involved. It is only the transfer of knowledge, and it is a relatively simple thing to do. What has gone wrong with education is not that the teachers or the students suddenly got dumber; the entire problem is that the agenda of the school system fell into the hands of the Leftists. Now, schools are far more interested in teaching our children to be tolerant of invaders, and to invent self esteem, instead of earning it through productive and creative action.

  6. Making responsible individual health decisions. Here is another area where the Leftists like to flex their muscles. It is a way that they can demonstrate their control over the masses. Whether you are smoking, overeating, or just sitting around too much, you better watch out because they want to be able to tell you how to live your life. This area of oppression is still in its infancy compared with the destructive progress the Left has been able to achieve in immigration and education. However, you are warned that their activities in this area also, are going to increase to very painful levels in the future.

  7. Protecting the poorest among us. America has always been extremely charitable to the poor. It is completely absurd that the Leftists promote themselves as the caretakers of the poor. What they have accomplished is to make poverty a permanent lifestyle, and turned poor areas of town into war zones. When a Leftist speaks about taking care of the poor, he is referring to the "government taking care of the poor." To translate, he wants you to give up your choice as to how your charity dollars are to be spent, and instead will force you to support charity causes that you may abhor. By stealing half of your paycheck each payday, he has stolen half of your freedom, including your freedom to be charitable in the manner and amount that you would choose for yourself. The Leftist has forced the idea upon Americans that the government is a better judge of how to spend your money than you are. That is called tyranny!

    An additional aspect of this idea is that when the Leftist here speaks of the poorest among us, the reference is really to the non-White immigrants among us. Caring about the White poor is not the concern of the Left.

Moving through the magazine I noticed an ad for a "Learning Guide" published by the same folks who publish the Portland Parent. It is pretty sad knowing that White parents are turning their children's minds over to people who would publish the destructive Leftist garbage in Portland Parent magazine!

And here is another ad. This one is for a school run by anti-White folks who obviously think just the same way as the people do who made the magazine. Not only do they pursue diversity but you can see that the non-White student will be the main focus. Notice that the Black student's image is three times as large as the other children in the picture, and he is the one that nearly everyone else is interested it. This is just what your White children need to rid themselves of any of those racially aware feelings that might have grown up in those dreadful years of living in a White household. Here at this school they can learn their true, lower, and soon to be non-existent place, in this society, which they cannot mention was created by their White ancestors.

There were a few advertisements that actually used White people, including White children without a single non-White face surrounding them. I had to include one of them, as a form of relief from the weight of the Leftist's propaganda hammer. These blond children are a delight to see, and it is a shame that their heritage is so much in danger from those who think like the producers of the Portland Parent. It is not that this sponsor is necessarily racially aware at all. However, in this day and age, just producing an ad that doesn't show non-Whites in it, is a bold act.

This picture was from an article in the same magazine. I think it is not an accident that they chose this article (Why You Need a Will) to show this picture. This White woman, and her White little girl, are depicted as those who should be concerned about writing a will. Dying is all that is fit for White people to contemplate. The Leftists teach that wishing to perpetuate our White society, or our White institutions, is motivated by pure hate, and therefore the only "loving" choice is to give up and die quietly. By all means, take care of your will first, but hurry up!

The easy thing to do would be to throw up our hands and say, "It's too late. We are beaten." That is the coward's way out, especially today when there still are far more Whites than non-Whites in the USA. In a few decades that will not be true, but this is today, and not a few decades from now. There is time if we, as a people, can find the strength within ourselves to move. What is yours, is only yours as long as you are willing to fight for it. As soon as you lose your will to fight, you cease to have any claim to ownership. America became a great White nation, because the people of the Great White Father were willing to fight to take it from the Red man. Now we will see if the descendants of those White people have the backbone to take it back again. If so, our America survives. If not, our America ends.

Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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