Post-Election Thoughts

November 3, 2004

WELL, IT APPEARS THAT GEORGE W. BUSH has done what his father couldn't do: he has won reelection. The sad thing is that many of the conservatives think this is somehow a victory for them; that George Bush is going to protect their interests better than John Kerry would have. And in some limited ways that may be true, but in the truly important things it is totally untrue.

The Baby Boomers have come, and they are on their way towards going. And yet, there were more votes cast in this election than in any previous election. Where did those votes come from? The Whites in our society, who have always made up the vast majority of its population, have not been having children. Therefore we should have fewer people eligible to vote. The reason that more people voted in 2004, is that for years we have been bringing in foreigners in a massive invasion. Our government has created, assisted, and promoted this invasion ever since 1965, producing our phenomenal, record growth in population--exhibited by the number of votes that were cast in this election.

And of course that is why George W. Bush gave at least one of his speeches totally in Spanish during the campaign, promoting his candidacy to the Mexican invaders. It should be very upsetting to the average conservative that his candidate, the one that he was pushing so enthusiastically for, the one that he actually voted for, is focused so heavily on, the invaders! George W. Bush was concerned about their vote, the invaders’ vote, more so than his own people’s vote. He is doing nothing to protect his own people, doing nothing to close the borders, and yet conservatives think that by voting for him, and by him defeating John Kerry, somehow their lives are going to be made better. But in the long run, it means absolutely nothing of the kind!

The only things that matter never seem to change, no matter who is in office. For instance, killing babies in the womb, which is commonly called “abortion,” is a barbarous action, especially when White births are at a suicidially low level! It is a crime, or should be. It is definitely ethically and morally a crime. It is wrong. There is no way anyone can justify that. Taking a human life is taking a human life, for whatever reason. Most people would define murder as taking an innocent human life, and what is more innocent than an unborn baby? Most conservatives agree with this point of view. And yet, abortion has continued to go on with Reagan in office, with George Bush Senor in office, with George Bush Junior in office, and now that there will be a second term of Bush II, abortion will go right on happening. These guys aren’t having any impact on that. Whether Kerry or Bush was elected, abortion was going to continue on. It is important to understand, that whether the president likes abortion, or he hates abortion, really doesn’t matter a bit. Abortion is supported by the Media Lords,(1) and it is going to continue. Who really cares whether the president enjoys it or he hates it? If he can’t do anything about it, his beliefs mean nothing, even though he is president! Conservatives just don't get it.

The same thing is true of immigration. Whether the president supports immigration or opposes it, since 1965, it has continued to grow out of control under all of them. Their personal views are totally insignificant towards dealing with the problem, and therefore they are unimportant. The only thing that matters is whether the non-White immigration continues. If immigration continues then whatever the president feels about it is of no importance whatsoever! What is an important issue is whether it is stopped and reversed, or not.

And right down the line on issues…the amount of taxes that we are paying, the number of people on Welfare, the amount of socialism that is going on in our country right now: all of these destructive things continue, no matter whose in office.

What about Ronald Reagan? Spending went up under Reagan! The Democrats were screaming and yelling that he was cutting programs and everything, but he didn’t really. He continued to spend our money as if it were his own. And he was one of the ones who was always said to be interested in cutting taxes. And yet taxes went up under him. And spending went up under him. And that was Ronald Reagan, the conservative wonder boy! All the rest of them have been even worse. But in all cases, no matter who it was, the problems continued to grow unabated.

The point is, no matter who goes into office, you always end up with the same problems continuing on. And that is because the election process is completely controlled by those who obviously do not have America’s interests at heart. If a candidate actually came out against abortion in an effective way, a way that would actually shut it down, what would happen? What if he came out against feminism, against immigration, against the civil rights agenda, or any destructive thing that has been inflicted upon us since 1960? I am sure you know that if a candidate was actually going to fix any one of these problems, if he could find some way of doing it, he would be torn down quickly. He would have the Media(1) ripping him to shreds right from the start of his short-lived campaign. Every American who watches television (that includes nearly everyone) would have the idea implanted in his head that this candidate was an extremist, a hater, a dreadful human being, somebody who needs to be tarred and feathered, if not shot.

The candidates who make it to the ballot, the Bushes and the Kerrys (and we always have to choose between those two types of candidates) have already been through the process. They’ve already bent the knee to the media, and gotten the Media's kosher stamp of approval. These candidates have the approved beliefs on the important issues, the issues that they know they cannot touch: the only issues that really matter to this country.

So, at election time, the Media pundits, the news talking heads etc., appear to study all the data, and they collect all the numbers, and crunch them and discuss the meaning of this datum, and the ramifications of the votes from various segments of the voting population--how this county voted and how that county voted--as if it all really mattered. It leaves us with the false feeling that something important happened when George Bush beat John Kerry in 2004, and now is going to serve 4 more years in the White house: now the “American People’s opinion” has been expressed. When in reality, on the really important issues, George Bush has nothing more in common with how the majority of people feel, especially the majority of White people, than does John Kerry.

Most White people in the United States are outraged by this flood of non-White immigration. They are outraged by the Mexicans flooding across the border. They are outraged about the loss of their language, their cultural heritage, and their way of life. All of this is something that they are frustrated about. Yet here’s George Bush pandering to the very people that the White people are outraged about. If this is the "better of two bad choices" for White people, we are indeed in a very bad situation. It is like choosing between a death by a guillotine or death by exposure to radiation. The guillotine will kill you quick and the radiation will kill you slow, but they both are going to kill you. These two candidates are both set to make policy decisions that will ultimately destroy us. Voting for one or the other will not make a real difference. Whether it is quick or slow, destruction is destruction. In the long stretch of history, ten years, fifty years, or a hundred years, are really all the same.

It’s not significant whether we are committing suicide quickly or slowly. What is significant is that we are committing suicide. That is what the problem is, and that is what we have to fix. We are not going to fix it by voting for George W. Bush, or anyone else that goes through this political process. As long as the media are controlled by people who hate us,(1) and they in turn can control our elections, we are not going to find a solution to this problem.


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