The Postman

Cast of Leading Characters
The Postman:Kevin Costner
Bethlehem:Will Patton
Ford:Larenz Tate
Abby:Olivia Williams
The Postman, directed by and starring Kevin Costner. The
movie is set in the year 2013, after a war has devastated
America. Kevin plays the title character, who becomes the
reluctant leader of the fight against the forces of destruction.

From the Warner Brothers Studio site.

THE YEAR IS 2013 AND WE SEE A WASTELAND where walks a bearded Kevin Costner, while a news broadcast from the past is playing in his mind. You can hear the announcer saying, "a rise in hate crimes and racially motivated attacks." He also mentioned the "Holnist army" and then fades away. We are told that we are looking at the Salt Lake Flats, as dead land is all around.

Costner's character, whose actual name is never given, is a drifter, and along with his mule, is in search of food. We are "treated" to a demonstration of him and the mule performing Shakespeare for a small town audience, in hopes of earning a meal. Just as it finishes up, we are introduced to the bad guy. General Bethlehem, who is a cruel and egomaniacal tyrant racist, rides into town with his army and proclaims that he is going to take 3 men from this town for his army. But, he insisted that the 3 men must be of "suitable ethnic foundation," for his all White army. Not only is this man an evil, violent, and ambitious dictator, but he is too stupid to realize that one obviously mixed race Black man does not meet his self proclaimed standards. He walks down the line of potential recruits and declares this Black man "acceptable." Then a few steps farther down the row, he eyes a partially Asian character and pulls at the side of this man's eyes and says, "Mongoloid. Unacceptable! I want pure blood."

It should be noted at this point that the Media Lord's agenda is especially well met in this character. Here the audience has reinforced for them the idea that a racist is, by definition, completely insane. General Bethlehem is a fiend, a racist, stupid and egocentric. He is hateful and destructive. His movement has destroyed the United States of America, taking it from the heights of being a superpower to the depths of destruction. He later demonstrates his complete antagonism to America, when he strongly reacts to the discovery of the US flag being flown in a town. (He proclaimed that the United States no longer existed and the flag of our nation "is an abomination.") He kills and steals, terrorizes and destroys. He is all that the audience can really enjoy hating. And then, to make the picture complete we find that he cannot even rape a woman he took as a slave, because he could not sexually perform. A man who is cruel, disgusting and impotent is painted into the minds of the audience as the model racist. Once again, the term racist is embedded deeper into the mindless masses with the connotation of being reprehensible. If a White man stands up for his race, his heritage, his culture and the racial integrity of his nation, he will be associated in the minds of the viewers of this film with the disgusting General Bethlehem.

The General forcibly recruits Costner's character, into his army. He starts calling Costner "Shakespeare" because he had preformed on stage as a living. To demonstrate even further the heartless disgusting nature of these racists, during the indoctrination phase, Shakespeare's pet mule was slaughtered, by these lowlifes, for food, and fed to the new recruits. Naturally Shakespeare didn't eat any.

The army, was called the Holnist army, because the war which destroyed the United States was set off by a "right wing" farmer named Nathan Holn. To demonstrate the ruthlessness of the Holnist army, one man was executed because, when told to sit he remained standing since all of the chairs (barrels) were taken. General Bethlehem pointed out that he could have sat on the ground but instead violated a "direct order." They strung him up by his feet and as he hung there Bethlehem listed off the "Laws of Eight":

  1. You will obey orders without question.

  2. Punishment shall be swift.

  3. Mercy is for the weak.

  4. Terror will defeat reason.

  5. Your allegiance is to the clan. [Implied of course was the Klan.]

  6. Justice can be dictated.

  7. Any Clansman [Klansman] may challenge for leadership of the Clan. [Klan]

  8. There is only one penalty - DEATH

Upon the completion of stating the final law, Bethlehem hacked at the helpless man with his sword, terminating his life.

Eight was very prominent in the Holnist army. Their symbol was an "8" surrounded by a leaf cluster, and topped with a 5-pointed star, which often appeared to be an "A," with the lighting they used. Of course this obsession with the number 8 is an attempt to associate all people who today use 8 or 88 in their email addresses or their salutations, etc., with the crazy Holnist army. This army was only a blight upon the land. It took from the people, and gave nothing in return. It built nothing but terror. It created nothing but fear. So, the audience was programmed to associate the number 8 with these useless scoundrels.

There was one moron, among the new recruits, who was only there in order to add to the myth of the trailer park trash image of anyone who is pro-White. He had the mental development of a small child, and when confronted with the idea of escaping from the Holnist army he said, "I can't. No, I like it here. I like being part of something." That was for any of you who might actually think about joining a pro-White organization. Why, you are a moron, who has nothing better going on in your life, so you just have to join an organization to give your pitiful existence meaning. This propaganda ploy was as subtle as a hammer slamming into your head.

One of the soldiers in the chain of command was named Idaho. The bulk of the movie was set in Oregon, and southern Idaho, where the White movement is fairly strong today. So, the state of Idaho was attached to this character who was another classic Media Lord racist. Face to face with the mixed race Black man he said, "The general don't see it but I say you got some [offensive term for Black] in you." Here is a man shown to be completely devoid of concern for another man's feelings. A heartless, stupid, mean man, who at the same time slams the stupidity of Bethlehem for the benefit of the audience, in case it was too slow to pick it up for itself. Idaho comes to a terrible end that all members of the audience can appreciate. After killing the Black guy and trying to kill Shakespeare, he dies horribly as he is eaten by a lion, while screaming loudly for the satisfaction of the audience.

Shakespeare gets away finally and stumbles upon a postal truck, complete with bags of undelivered mail, the skeleton of a postman -- still wearing a serviceable postman uniform, and a functional Zippo lighter. (Anyone, who ever owned a Zippo, knows that the fluid evaporates in short order if left unused. Long before a body would rot down to a skeleton, it would all be gone. But reality is not what this movie is about.) So, Shakespeare lays down his old acting mantle and puts on the uniform of his new name, The Postman. The Postman is a scammer, a con man, looking for a new angle on getting fed. He took the mail in the truck and walked to the nearest town, Pineview, Oregon, where he gains entrance through the ploy of reading names off from letters in his bag of mail until a surviving resident's name is found. The Postman claimed to represent the Restored United States of America and he said that he was reestablishing the communication routes for mail delivery by order of the restored congress.

The scam worked, and the people fed him, while begging for information about the restored country. He makes stuff up, including the name of the president: Richard Starkey. [No one seemed to remember Ringo Starr in 2013.] They asked if Nathan Holn was still alive. The Postman replied that he was dead, and he had died of "skin cancer." (You can just feel the hatred of the White race in that comment. Skin cancer is mostly a White disease, how "appropriate" that a racist should die of it. It would be like getting a chuckle out of Louis Farrakhan dying of sickle cell anemia.) The lies get the people worked up and it starts to build hope inside of them. They think maybe there is something more in store for the future than submitting to the Holnist army.

There is another character introduced at this point. He claimed that his name was Ford Lincoln Mercury, changed, as is so often the case with the Black members of our society, from John Stevens. He did not say it was because he wanted to be rid of his "slave name," but he might as well have. The others around him were not changing their names just because they had likes of one type or another. But this young man, in his late teens, wanted to "drive cars" and the car dealership sign we were then shown, said Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury on it.

Striking a blow for diversity, we find that this young Black man was driven to build something positive. He wanted to be a Postman too. As the movie progressed, this young lad constructed a mail system that would have made old Ben Franklin jealous. There were 30 routes being ridden by individual mailmen recruited by Ford. New recruits were being added everyday. He was a dynamo of postal vigor, while Costner, The Postman, was merely a con artist trying to get what he could from the scam. If only all White folks would just learn from their betters, all would be wonderful.

When you compare the reality of today with the image of this Black teen, you are left to wonder where it came from. Any nation, or even neighborhood, that is mostly or all Black slides into chaotic savagery. Where are the Black folks who are willing to build up something pro-American, like a postal service? Where are they right now? Instead they complain, and have their hands out. They hate Whites because they were once slaves. They are a drain upon the system at nearly every point they interface with it, but we are here led to believe that this Black teenager took nothing and made a thriving business out of it. Once again a character in this movie promotes the Media Lord's agenda. Once again the PC view of things is reinforced. While the pro-Whites are nothing but mindless savages, destroying everything, the wonderful Black folks are trying to build a happy, thriving new world. Ford was loyal, industrious, intelligent, brave and dedicated to the point of obsession. He was yet another Black hero for the White kids in the audience to look up to. At one point in the movie The Postman said to one of General Bethlehem's lackey's "The General is a F______ lunatic. You want to see a man who is a man?" He then indicated Ford Lincoln Mercury.

Another aspect of this movie was the promotion of the moronic feminist agenda. Ford Lincoln Mercury, as any self-respecting Black would do, recruited as many White women to work for him as he could. These defenseless women were sent out delivering the mail, in a savage land where the towns all had walls around them. Anyone who has studied any part of history knows that when societies collapse, women are reduced to the level of property, and their best hope is to be protected by their own village and husband. For women to go riding across country alone, on predetermined and routine routes, would be an open invitation to rape and being forced into slavery by some group like the Holnist army. Only in the movies could such insanity be portrayed as real, and only a brainwashed society like we have today could even consider it for a moment as being believable. The White race has created societies where women are treated better than anywhere or any when. It is the society that makes women safe, and when the society collapses so does that protection. Feminism would be instantly destroyed by a reversion to barbarism, such as was present in the world of The Postman.

One of the female carriers wanted to dance with The Postman at a street party in Pineview at one point of the movie. The Postman, earlier in the movie had impregnated another girl named Abby, with her husband's blessing, so she and her sterile husband could raise a child together. (General Bethlehem had later killed the husband because the husband would not give his blessing for Bethlehem to sleep with his wife.) So, The Postman wanted to dance with the widow Abby, who was just finishing up a dance with, you guessed it, Ford. As the aforementioned female carrier walked over to The Postman, she said, "Would you like to dance?" The Postman, unhearing walked away and headed for Abby, to ask her to dance. The female carrier looked crushed and nearly ready to cry. But never fear! The Media Lords always have a solution for a White woman's man problems: a Black man! Ford suddenly appears and taps her on the shoulder, and asks her if she would like to dance. She takes one last longing look at The Postman and then with a smile said, "Yes." Ford suddenly got a big smile on his face, like he just got away with the whole cookie jar, as he puts his arm around the White girl and she starts to lay her head on his shoulder. The camera mercifully cut away at that point.

The final confrontation was between two groups of soldiers. The first group consisted of soldiers who were poorly armed, multiracial, mixed gender, and untrained, waving a bastardized American flag -- the words "The Restored United States of America" stitched in red letters on the White stripes. The other group was composed of an equal number of well-armed, well-trained, all-male, and all-White soldiers. It would have been a short and one-sided battle if it had actually happened. But The Postman showed the number eight branded into his shoulder. He demanded that the clan law number 7 applied to him, and he therefore challenged Bethlehem for the leadership of the Clan. The obvious flaw in the reasoning was that he was never a willing member of the army, and he had left the organization of his own free will. He had in fact fought hard to achieve his separation from the Holnist. He could not therefore, brand or no brand, claim to be a member of the clan. But after all of the other ridiculous ideas put forth in this movie, it is not that surprising that Bethlehem fell for the ruse, gave up his huge advantage, and went head to head with The Postman.

You can figure how it was going to turn out for yourself. We have the good, pro-multiracial Postman, and the evil pro-White racist maniac in a fight to the death. Who is going to win? Of course, at the end of the fight, there was the obligatory mercy shown by the hero, and the obligatory treachery of the villain, who attempts to kill him, (and even worse, Ford!) when his back is turned. And there was the additional obligatory salvation from a source that had been no real help up until this point in the movie, and they all lived happily ever after.

The movie was long and arduous to get through. Aside from the plot, and the smothering agenda, however, there was some beautiful Oregon scenery shown in this movie. The area around Bend, Oregon was where much of this movie was shot. You see Mount Hood in the background in at least one scene and many other beautiful sights. Some of the critics slam the picture for being too long and clumsy, but they usually add that it still has a message. I submit to you that the faults of being too long or too clumsy are as nothing when compared with the poison of that anti-White hate message. Through deceit and misdirection the average viewer of this movie will come away with a stronger hatred for those Whites who are trying to protect their race and their heritage. The audience will have been programmed to think that Whites have no race, but Blacks are a special case, where race does matter, because they are better than Whites are. The California postal organization was headed by a Hispanic (kind of like the whole state is getting to be today). The Hispanic young man nearly fell all over himself to worship at the feet of Post Master Ford Lincoln Mercury when he found out who he was, even though he was about to be shot at that moment.

Here is the message of The Postman. If all of you White folks would just have the sense to give up the struggle for survival, look how wonderful everything would be. See how smart and dedicated Ford was? See how wonderful races working together can be? And look at how sick and twisted those White folks were? Do you want to be like that? Of course not!

Yes, listen to The Postman you fools! Once we are out of the way, the Indians, Blacks, Asians and every possible mixture thereof, will then take our lands and institutions over, and run them just like they have demonstrated they are capable of doing in their own lands. You stupid Whites just cannot see that you are standing in the way of progress by expecting to hold on to your own lands and your own countries. Give it up and let the Media Lords implement their plans and make everything so much better. It would then be almost no time before we can enjoy the same crime rate as Africa, the poverty of Mexico, and the overcrowding of Asia, right here at home. I can hardly wait.

Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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