Pre-Election Thoughts

November 2, 2004
This was transcribed from my words digitally recorded while driving to work.

IT'S NOVEMBER 2, 2004 Election Day. The wind is blowing…

Getting onto the freeway, I notice a big sign on the bridge above, and it once again hit me how stupid it is that anyone would vote for a candidate because he saw someone else holding up a sign. Of course by Election Day, it doesn't matter anymore anyway. So, what motivates a single individual to vote is probably of little import. Once a candidate is on the ballot, he has gone through a filtering process, and he has been stamped with a kosher seal of approval, or else he wouldn’t be there. If he were a candidate who would actually stand up for traditional America, and the things that we have lost over the last 40 years, he would never make it to the ballot. The Media Lords(1) would have had him for lunch long ago.

The average American doesn’t use his brain. He sits and watches the television every night, thinking that what the television is telling him is true. Not only that, he thinks that what the television is telling him is also important. Neither one of those things is necessarily correct. So, he makes his mind up on all sorts of issues, running from his personal life, through his moral and ethical life, and on through all of his political decisions. It is no coincidence that all of these very things are completely skewed by the television.

The television tells him that it is absolutely wonderful that we have diversity—that we have all of these Black doctors, policemen, and lawyers, each overly intelligent, thoughtful, caring—and most of all—law abiding, people. The reality, completely ignored by the media, is that while there are some of these wonderful Black people, the vast majority of the Black people are a negative influence on society.

For example, our murder rate has doubled in the United States because we have Black people living here. If all of the Blacks were suddenly transported elsewhere, out of the United States, our murder rate would suddenly be cut in half. That is incredible considering that Blacks make up only 12% of the population.

Still, the lying television is promoting the idea that Blacks are actually better than everybody else. This deceptive television image is what people base their real opinions on. If somebody states the facts openly, it clashes with that television image, and naturally the truth then sounds ugly, and it sounds mean. It doesn't matter that speaking the truth was not intended to be mean spirited.

People have to understand that our society was developed by and for a specific people, and when you try to bring in people who were not part of that development process it screws everything up; it confuses things. It’s impossible to maintain the society that we developed up to the 1950s if we alter the people who are inside the society. Anybody that is brought in from outside, especially if they are non-European (since 90% of the population was European-based all the way up to 1965, and therefore European stock created this country), will alter the population base. As more of them are allowed to enter, it will create large pockets of other ethnic groups, other races, other nationalities. These people bring in their own views, their own genetic capabilities, and they will alter the society in their own direction, whatever direction is natural to them. And we can see this happening today in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. (Unfortunately their penetration into the Pacific Northwest is growing more difficult to ignore with each passing day.) In the places where we have large Hispanic populations you can see that they tend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May), which commemorates the victory of the Mexicans over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862, far more aggressively and excitedly than they do the 4th of July, which is our American holiday commemorating our Independence.

That is just one example of how the country is modified by bringing in large groups of other people who don’t assimilate. They are never going to assimilate because they are still celebrating Mexican holidays, because they are still Mexicans. They moved here not to become Americans, not to celebrate George Washington, our independence, our way of life so much as they are coming here to take our “milk and honey.” They want our money, because our system that we created has become so affluent, because of the way it was built--because of the concepts that were used as its foundation. The Mexican people want to come over here because they are doing really badly on their side of the border. Their system of government really stinks. And it is unstable.

In fact every country south of our border is that way. But the reason isn’t geography. It isn’t where the people are located, but it’s the people that are there, and when you bring them over here, they do the same thing over here. You find that they still live in similar ways. They may have more money, but they are still crowding bunches of people into small dwellings. They are living lives that are different than our lives. They are listening to Mariachi Mexican music. They have brought Mexico here, because they can make more money here. And now they have groups like La Raza, pushing towards trying to actually separate these portions of the United States away from the United States and make it either part of Mexico or some independent Hispanic nation. And the point that everyone is missing, including themselves, is that it is not the territory itself that is important.

It is not the land that their feet are standing on. It’s the system that was created by the people, the White people from Europe, that everybody is after. Everybody wants what we created. And they mistakenly think that the reason that these areas are affluent is because of the geography or the weather or something along those lines. That is total nonsense. Clearly, all of the United States has been affluent because all of the United States has been populated by White people who brought in European ideas, which developed over thousands of years.

It’s not as if we magically came up with something on the spot because we are so good! That’s not what happened. What happened was that we have a European way of looking at things that developed over a long period of time and it was a painful development. We’ve gone through wars, fought off invasions, and all sorts of things in the process, that helped to develope our way of life and our way of thinking. That is what our freedom is based upon.

When we bring people in who are not even connected to that, these people are going to bring in their way of looking at things, their cultural expressions and their philosophical points of view, which are radically different than ours. As a result, in the sections of the country where they start becoming predominant, we see these areas change, and they unfortunately become more like the place where the foreigners came from. This means that as White people are displaced from the United States, the United States itself will cease to exist in the areas where we have been displaced.

All of this is not happening by accident! If it was an accident it would be easier to fix, because we could point out that this was all a big mistake, and we made some wrong decisions back in the 1960s. All that we have to do to make things right is to undo those changes, and those decisions, returning to something that approximates what we believed in the 1950s, which was clearly superior to our promoted belief system today. There is no doubt that our school system was tremendously better in the 1950s than it is today. We had schools that would match anybody’s in the entire world at that time. We had excellent schools. We didn’t have crime problems in schools. We didn’t have drug problems in schools. We had high academic achievement; our test scores were great. People were learning things. It was radically different than it is today, and in a better way. It was much better.

The way that our schools have been disassembled is one of the most striking demonstrations of what has gone wrong with our society. The people who have instituted all the other changes in American since the 1950s, especially have worked on the school system. And the more they work on it the worse it becomes. And this is something that people should be able to spot, EASILY! You should easily be able to see that SAT scores have gone down consistently for a long time. A while back they actually added an offset to make them go up, artificially, because it was looking so bad having the scores consistently dropping since these people took over our schools.

And yet nobody can even suggest that maybe we should go back to what we used to do. Maybe we should take a step back. It is as if we were hitting ourselves on the thumb with a hammer, but nobody will suggest that maybe we should stop hitting ourselves on the thumb with the hammer. It would be laughable if it were not so serious. We are destroying our children’s education. The children today have no opportunity, or very little opportunity to learn the things they need to know in order to live (work) in a high-tech society, and promote the affluent kind of society that we had before.

Instead they waste their time with all of these oddball ideas that don’t work; things like celebrating diversity, and promoting multiculturalism. The schools are set up now to make sure that the people think "right" politically. Graduates will all support feminism and diversity and the other destructive things that have happened to our society. They will come out of the school loving these things, even though they may not be able to write their names. That’s a little exaggerated, but the point is that they come out far less educated, and the reason is because of wasting all of this time on these other things.

Also, they are building concepts like teambuilding and working in groups, as they try to hide the weaknesses in the system. They let the one intelligent person in a group make the whole group look good, and then it looks like the school is doing a good job because hey, this group was able to produce good results. The thing is when they leave, as soon as they have to go and independently prove themselves the weak links in those groups demonstrate their actual lack of worth.

Back to the original point, using the school as an example, you can see who was behind the move to change things, and you can see who is mostly involved with keeping it going in the direction that it is going.

And of course its the media,(1) controlled by the same group of people. Yes, the same usual suspects are there. The Michael Eisners, and the Sumner Redstones; these people driving the destructive machine as it goes along, and mostly focused at children, messing up their minds, convincing them that what we had in the 1950s was not anywhere near as good as what we have today. In fact as much as possible they are trying to blot the 1950s out altogether, because if anybody took a really good look at what was going on in the 1950s, comparing it with what is going on today, he would realize that America then was on the uphill swing with a golden future right in front of it. There were White families living in White neighborhoods, sending their kids to White schools. There was low crime. These were highly efficient, great places to live, work, and go to school. That is the way the 1950s were throughout most of the United States.

Of course it was not perfect, because we are all human beings and nothing is perfect. It could have been better even still, naturally, but socially it was light-years ahead of where we are today. Today, the worst part isn’t where we are, but where we are going to be…what we are setting ourselves up for in the future. Our future is going to be very bleak indeed. We are loading our country up with non-Whites. We are bringing people in from other parts of the world who don’t have our point of view, who don’t support us, don’t celebrate our way of life, our history, our culture, and our people. They don’t care about that. And this is what we are loading our country up with.

Our people are not having children. David Duke says that White babies are being produced at a rate of 1.25 babies per White woman during her lifetime. That number is well below what we need. We need 2.1 or more, just to stay where we are. So, over just a few generations we will sink to zero, or close to it. It will not take very long at all with these numbers.

Right now we make up 70% of the population, but that number is dropping. It has only been since I was in high school, that our White portion of the population has dropped from 90% to 70% or so. The problem looming in our future is that a lot of the White people alive today are part of what they call the Baby Boomers: A big chunk of people that were born in the late forties and early fifties. They are getting older. They aren’t going to have any more children. When they die off, there is going to be a big downward turn in the White population. There will be a lot fewer White people in the United States all at once, within a 20-year span or so. Then, suddenly, we are going to fall down not only to a minority status, which is what the government predicts by 2050 (and I imagine that it will be sooner than that). We will fall down to an insignificant point of population, down to 20% or 10%, in almost no time, because the majority of White people in the United States are getting older. The young ones either aren’t getting married, or they are waiting until later and later to get married, and when they do get married they are having very few children. This is devastating.

Our society is going to cease to exist. You are going to have Whites in very small numbers. The number of Blacks is going to continue to grow, while the number of Hispanics is going to explode: through both high birthrate and immigration. The number of Orientals is also going to grow. Look what these people have done in their own lands, especially the Asians: in China and Japan they completely overwhelmed the land. They breed like flies.

Our whole land is going to be overwhelmed. Ultimately, when you bring people into your land, who continue to act in the same ways as they did back home, they are going to reproduce here what they left behind. If you go into a Chinatown in the United States you can see that that it is not an American society, but rather a Chinese society that has been transplanted. If you go into the Mexican part of town, you can see that it is Mexico transplanted to American soil. If you go into the Black parts of town, you can see that those people are creating something that is from the jungle: it’s Africa.

It’s not as if we have people living American lives who merely look different. That is not the way it is. The only time that is true, where you have non-Whites living "White lives," is when they only make up a small percentage (maybe 2% or 3%) of the otherwise White neighborhood. Then, out of neccesity, they will simulate the Whites. They fix their houses up the same, drive the same kinds of cars, place their portable basketball hoops out in front of their yards… all the stuff you see in a White neighborhood you see the non-Whites participating with. But when you get a large group of non-Whites, and the Whites are pretty much gone from the neighborhood it is always radically different. It never looks the same.

The media will often use the terms “predominately White neighborhood” and “affluent,” almost interchangeably, because White people live their lives differently than non-White people do. When the government will leave them alone long enough to where they can actually congregate together, they always build something very nice, or nearly always. They’re not perfect, and naturally there are degenerate Whites too, and there are places in the country where White people are not flourishing, but in general, when White people are left alone, and the government doesn’t try to disrupt their existence by forcing other people into their area, they do quite well.

And they should have the right to do quite well. They created this country! It is absurd for anyone to suggest that White people are evil or wrong in wanting to live among themselves. In nature there are animals that associate in groups. Some don’t of course, but the ones that do, definitely tend to associate with animals like themselves. They don’t associate with other animals, nor allow them into their group. Associating with your own kind is the natural thing to do. It’s certainly NOT evil.

Who on earth would suggest that forcing different peoples together would be a good idea? Or beyond that, not only a good idea, but the ONLY idea? Where is this idea coming from? What is the impetuous for this process of forcing this destructive thing upon us all? Clearly over the last 50 years there is no question as to where the driving force has come from, it has come from the media.(1) The controlled media, and the people behind the controlled media, have been driving this country to, what is commonly called, “The Left.” However, it is actually continually driving us towards the destruction of our society, towards chaos. It is pulling down the form and the substance of our society. The people are being replaced. The ideas are being replaced. Alien ideas, and alien people are being inserted into our society and causing it to fall apart. Our crime rate has gone up. Our divorce rate has gone up. Our school academic levels have suffered drastically. We are paying a huge price for what is going on.

And it continues to go on, and it seems to be completely unopposed. Our political leaders are all onboard! They are all beating the drum. They are all saying, “Hey, we need more diversity!” “Hey, we need more feminism! We need more of these things that have been pulling our society apart!” As if these things were actually good. As if the destroyed families and the destroyed schools were a positive influence on our future, when in actuality they are going to destroy our future. Our children are going to be living in a third world country. This nation is going to be a place that our ancestors would vomit at having to live in.

The reason that this has happened, the reason that we are living the lives that we are living, and the reason we are heading in the direction that we are heading, is because the people who own the media,(1) the people who control the media feel that they are going to benefit by these changes. Clearly these people do not have America’s interest at heart. Because if they did, they would say, “Boy, have we been making some stupid decisions the last 40 or 50 years. We need to back up and regroup and reestablish what we were doing before, because it worked a lot better. We had good schools. We had low crime rates. We had marriages that worked, and survived for lifetimes, before we made all these changes. So these changes obviously are bad and we need to undo them.” That is what they would be saying if they loved America. But they don’t. They clearly hate America. And they want to modify America in such a way that it will meet their ends, while giving no consideration whatsoever to the ends of the 90% that had created this society, the White people back in the 1950s. Those people’s needs, wants, concerns, lives, happiness, all of that, doesn’t matter to these Media Lords even a little bit. They are completely insensitive to anyone else but themselves.

And it is time that people in the United States learned that, instead of going around waving these stupid signs for candidates and thinking that their vote is going to change something. They need to start thinking about what they are doing themselves. What in the world are they doing putting their kids in front of these propaganda boxes filled with filth, violence, and ideas that are completely destructive? Why would anybody put their child in front of a television? It is disgusting! It is child abuse! The only reason that they do it is because they are ignorant. They don’t realize what they are doing.

It is like they are feeding their children lead, or some other poison unknowingly, and are just ignorantly going about their lives, while their children’s brains are being rotted out. The children grow up thinking that this is all great! The parents watch their White daughters go out with, and have sex with, Black guys, or marry them, and have mulatto children. And everything is just fine.

It’s all in the parents' hands to train their children in healthy ways, but instead, they do the things that will destroy their children’s future. Their children will grow up ignorant and brainwashed into thinking that what we have been doing the past 50 years has been constructive. What they are going to be left with is a land in desolation. A land that looks like Mexico or China, or Africa or a combination of those places, and the European heritage that they originally were handed as parents, is going to be completely removed. It is going to stand like ruins, like what is left in Rome now from the Roman Empire, and that is all this going to be left.


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