The Price You Must Pay

THE SWEAT POURS DOWN YOUR FOREHEAD. Your fingers and forearms are aching badly. The muscles are cramping and burning, and screaming for you to release them from their task. And yet you continue to hold on. Why? Because that is the price you must pay, in order to exist just a bit longer, when you are hanging from a rope, dangling 500 feet above the rock canyon floor below you. As long as you struggle you live. Give up, relax, go with the flow, and you die.

Life is a struggle. From the day you are born, and you were forced to take that first gasping breath into those lungs that had never breathed before, you have had to fight to survive. Whether driven by fear or determination, you made the right choices to get past the obstacles to your own existence right up to today. You continued to breathe, drink water, eat food and live life. That is why you are reading this right now.

We have created a society where survival seems very easy. If you avoid the common hazards, like busy streets, and Black neighborhoods at night, you find that you can usually get by. Sometimes an unexpected illness will jump up and take a member of our society before his time, or an accident brings the Grim Reaper to visit. However, by and large folks live to over 70 years in age without making much of a fuss about it. If you are hungry you go to the cupboard and grab something to fill your stomach. If your cupboard is bare you go to the store and get some groceries to fill it up. That is how Americans live, whether rich or poor.

While existence seems so easy to Americans, they never stop to think about survival. They have forgotten the history of Earth, and the history of Man. They think what is here now has always been here, and will always be here. They cannot envision the process that created our society, nor can they picture what it would be like if this society were suddenly gone. They make their choices in life based upon the blind, and false assumption that no matter what they do, American society will always be here.

An example of how this attitude is used today is visible in any discussion that takes place on the subject of race. The complete discussion is predicated upon the assumption that American society is a given, and all that can concern the participants is merely how any policy on race will effect individuals. If we integrate our schools, there is no consideration whatsoever that our schools will change. Instead, the top notch, world class school is a given, that can never change whatever we do to them, and all we can discuss is what the impact of moving Black or other minority students into the all-White school system, will be upon those minority students. The idea that the White people, who made up 90% of the American population when this discussion first took place, might be the reason that the schools were so good, or that they had a right to continue to enjoy and utilize those institutions at the excellent level that they were at, since Whites had built those schools, was not even allowed to be considered. It was assumed that the schools would not change, only the opportunity which minorities were going to be given would be enhanced.

Now, if someone could step back from the chaos our school system is in, he would note that the decay and decline of our schools has tracked very closely the integration of those schools. Other than for a handful of minorities, opportunity has only been lost. Whites today are receiving an education that is completely inferior to that which their parents and grandparents received. The effect of integration was not to increase the opportunity of the minority, but to destroy it for the majority. This is clear to any open minded, objective individual. In the area of education we can easily see that we have let go of the rope. Instead of fighting and struggling, paying the price that must be paid for excellence in any endeavor in this world, we took our eye off of the struggle and were distracted by something else. As a result, chaos, the normal master of things, took his throne once again, from whence our efforts had previously displaced him.

The same process is going on in nearly all areas of life today. Where our ancestors struggled hard and long, sacrificing their labor, their possessions, and their very lives to carve a piece of order from the chaos whirling about them, we have morons who take that order for granted. Today they assume, no matter what they do, that order will be there, unaffected. The facts are there to prove them wrong but they refuse to see them. As neighborhoods became integrated, they went into decay. Crime soared, and even the buildings went into disrepair. Chaos returned to rule, where he had been driven out by our ancestors.

Immigration. Herein lies the greatest threat that the United States has ever faced, and Americans are hardly talking about it at all, and when they do talk about it, they do not mention the only aspect of it that really matters: race. The assumption made by most Americans today is that America is always going to be here, with its constitution, liberty and high standard of living. America is a given, that will stand up to any sort of abuse or change, without losing its basic quality. With all the evidence to the contrary available, one must ask, "How can anyone be so stupid?"

Of course America will not withstand a change of its racial makeup. No nation on earth has ever survived such a change, and neither will the USA. What makes liberty possible is self discipline. What made self discipline possible was the White European work ethic, and moral framework upon which they build their lives. If people are naturally law-abiding, then freedom is a joy for all. If people are naturally amoral or have no concern for law and order, as is the case of the Black race in general (as demonstrated by the general Black reaction to the OJ Simpson verdict of not guilty) then freedom is a curse and liberty will bring only chaos and death to members of society. This is beyond serious debate.

A very simple test of what life will be here in the USA, as we bring in Nonwhites, is to look back. Look back along the trail that these immigrants followed to get here and see where they came from. What is life like in their home lands? You will find that whatever life was like back there, that is what these people will bring with them, and ultimately they will create here. Look to Mexico, to Viet Nam, and to Haiti. Look closely and you will see your future, and the future of your children's children. Also, look back to America before these Nonwhite invaders came to our land. See the strong, crime-free, and White society that was there. Compare what was, with what is. See the changes that have already been wrought upon our land! See the deterioration of our cities. See the collapse of our schools. How can we continue to ignore what is happening?

We still live in the world where Chaos is master. He fights to maintain his grip on all things. We have pushed him back and made him begrudgingly give ground. We have created machines to help us in the fight. We have created laws, and institutions to aid us in the fight. But today we are having those laws and institutions undermined and even disassembled by our enemies. Today we can no longer legally protect ourselves from the 90% Nonwhite immigration. Our leaders are either doing nothing to stop it, or are actually actively promoting it. If we stay on this track, Whites will be overrun in this land in a few short decades.

Everywhere you turn today you can already see Nonwhite faces everywhere. My wife and I recently spent some time in a small town motel where nearly all of the maids were White. It was a jolt to realize how strange that seemed. We have been programmed to expect certain areas of life to be dominated by other races. And those areas are growing like mad! The day will come when a White face anywhere in our society will seem strange.

All the while the word "racism" is used like a demolition ball against our society. If we lock up Black criminals, we are racists. If we expect Black students to meet the same academic standards as White students used to meet, we are racists. If we demand Nonwhites to live in our society as White people do, it is racist. Our culture, our way of life, our society and everything that it means to be American are being swept aside by the attempt to avoid being racists.

I ask you, which is worse? Being a racist or living in a crime infested neighborhood? Being a racist or sending your kids to a multiracial, drug infested, learning-free, "educational" institution. Being a racist or having Black grandkids? Being a racist or watching your wife be repeated raped and then murdered, as is now happening daily to Whites in South Africa? Being a racist or watching your beloved America fall into third world poverty? You choose, because that is what you are going to get. Either you are going to deal with being considered a racist, or you will deal with the price of giving up the struggle.

Do not fool yourself. There is no third option. There is never going to be a wonderful, multiracial, multicultural America that is a world leader in anything. There has never been a multiracial, multicultural world leader at any time in history, and there never will be. Right now there are still enough White folks around in America to keep it on its feet, but that is only temporary. If things continue as they are right now America will be destroyed.

Today, you have the choice. Today you can stand on your own two feet and just say no to diversity. You can make your voice be heard loud and clear that you do not care if you are considered a racist! You only care about the preservation of your people, your land, and your way of life. There is nothing wrong with wishing to preserve those things. It is honorable. If it is also being a racist, then being a racist is honorable, and it is time to stop being frightened of being one!

Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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