Racial Suicide and Racial Homicide

September 7, 2004

THE WHITE BIRTHRATE IN THE WORLD TODAY IS 1.25 BABIES per each White female. In order to merely sustain current population levels, White females must produce 2.1 White babies on average. The results of the current birthrate are shown in the following graph.

Please note the logarithmic and catastrophic decrease in the number of White babies over the next 2 centuries. In the United States, the White population is going to fall from nearly 200 million, down to less than the current population of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. In 3 centuries the White population will be effectively zero.

This suicidal trend comes as a result of the steady barrage of propaganda that all White Americans receive, starting from birth and continuing right on until they are laid in the ground. White couples that have a small number of children are praised, while White couples that have large numbers of children are looked upon with distain. The end of such insanity can only be one thing: extinction for the people practicing it. It is playing Russian roulette with a gun that has a bullet in every chamber.

But White racial suicide in the "new world" is not the worst of it. The rest of the White folks of the planet have the same birthrate!(1) The graph shows the very same trend that the entire White population of the world is facing. There are less than 500 million White people on planet Earth. If you multiply the numbers on the graph by about 3 you will get the picture. The entire White population of this planet will number less than 1 million in just about 13 generations, or 300 years, simply from its low birthrate. If there were no other factors involved, this trend alone would be enough to make Caucasian Man extinct upon the face of the Earth.

Now, you might think that perhaps as his land became less populated, and he had more elbowroom to work with, the White man might start increasing his reproductive efforts. However, that is not going to be allowed to happen.

Racial Homicide: Ethnic Cleansing and the Total Displacement of the White Race.

At the same time that the propaganda machine has been promoting a low birthrate to our people, it has been also promoting the idea that racial diversity is most desirable. While our government has opened our borders up to non-White invaders, those who own the media(2) have gone into overdrive in their efforts to make it appear good and right-minded to accept the invaders as equals, and friends. They have also put out a constant and loud stream of abuse towards anyone who even suggests that this invasion might not be in the best interests of America. The average television watching American has a very clear picture in his mind of what is expected of him if he is going to be able to function in this society. He knows that he will at least have to pretend that he loves diversity, and that he better react strongly against anyone who speaks out against it.

So, with the White Americans finding their hands tied very securely behind their backs, they have to stand idly by watching their cities being taken over and plundered. They have to move out of their own cities into suburbs, driving long distances each day to commute to their jobs, wasting their own time, money, and natural resources in order to keep their families safe from the invaders.

While their own low birthrate insures that the White folks will decline in numbers and power, the non-White invasion comes in two forms: immigration and a high birthrate. The White numbers are falling, but the population of the USA is exploding in a record increase. The cities grow more crowded, and the roads are ever more congested. In California, Whites are already a minority, and they will be throughout America by 2050 AD.

So, the natural tendency to increase the White birthrate when the population falls will never occur. Instead, the media are all still promoting the idea that we should have very small families because the world is overcrowded. What they don't tell us is that the world is not overcrowded with White children. Oh no. The world is being overrun with non-White children, while White numbers are in suicidal decline, because White folks are not having children.

And as this is going on the silly Whites continue to feel warm in their hearts about "doing their part" to help control the world population. What the brainwashed fools don't realize is that wherever Whites don't reproduce, and leave a few square feet of living space, a horde of non-Whites pour in and start having large families. The net result is that where Whites, who would have taken care of, and fed their own children, don't have children, those now non-existent children will be replaced by non-Whites who will breed indiscriminately, require the government to feed and cloth their offspring, and not care a bit about White people, White society, White language, White music, or any other European cultural expression. Whites will be gone, overpopulation will be accelerated, and our way of life will be extinguished.

Whites are being pushed farther and farther out of their cities, originally built by their own ancestors. They are being pushed from their jobs, their schools, and their houses. The government will undermine, or frontally attack any attempt by Whites to do anything to protect themselves from this invasion. It has created laws that have removed the White people's right to associate with their own people in their places of business, their neighborhoods, their schools, and even in their entertainment viewing options. White society has been declared illegal!

At the same time the government supports and listens to hate groups like the Anti-Defamation League, and the Southern Poverty Law Center that are primarily focused upon destroying any attempt of Whites to defend themselves against this attack on their nation. The members of these organizations are called before congress to have their opinions seriously considered on any relevant issue to White survival, and the mass media pander to every whim of these hate groups in its programming. No racial news story is complete without containing at least one quote from one of these anti-White hate-groups.

The net result of all of this hate-activity against the White people who created the United States of America can be seen in the following graph:

In 1960 the USA was 90% White in its population. Nearly 10% of the population was Black, while the Hispanic Mestizos, and Asians formed a very small and insignificant portion of America. This was what traditional America was like, and it was what we lost when we let our enemies have control of our media, and thereby our government.

With each passing year, the percentage of the US population that White people form grows smaller. There are over 1.5 million immigrants to the US each year, and 90% of them are non-White. Not only that, but they have very large families when they get here.

Even if no other non-Whites crossed our borders, legally or illegally, the differential in birth rate alone would exterminate the White race in America in a couple of centuries. However, the invasion is not stopped. In fact it is growing stronger each year. As was shown in the previous graph, the number of White births will nearly be cut in half for each generation from now on. While those of earlier generations hold on to their lives for a few decades, the low births can be somewhat masked. But the last White "baby-boom" was over nearly 50 years ago, and with life expectancy around 75 years of age, those White folks will all be gone in another 25 or 30 years. Then the low birthrate will be naked for all to see.

If current trends go unchecked, our percentage of the population will continue to fall, while the non-White percentage will skyrocket. Right now it appears mostly like the White race is holding steady while the others are growing at a tremendous rate. But the low birthrate will soon cause the absolute total White numbers to fall as shown in Graph 1.

For anyone who feels that the race of Mozart and Newton should continue to exist, this situation is totally unacceptable. For anyone who thinks that the race of Plato and Aristotle should be around in the year 2525, these outrageous conditions are intolerable. According to the official projections of the US government Whites will form a minority of the US population by no later than 2050 AD. That is less than 46 years from today. But the government projections do not include an accurate count of the illegal aliens in our midst, because it is working so hard to keep its eyes closed to their presence. That means, as the green line on the graph shows, it will be much sooner that we will be a minority in our own country, and that it will be less than 100 years until we are as insignificant a part of this society as the Blacks were in 1960, or that the Whites are rapidly becoming in South Africa.

The people of the White race are rapidly being displaced from their lands. They are on the brink of having all of their political power stripped from their hands, being crushed into submission, and being systematically exterminated as a people. It is happening today, even as you are reading this. It is not speculation, but undeniable fact.


1.Will Whites Commit Race Suicide? A pro-White view from England

2.    Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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