How to Eliminate Freedom

November 9, 2004

THERE IS THE CARD, ENCASED INSIDE A PLASTIC CUBE! How did the magician put the card, the very card that you personally selected, inside that container? The cube had been inside a locked box, and there was no way that the magician could have taken your card and put it inside. It must have really been magic!

Despite appearances, we all know that what magicians do is illusion, not magic. The magician sealed the card up inside that cube long ago. The card was placed inside a cast and the liquid plastic material was poured in around it and when it solidified the card was permanently sealed there. There was nothing magical about putting the card inside the cube. And of course, the cube was locked inside the box beforehand as well. No, there is nothing at all magical about encasing something in plastic, or in locking an encased object inside of a box. The illusion of magic is not done here.

What appears to be magic is the old magician’s trick, of “pushing a card.” The mark, the one who is being deceived, is led down a path of choices, which all appear to be totally free, but which leads to only one card, the card that matches the one inside of the cube. The magician will perhaps have you cut the deck, making two piles. He may then palm the desired card onto the bottom of one of the piles. He knows where it is, and will then force you to choose it.

He asks you to choose one of the two piles. If you select the one with the card, he says, “Okay, we will keep this one.” If you select the other pile, he will say, “Okay, we will get rid of this one.” Your choice appears to have been an act of free will, but it was completely under the control of the magician.

After being led through a series of these sorts of simulated acts of free choice, you finally choose a card. However, what you think is your card, is actually his card. He has led you to the very destination that he had prepared for your arrival, days before. And since you feel that you chose the card freely, it looks like real magic when the box is opened, and the encased card is exposed for all to see.

Much of the fun of watching an illusionist work is found in trying to figure out how he did it. You watch for some give away as to how he pushed his card, or made something appear other than it really was. But what if you didn’t know it was an illusion, and you were not expecting it? You might very well take it at face value, and be led quite astray from reality. You might think that you had freedom of choice, when in reality you had none.

So, let’s disassemble this slight of hand show with its props, and reassemble it in the world of politics. Most people don’t come to politics looking for a slight of hand show, although most of them suspect there may be one going on in the background. The fact that they do not know for sure makes them vulnerable. They are caught up in the glitter, the energy, and the patter of the show, and they forget about misdirection, and card pushing. They argue with others on this political point or that, and on Election Day they pick their card. They go home thinking that they have done their patriotic part by voting, when it has no more significance than the shill picking a card in a magic act.

On voting day, it comes down to choices A and B. These are the two cards that have been pushed upon you. You can choose either one, with the full use of your freedom of will. You are not controlled. You have argued the issues and you know that candidate A, or candidate B is your choice and you pull the lever. But nobody in real power really cares which one you choose, because both choices are actually the same.

The White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives have all been filled with votes cast by shills, picking one of the pushed cards. The rest of the deck is out of reach, because it never was really offered as a choice. Candidates A and B are both clear on the important issues. They both support feminism. They both support forced integration. They both support open borders. For any of the critical, nation-threatening issues, they are completely onboard the PC bandwagon. For the powers that be,(1) it is safe for you to choose either candidate, because they both are equally committed to your destruction.

So, while many Americans continue to haughtily proclaim, “I voted! If you don’t vote you don’t have any right to complain,” those who do vote continue to act surprised that their vote doesn’t really change anything. Whether it is Reagan, the Bushes, or Clinton in office, the destructive process continues on. Our land is being overrun, our culture is being displaced, and the future is being taken away from our children.

When you have cards pushed on you, you don’t have freedom of choice. If you don’t have freedom of choice, you are not living in a true democracy. Americans have always made light of the fact that dictatorships went through the sham of elections with only one candidate on the ballot. But are two pushed candidates any better?

And now that we are moving to computerized voting in many places, there is no way to check whether the count is valid or artificial. There are no ballots, just ones and zeros in a memory somewhere that are subject to undetectable manipulation. So, not only are you given two meaningless choices, even your choice can now be redirected at will by the powers that be. How can you know if that happens? Of course you never did know your vote was accurately counted, but now things have moved into the world of the Matrix, where apparent reality is a function of a computer program, rather than what goes on in the real world around you. You don’t have to stuff a ballot box any longer; you merely have to reprogram it.

When you are given a choice between two preordained candidates, the effect is very interesting. Just think of all the energy that goes into an election. Millions of dollars are spent, and millions of man-hours are invested in promoting each of the two choices. People argue, and tempers flare. Radio talk shows, and television discussion shows, drone on and on, as people in support of candidate A or B, lock horns with each other. Fur flies, and it appears as if the whole process is legitimate. Just as the magician fills his routine with a great deal of patter and audience inspections of his mechanisms, spending energy in the appearance of legitimacy, the American political process wears itself out every four years in playing the game. But when the fur settles, and the lights are turned off in the candidates’ headquarters, the newly (re)elected president continues to leave the borders open. He continues to support sending billions of dollars to Israel, and he will beat the Celebrate Diversity drum as loudly as his predecessors have. The card was sealed in the cube before the show started. The show was just that, and all of the glitter, all of the talking, the yelling, and vitriol expended was just decoration as you were pushed the right card to “choose.”


1.    Who Rules America?

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