WHAT DOES SOCIETY DO with someone who has a highly contagious disease? It separates him from the rest of society. What is the motivation for doing this? Is it not love? Is it not caring? Is it not to protect something precious from harm?

It is incredible, absolutely incredible, that many White members of this society do not see that the very same principle which created the concept of quarantine, applies just as readily to the area of race. Just as it is not hate that motivates society to protect itself against the carrier of a contagious disease, it not hate for White society to protect itself against being overwhelmed by other races. The members of other races are not hated, it is merely desired that they be avoided, and allowed to create their own societies where they can reproduce their own kind, leaving us to reproduce ours.

Think of the simple truth of this concept: If other races overwhelm us, we will be exterminated as a people and our culture will be replaced by one or more other cultures, leaving the United States of America as we know it to die. If we remain homogeneous, and are able to resist the non-White invasion underway today, we will survive as a people, and be able to perpetuate American society into the future. Those are the only two choices available.

The people who are actively working against us, know that if the average White American comes to see this simple fact in clear focus, he will naturally oppose the non-White invasion, and he will do it without any hate at all. So, they do not allow the question to be presented in such a straightforward manner. They instead use deceit and misdirection to avoid the issue completely. When the topic comes up, here are some of the absurd items which they use in an attempt to deflect the discussion away from the truth:

  1. Why is it that Whites do not like non-Whites?

  2. Don't you realize that other races increase our strength?

  3. Just think of all the cool things that you would miss out on if there were only one race in America:

  4. Wanting to have a White society is racist.

  5. Wanting to maintain a White society is motivated out of hate.

Every time the simple facts about what is happening to our society are brought up, those who want to see our society, and our people, destroyed, bring up one or more of these irrelevant -- and often completely false -- issues to discuss, in order to avoid the real fact that our society faces extermination unless it acts to save itself soon.

The simple facts speak for themselves. Any White person, who has at least normal intelligence, knows that replacing White people, with non-White people, will radically change American society. The fact that they know this is demonstrated by their actions: they refuse to willingly move their families into a non-White area of town. That is an open declaration that they know diversity is a deadly thing. Clearly, if all people were the same, and diversity were really wonderful, moving into a predominantly non-White neighborhood would be exactly the same, or even better than moving into a White neighborhood. Once all neighborhoods have become predominantly non-White, what has been considered normal White society for centuries, will then disappear from American soil, to be replaced by that which you find in non-White neighborhoods today.

It is common knowledge that Whites individually do not like diversity. You can see it in their actions. So, Leftists intent on destroying our society, continually attack this normal White view, and thereby corral it, keeping it from running free. They call normal, healthy White behavior rude and obnoxious names. They talk of the "angry White male," and of "White Flight," as if these things were dirty and disgusting, rather than the appropriate response to an insane set of circumstances.

The logical extension of the way that White folks feel, drives us to the obvious next step: if White neighborhoods are better for us than non-White neighborhoods, then obviously, a White country would be better for us than a non-White one. It follows directly. There are no twists or turns of the mind required to move from the fact that Whites know that they do not want to move to a non-White neighborhood, to the realization that Whites would be much better off in a White nation as well.

We hear daily that "diversity is our strength." We hear a constant drone of insistence that we celebrate diversity. Why? If diversity were truly wonderful, would it not be self-evident to those who are already being exposed to it? If increasing the multiracial component in a society truly made it stronger, then any such society would naturally grow, and dominate the weaker homogenous societies. Of the three super powers that have existed since the Second World War, you will note that two were predominantly White and one of them predominantly Asian, but all three rose to power as homogenous nations. On the other hand, racially diverse nations like Brazil have had to struggled very hard to even be considered industrialized. The infighting between the different races will always cripple any multiracial nation.

The answer to the question of why diversity is promoted, is obvious on the face of it. That is, it is obvious once you have realized that it is poison that is being promoted. Why would someone give someone else poison? There is only one reason: to murder them of course! And that is exactly what the Leftists want to do to American society, and to the White people who created it.

Now that we completely understand what the Leftists have as their goal, and we can see that their strategic weapon is the non-White invasion of our land -- which they continually promote under the name of diversity -- we can return to identifying the fatally flawed "logic" in their tactical smoke and mirrors weapons listed above. So, now let us look at the absurdity of what they are saying for what it actually is.

  1. Why is it that Whites do not like non-Whites?

    Who said that Whites do not like non-Whites? Whites have been feeding, and treating the ills of non-Whites for centuries. We have shared our technologies and even built infrastructure for many non-White nations. Every Christmas Whites see non-White babies, who are hungry, shown on television, and Whites pour out millions of dollars in support for those non-Whites. On a personal level, I have known many non-Whites, and through the years I have befriended a number of them. I have had a number of Hispanic friends, and several Black friends. Even today, I have email discussions with Blacks, and if they are nice to me, I am nice to them. I treat all men with the dignity of being human. I honestly want all men to be happy on this planet. That is the very reason I promote homogeneity for all nations. It is the most stable form of society. It is the form of society that has within it the most potential for peace, and progress. It is absurd to call my stance, "hate." I do not hate the members of other races. I only wish to live among my own people.

  2. Don't you realize that other races increase our strength?

    The ridiculous nature of this claim is so audacious, that it is hard to catch your breath after hearing it being promoted. It is as preposterous as the claim that spraying gasoline on a fire will put it out. Racial diversity has been the root of fighting and bloodshed in every country that it has ever existed in. Increasing it, has never led to the creation of a stronger nation. There is no precedent anywhere in history, or in the modern world that demonstrates any positive aspect of racial diversity. All of the nations that have risen to greatness in the past, and the present, did so with a core of racial homogeneity as their foundation. Every nation on earth that exists now, or that has ever existed, composed of a racially diverse population, has struggled and fought against itself, wallowing in mediocrity or abject poverty.

  3. Just think of all the cool things that you would miss out on if there were only one race in America:

    What is completely ignored in this whole line of "reasoning," is what it is exactly that we will be giving up in order to get all these so-called "cool" things into our society? It will require us to give up our schools, our neighborhoods, our entire way of life, in order to first, accommodate other cultures, and then to be totally replaced by them. Only someone who has not thought at all about what racial diversity means, would believe that he could retain his White way of life, and have racial diversity too. It is an either-or proposition. Either you live in a White society -- with all of its benefits -- as America always was before 1965, or you can have a racially diverse antagonistic conglomeration of warring peoples, each group struggling for supremacy against the others. History shows those as the only two choices. The choice we are being offered is as absurd as someone asking us to trade our Corvette, for a pair of roller skates. Yes, there are some neat things about roller skates, but you can't be serious!

  4. Wanting to have a White society is racist

    Of course the term "racist" has become so loaded with emotion that to use it at all is really an attempt to stall any possible transfer of real information. If it is being claimed that a "racist" is one who hates the members of other races, I already have discussed that idea above. If, on the other hand, you mean, someone who wishes to protect, promote, and love his own people, then I must reply, "So what?" You can love your family without hating other families. You can love your own race without hating other races. In fact, if you are not willing to separate other races from yourself, you do not even care about the other races! All races suffer in the long run in a multi-racial society. It is hatred to promote such a terrible form of societal arrangement!

  5. Wanting to maintain a White society is motivated out of hate.

    As stated above, this is just pure, distilled nonsense. Struggling to support that which originally produced American society, and once created the best school system in the world, as well as producing the leading nation on earth is not hatred! It is instead, pure common sense. Wishing the best for your children is not hate. Being proud of your heritage is not hate. Loving your people is not hate. Striving to create the most stable, safe, and wealthy society you can is not hate. What is hate is for people to continue to promote diversity, which is indisputably destructive. It is hate to distribute extreme animosity for all things White. The ones who are always screaming, "HATE" are the worst haters on earth. To seriously listen to such twisted minds is insane.

It is critical that we focus on the simple facts, and ignore the smoke and mirrors. We must help our White brothers and sisters do the same. It is the only hope that our children's children have of living in a land that will be as wonderful as the one you inherited from your ancestors. Diversity has already started sinking its teeth into America, like a tiger using its painful grip to work itself around towards the neck of its victim. As a result of the increased diversity in this land, we are now spending huge amounts of money, and we have sacrificed a great deal of our patriotic pride as citizens, as well as forfeiting the lives of a great number of our people. Our children have lost their opportunity to be educated at the level they deserve. The safety and security of the average White citizen is continuing to decrease. The price has already been far too high, but what we have already paid will be as nothing, when compared with what we will pay in the future. Once the tiger has us by the neck, it will be too late. Time is running short. It is time to stand up and be heard.

Who Rules America?

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