The Real Point


Why are our traditional sex roles labeled Sexist?

Why is all opposition to PC thought labeled Hate?

You may already know the answers to these questions, but if they seem illusive to you, it is only because you have not yet read Henry Ford's book. But that is easily remedied, as I will show you.

Each of the above labels is absurd on the face of it. Think about what the terms Racist, Sexist, and Hate have come to mean in today's society. The thought police no longer have to debate the facts, or establish truth, they only have to use these labels to smear facts and people, in order to discredit them. There is no longer any appeal to reason, or any need to justify their position. They have won, and America, along with the people who created her, have lost.

What is it about White society that is deserving of the term Racist? Can you name a single thing that justifies it? Of course not. The normal laundry list that used to be trotted out in an attempt to justify this nonsensical claim included slavery. This is how lame the reasoning is that "supports" the PC point of view.

Do you know that slavery is going on right now in Africa, and practiced by Black Africans not White people? How about Asia? You can go to Thailand today and buy a slave for a rock bottom price, a lot cheaper than buying a used car. The American Indians, those "Noble Savages," were very fond of slavery. A famous example comes from the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, and the well known name of Sacajawea, who was born a Shoshone, but was captured by the Minnetaree Indian tribe, and made a slave. She was later purchased by the French Canadian Toussaint Charbonneau, a man whose name still graces a section of Clackamas County just south of the Oregon city of Portland. Even in the country of Israel there is legal slavery today.

Slavery is universal throughout human history and you can be sure that the only reason it is not more commonly practiced today is because machines do the work of slaves for us. If you took away the machines, slavery would pop back up throughout the world very quickly.

But today, Americans and European Whites do not practice slavery. Therefore, to use slavery as a justification for calling White civilization Racist is not only wrong, it is absurd. But it is done nonetheless. Do you wonder why?

Why are traditional American families considered Sexist? When you inspect the way White civilization has treated women for centuries, even millennia, and then compare the way women have been treated in other lands, you have to say that White society has a lock on the position of being the best. So, why all at once are we to think of our society as being especially Sexist?

Once again, the charge can't stick. It has no basis in fact. What is at the heart of this problem is that biology is sexist, completely. Boy babies don't grow up to be women, and girl babies don't grow up to be men. The reason has nothing to do with culture, or ideas, but everything to do with biology.

While still being saturated in the myth-supporting propaganda that spews forth from the television and paints the movie screens of theaters, women are not yearning in their hearts to become great physicists or doctors. They yearn to be supermodels. They want to look good. Even the most "liberal" women in Hollywood are busy with plastic surgery and other tricks to make themselves look better. Looks are everything, and that is biology as well.

Why are women's magazines covered with pictures of as many scantily clad female bodies as men's magazines? Biology demands this of humans. Biology insists upon reproduction before all else. It is at the heart of all life. Without reproduction, life has no biological significance. Women expose their bodies in highly creative ways for this one purpose: to appear to be as desirable to mate with as possible.

Every one of the things that feminists have complained about, came about from the fact of life: only women can have babies and be good mothers. If women do not have babies in sufficient quantities, a race or entire species will die off. What is more significant than that? Nothing!

No career, or any other act, can hold a candle to the importance of the production of the next generation, and rearing it correctly. If women drop out from this role and choose to have careers instead, the civilization will come to an end. Period.

Traditional American families allowed for high production in the work place by men, and high production at home by women. Together men and women built families where children were supervised and trained up to become good citizens of our society. This is what is meant by Sexism today, and clearly it is horribly destructive to America to give up families in order to avoid appearing Sexist.

Remember, Americans and European Whites have always treated their woman as good as, and usually much better than, other societies. The traditional family served the most important role of any in our society. There is no room for serious debate against rejecting the label Sexist in any pejorative sense, being applied to our traditional family roles. It is not only wrong to so apply that label, but again it is absurd. But it is done nonetheless. Do you wonder why?

We finally come to the catch-all term Hate. Notice that it is without object. It is merely an isolated emotion that is painted as being evil. But have you ever wondered why hate exists at all?

Biologically, hate must serve some useful purpose. Of course it does. When you have been wronged, hate is the emotion that drives you to seek justice. And yet that desire for justice is now painted as evil, because Hate is always evil. Is this not absurd? Of course it is.

Any emotion can be taken to a destructive extreme. People jump off of bridges, or "lovers' leaps" because of love. The natural desire to have a spouse who is faithful can turn into insane jealousy. The natural desire for justice for a wrong can become unwarranted hate. Any emotion can go astray. But no emotion is automatically evil, even Hate.

What is the point of labeling healthy, pro-American attitudes as Hate? Do you know why they are doing it? Do you know who they are? To know why they are doing it, you just have to look at the results. It has been going on for 50 years at least. What have the past 50 years done for our society. How have our schools faired? How has our crime rate been? How solid have our marriages been and what sorts of upbringing do our children have today?

In each and every case, our society has worsened. Marriages fail at an alarming rate, when they happen at all. Young people marry later and later and a huge majority of our children are being raised by someone other than both of their biological parents. School results are abominable, truly abominable. SAT scores have dropped consistently the entire time this has been going on. We have more people in prison than any country ever has before in history, and we still have a very high crime rate going on with those who are still out of prison. The results are in, and we are in rapid collapse.

I have only touched upon a few parts of our society that have collapsed over the past 50 years, due to the efforts of those who have control of the PC thought police. But who are they?

The most obvious source of support for the horrors that have happened are the mass media outlets. So, to find out who is destroying America so effectively, you only need to research who it is that controls the mass media.(1)

Remember that all our elections are handled by the media—all of them! (Just try to picture someone being elected without having the "talking heads" giving him an okay first. You know what happens to candidates who are not PC enough; they get labeled. It might be merely the small kiss of death, being called "too extreme." Or it might be one of the big kisses of death, as mentioned above. In any case, his career is finished.)

So, what is the motivation for these malicious scoundrels unraveling our civilization? Do you want to know? Do you care enough to find out? If so, you can!

In the 1920, long before America had been knocked onto its knees, Henry Ford wrote a book that predicted all of this happening. In fact he told of how it had already started nearly a century ago. The very things that he warned about, have come to pass. The very vehicles he pointed out as being the tools for our destruction are currently the ones that are destroying us. Either Henry Ford was the world's best prognosticator of all time, or he had some inside information on what was about to happen. No prophesy ever made has come to pass more completely nor more accurately. What Henry Ford said has come to pass. Period. If you have any doubt whatsoever, I dare you to read his book.(2)


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