Red Storm

PRESIDENT CLINTON AND HIS LEFTIST cohorts in both the Democratic and Republican parties have been beating down the door of our health care system, intent on destroying it completely. They will not be satisfied until we all are waiting in line at some state run clinic behind illegal aliens and a horde of others, as we are seeking treatment for a heart attack.

Anyone who has dealt with military medical centers has an inkling of what it will be like once socialism has taken over our hospitals. My wife who, while I was in the Navy, had the primary responsibility for taking our kids to the hospital when required, has horror stories to tell of going into emergency rooms that were jammed with mothers and children, with runny noses, and all sorts of contagious diseases, and no attempt being made by the medial staff to sort out highly contagious carriers. The serious injuries and conditions often had to wait hours before being seen. Many people die in those hospitals from malpractice with no recourse of being able to sue. Soon that is where we all will be with our nationalized medical system.

The congress has recently made it easier to sue HMOs. As time goes by, these suits will reach the point where HMOs and insurance companies will cease to make a profit. The congress will then say, "Well, what can we do? We will have to nationalize the health care system." Then Americans will learn what the Soviets learned. Equal treatment for all, means that all people are treated like paupers and allowed to die in the wards like prisoners of war in a concentration camp. Oh, the decrease in the quality of care will be gradual enough, just like the other socialistic changes that have occurred in our nation already, so that the people will grumble, but they will take it. Our people are really good at taking it, putting up with the intolerable.

What is surprising to me, and has been for decades, is that Americans have completely lost their pride. The idea of standing on your own two feet, being self sufficient, is no longer even a goal for many Americans. Children grow up and fail to leave home, still leaching off Mom and Dad, into their thirties or later in some cases. Taking charity, and handouts, of any kind would have been an insult to most Americans of the past. Today they expect it! The average American thinks that being taken care of by his government is a really good idea. I used the word "thinks" in the previous sentence very loosely.

It is clear that the average American spends very little time thinking at all about important issues like his own government and what is happening to it. If he did, he would realize that the government is the most inefficient administrator for any project or task that could exist. There is nothing that the government does efficiently. The only things that it has ever done effectively (e.g. the military) were possible only due to the unlimited funds available to it, to perform the tasks. Such projects must be kept to a minimum.

Socialism, even administered by the most humane and dedicated people will, by its very nature be oppressive and destructive. People will have to spend $5 to $10 in taxes to get $1 of service. That means, over time, the quality of any service universally provided by the government, will gradually fall down to a level that one could easily afford while living under the poverty level.

Take a look at the Department of Motor Vehicles in any state of the union. Here is a department set up to do a very simple task, and yet it is as enjoyable as having a tooth pulled going down and dealing with those people. You take a number and wait half an hour to have them take your paperwork and snap your picture. And that is for that which is a merely routine service. It gets really ugly if you have any special situation to be dealt with! Hold that mental image for a moment, and then think of what your emergency room or hospital room is going to look like after the leftists have taken them over. Your government will never provide good, efficient health care. Whatever your complaints are about our current system, they will multiplied many times over once the government is running it.

A thoughtful person will have no problem seeing this, because we have so many examples of the government in action to look at. Wherever you interface with the government bureaucracy you will find long lines, long forms, uncaring bureaucrats, poor service and intense frustration. If all other areas of government service are like that, there is no doubt that health care will be exactly the same, except that service must be done right or you die.

The people of the left know that they will be killing many Americans by their actions. So, why do these self-proclaimed "compassionate" people pursue such hateful activities? I received an email today that had a quote in it that I think shows the leftists in their true light:

Under the czars of the late 19th century, Russia was a flourishing society. By 1907, it was the world's fourth-largest industrial power. In good years, it accounted for 40 percent of world wheat exports; the literacy rate of its military conscripts was 68 percent; and it had scored achievements in the arts and sciences equal to any European country. In the 80 years prior to the 1905(1) Revolution, the czars executed an average of 17 people a year. By contrast, according to R.J. Rummel, the total number killed by the Soviet regime is around 62 million.

The czar's security forces in 1895 amounted to only 161 agents supported by less than 10,000 police. By contrast, in 1921 the Soviet Cheka employed 240,400 agents supported by the Red Army, NKVD, and militiamen. After Lenin, Russia would become an importer of grain, and its once flourishing culture would be dominated by "political correctness."(2)
The people who brought the Bolshevik revolution to Russia, who are the soul mates of Bill Clinton, and the ones who are in control of our media today, claimed love for the Russian people. They demanded that injustice must be done away with , and that they were going to make things better. The same story that you hear every day from the leftists in our government, the Russian people heard from their leftists. Even with that glaring example in front of us, our people are eating up the lies of the left like it was Mom's homemade apple pie.

Look what happened to Russia! It was a huge wheat exporter, and it became desperate for wheat imports. They were a top industrial power, rich in the arts and sciences. They had a stable government that did not execute people in large numbers. From that point of greatness, Russia fell to the leftists. Russian communists bled not only the wealth of their own people away, but that also of every country that came under the influence of its "Soviet Union." When communism finally fell, it left behind empty hulks, where once living, healthy societies had existed. Think of it: 62 million people executed (and others estimate 100 million) by those "compassionate" leftists. All freedom was lost, millions of lives were lost, and the potential glorious destiny that could have been the Russian future for the 20th century was lost. All because the Russian people fell for the leftists' lies.

Obviously it was not that the Russians were any dumber than the citizens of the United States are. We are listening to the same lies, swallowing them whole and thinking that the leftists are caring and compassionate people. At least the Russians did not have such a clear example in front of them, showing the communist track record. They did not know that the leftists are filled with hatred, intent on nothing but destruction of all Western greatness. We should know better. We have no excuse for our stupidity.

Every time I hear a politician use phrases like, "balancing the budget on the backs of the poor" and "doing it for the children" I want to puke. These politicians do not give a hoot for the poor or the children. They only care about their leftist agenda. As I keep hearing others say, "There is not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties!" The leftists are in control of our country today and they are tightening their grip every day. Each socialistic change that they force upon us is another click on the wheel, pulling on and tightening the rope that binds us, stretches us, and that one day will rip us apart.

Nationalized Health Care is the next item coming, that will join Social Security, Welfare, Forced Integration of our neighborhoods and schools, and Affirmative Action. Feel the pull? See how much of your paycheck is dedicated to the socialism of today? Many wives go to work to only help pay for the tax load, and still it increases. The strain is growing very great. The snapping point is not too far distant.

Rise up! Oppose these leftists who hate our way of life, our people and who are seeking to destroy our future. Speak up and let people know what is going on. We cannot afford the luxury of just standing by and hoping that all is going to end well, because without your help, it will not turn out well. In fact you may live to see the complete destruction of the United States as we know it today. What happened to Russia is happening here as well. The signs are everywhere, as our government is grabbing more and more of our lives in its greedy grasp. Our taxes increase, our freedoms are curtailed and we are looking at defeat eye to eye.

And never forget that we have something here that Russia did not -- massive Nonwhite immigration. Russia is poor today and at a low point in their history, as they try to heal from the leftist damage done to them. But they have their Russian people still in their country. It is just a matter of time before they rise up again. But America faces the extinction of his racial core. If that happens there will be no recovery.

It is time to show what you are made of. Reach down into that Viking courage that resides in your genes and make a stand for what you know to be the truth. Your people need you, especially the ones who are today too brainwashed to realize it. You can make a difference. You must make a difference!

1. Donald W. Livingston here refers to the 1905-1907 Russian Revolution which was a precursor of the 1917 Revolution.

2. Chronicles (10/99) pg. 20, "The Strange Career of Individualism" Donald W. Livingston

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