The Rise and Fall of
the American Nation

Part I


The United States of America was born from invasion. The White man arrived here from Europe to colonize the New World, escaping religious persecution, and in search of an adventurous and free existence. Over time, the Whites expanded in numbers, and increased the acquisition of land under their control.

Please note that this was not your standard invasion. The White man did not amass a large army and just invade the North American Continent, intent upon taking the entire thing over at once. But instead, the White man viewed the continent as one that was populated by savages that could be dealt with as required. The area that now holds the United States was not a nation at all before. It was a sparsely populated wilderness with roving bands of nomadic tribes, hostile to each other, and who were living in a stone age culture. Therefore, the invasion was mostly in the form of immigration, consolidation and moderate expansion. That was enough to completely conquer the land, and open up the opportunity of creating the greatest nation on earth.

There was a brief period of time where the Indians could have put up a stout resistance which would have forced the White man to actually perform a more traditional form of invasion, crushing them with their superior weaponry and martial skills. But that time passed without the Indians doing much of anything to halt the invasion. Just like the White man of today, the Red man then could not see what was coming. He thought that his people were secure in their way of life, and that the White invaders were just a passing phase, and not much more. He did not rise up and join with others of his race to show a uniform front of resistance. As time went by he just kept giving ground, backing up and granting concession after concession to the invaders.

The similarity to what is going on today is impossible to overlook. Today the White man is the one whose land is being invaded. He is convinced that his way of life is secure and what is going on is only a passing phase. He cannot see what is coming. He is doing nothing to halt the invasion. He is not joining hands with his White brothers to show a uniform front of resistance to invasion. He is backing up, giving ground through his "White Flight," and conceding his rights and prerogatives to the invaders. He thinks it will all work out just fine without standing up against the invaders.

When the Whites took over this land from the Indians, they transformed the land into something different. They built permanent structures: forts, villages, farms and cities. They laid down roads and build shipping piers. The wild animals were driven away from the White living areas, making it a safe place to raise their young. The trees were cut and the crops were planted and the White man grew his own roots into the rich soil. By joining together with his fellow Whites, through political organization, he created a nation that was strong enough to repel most forms of external aggression, and thereby increased the security that his wife and children would share.

The White communities, which sprang up on American soil, reached out to one another. They formed a political framework that gave them military power, and an opportunity for wealth, and an increased standard of living, that they could never have had individually. This process over time helped to generate a feeling of "national pride" among those living in the White colonies.

As the White man grew stronger and his lands grew more entrenched, to the point where the Red man no longer had any real chance of displacing him back into the sea from whence he came, the Indians were completely displaced from the North American continent, and were forced onto reservations. When war became their only option, it was too late. The White man defeated them fairly easily and there was no choice left to them but unconditional surrender.

There is a lesson in this story, that should be learned by the White man of today. If you allow the invader to move in and grow roots, a time will come when he is too numerous and too entrenched to be displaced, and it will be you who are forced onto the reservation, giving up your land and your wealth. The Nonwhite invasion today is not one of soldiers and uniforms. It is not an invasion of weapons and pitched battles. It is instead one of immigration and entrenchment, birthrates and squatter's rights. But the need for action is just as great as if an enemy army had crossed our border and was attacking with full force. We will be just as displaced and just as destroyed, without a single shot being fired by an enemy soldier.

While America was on the rise, the White man laid out the frame work of this great nation from coast to coast. Through continued expansion of his territory and through the transformation of that territory, the White man caused the United States to grow into a tremendous national system. There was migration to new territories, infrastructure was built up, farms grew in size and number, and industries sprang up all along the way. As a result wealth and power increased for the citizens of this great and growing land.

It is extremely important that Americans today understand upon what America was built, and why America is where it is. If you love America you must respect these things. America would not be here without them, and if you despise your history, you are doomed to lose your nation. Those who honor their past and their heroes, live to pass on those traditions to the future. Those who turn on their past, will cease to be as a people, and their lands will be ruled by others. What things were important in the rise of America?

The only serious threats to this nation's existence, and the existence of the White people who created her, have come from deviating from these basic principles. Bringing in Black slaves in earlier centuries was a mistake. Attempting to integrate the descendants of those slaves into our society was an even bigger mistake. But the biggest blunder so far, has been the admittance of Nonwhite immigrants into our land.

It is no secret that the damage is being done. Our media is proudly crowing over the fact that this will be a White minority nation by 2050 AD, if we do not do something to stop it. It is quite easy to visualize what would have happened if our forefathers had been of the weak kneed variety of people populating our media centers and our schools today. There would have been no conquering of the land and there would have been no United States of America. Instead, Indians would still be roaming the land eating each other.

If you love America it is time that you learn what America is about, and what brought her to greatness. It was not diversity, and it was not multiculturalism. In fact it was the exact opposite! Our forefathers avoided diversity and multiculturalism completely, and instead promoted homogeneity. America was a White land for White people, and if you really love America, and want to see it survive this upcoming new century, you had better love the things that made her strong.

A weak America will be pulled down into third world poverty. A multiracial America will be permanently destroyed, as was Egypt and Rome. I think that we can agree that there is a serious problem in America today. Our crime rate is ridiculously high. Our divorce rate is through the roof. Our laborer jobs are either shipped overseas or being filled by Nonwhites. Our economy is hinged upon a stock market that is totally dependant upon the good graces of one man. With an economic downturn, the racial tensions we are feeling coast to coast, will flare up into very ugly confrontations. And the great fractures in our society are growing ever wider. Look at the list of things above that made America what she is today. Look long and hard at them. Now, see if you cannot identify the close and indisputable connection between our rejection of our founding principles there listed, and the problems you see around you. If you are honest with yourself you cannot avoid the obvious conclusion that America is suffering from one thing: a loss of connection with our golden past.

If we restore our nation's direction to the same one that we had in the beginning, we will rise to unimaginable heights, and create a long and beautiful future for our children. Our other option is to continue down the same path we are currently walking to destruction. It is like choosing between marrying the beautiful princess on the one hand, or being drawn and quartered on the other. How tough can it be to make the choice?

End of Part I

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