The Rise and Fall of
the American Nation

Part V


In the first 4 parts of this series, we have discussed the rise of the great White American nation, and the attack upon that great nation from within. We have looked at some of the results of that attack, and how our lives have been changed because of it. Now we are going to look at what is to come, if things continue as they are now proceeding.

By extrapolating the current trends we can get a fair idea where we are headed in the future.

It is clear that our education level will continue to fall to the point where the literacy rate is at a third world level. The federal government continues to talk about education but it refuses to back off from the control that it has over it. That control is what destroyed the schools in the first place, and until it goes completely away, the schools will continue to worsen. The focus of the schools will not be swayed from the Leftist agenda of promoting Marxist egalitarian, anti-White ideals. The children will continue to be uneducated, and fewer and fewer of them will be qualified for high tech positions. Such industries will either fill their positions with Nonwhite foreigners or move to other nations altogether.

Our population will continue to lose its heritage and to accept other people's culture. The White heroes of the past will be completely rejected by both Whites and Nonwhites alike, due to the stepped up propaganda campaign in the schools and media. The European cultural ideas will be replace by Marxist, egalitarian ideas. Our music will continue to be swept aside, in favor of more and more variations of jungle noise. The literature and drama will continue to fall deeper and deeper into hedonism, and promotion of Nonwhite society. All that our parents and grandparents took for granted about society, will be gone.

Crime will infest all areas of the USA. As Nonwhite populations grow and White populations fall, more and more White neighborhoods will be infested with crime as they are integrated. The White children will not be educated by the destroyed schools, and so they will not be able to earn enough money to keep their kids safe in a White neighborhood.

Miscegenation will be promoted by the media, in the schools, and by the government at an ever increasing rate. The actual rate of miscegenation will also increase rapidly. This will accelerate the drop in White births, as fewer and fewer White women have White babies.

The White birth rate will continue to fall, not only because of miscegenation, but also because of the Leftist propaganda campaign that is going on today, and that will only increase in the future. White men and women will be told that over population is a serious issue. They can see it for themselves, as the Nonwhites are breeding like flies around them. They will know that food is getting harder and harder to come by. Having been raised in the constant din of Leftist propaganda, they will not even be able to conceive of the difference between White births and Nonwhite births. They will make sure that they have at most, only one child, and may refrain from having children altogether. They may even adopt a Nonwhite child to fill the aching in their heart at not having children of their own. The White birthrate, which is already racially suicidal, will rapidly become critically anemic.

The ideals of America brought down, from generation to generation, from the founding of our nation, will all be replaced by Marxist ideals, and the rate of replacement will occur at rate that will increase in speed as time goes by. The fewer Whites there are to object, the sooner their culture can be removed, without serious protest. As our numbers have already fallen, we see it happening today all across the nation. Columbus Day no longer is a celebration of the discovery of America, and the glorious first step towards the founding of our nation, but rather it is used as a platform for the Indians to whine from. We have Nonwhite schools that feel George Washington, the man who led America into existence, is not fit to have his name on their buildings. That very same process will continue and grow. We will find that nothing of our culture or heritage is acceptable to the Nonwhite majority, and it will all be removed.

Over time, White kids will lose all contact with their roots, and they will accept the lies that the leftists are promoting in school. They will believe that all White folks of the past were evil, and that only Nonwhite cultures are of any real value. They will actually believe that other races invented and built all of the things that Whites invented and built. They will have no love for their own history, because they will not know any of it. This will strip them of any residual racial pride, that somehow might have snuck past the brainwashing they have been given since birth, and will leave them with nothing but a desire to be Nonwhite, and a hope that their children will be. We see this already going on as kids dress like other races, listen to music of other races, and nearly all of them believe that being Nonwhite is "cool." It is only a short step from that to complete obliteration of all of their racial awareness.

As poverty becomes more and more universal, predominately White neighborhoods will cease to exist, and the entire nation , with the exception of a certain elite will fall into third world poverty. All Industry, except for low wage, third world types of factories, will depart from America. The standard of living for all Americans will fall drastically.

The loss of White culture, will also strip the people of White values. Chaos will drastically increase, and as a result, the status of women will fall. Life will become far more barbaric all over America.

Finally the entire societal structure required to make a high standard of living possible will evaporate. Whether the economy it is at a high or low point will not matter, because its highest point will still be at a third world, poverty level. There will be no way to pull the nation back up from its decayed condition. Roads will fall into disrepair. Power stations will start to fail. There will be no safe place left to live for the average citizen. The only people who will be relatively safe, are the elite living in fenced and fortified mansions.

At some point all whites will either flee the country, or be wiped out through violence or miscegenation. The Nonwhites will never stop their jealousy and hatred of the White people, and anything that Whites can scrape together for themselves will only make them that much less popular. There will be no haven from that hatred against the Whites. They will leave or die.

As the White farmers leave, or have their farms taken from them, the nation will begin to stave. All doctors will have long since left, and White medicine will no longer be available to anyone except the very rich. The population will begin to fall as the mortality rate increases. Infant mortality will be very high.

The nation will lie in ruins, far removed from is glory days, never to rise again. Infrastructure will be gone. Power will be gone. The White race will be gone. All that will be left is a Nonwhite, mixed race population that will resemble the pitiful assortment of people in Egypt or India. The land will be as unable to create a great society from this racial group, as a man is unable to use his legs alone to jump to the moon.


There is one ray of possible hope. It will exist only for a few more years, but it is still there today. We may retrieve victory from the jaws of defeat even yet. But if we are going to do so, here is what we are going to have to do:

  1. We must return to the same attitude that our ancestors had when they created this nation, and it was on the rise. There is no room left for "tolerance" if we are to survive.

  2. White people must be aware of, and proud of, their race and their heritage, and be willing to take the challenge of re-conquering this continent. Just like their ancestors were willing to take the continent in the first place. Either we are willing to fight for this land or we are losers who will be swept aside. It is clear that the invaders are determined to take over. The only thing that will stop them is if we are determined to do just that.

  3. The Nonwhite races must once again be displaced from American soil, and returned to their homelands. Diversity is death to any White society. Therefore, there is no room for it in a healthy society. We must be willing to relocate Nonwhites from this soil. I would promote this being done in as benign and as civilized a manner as is possible. But we must be as determined to do it as the White man was determined to fulfill his Manifest Destiny in the 1800s. We will create a White society once more or we will be destroyed as a world power. Those are our only two choices.

  4. The White people must be willing to reconstruct a nation that is White, homogenous, united, proud, and free. Look back 40 years, and you will see just such a land. The Leftists have made many destructive changes since that time, and now they want you to believe that all of those changes are permanent and irreversible. Well they are not! We can just as easily move Nonwhites out of our nation as the Marxists have moved them in. It will require a major change in our government policy, but it is quite easy to envision being done. That is it is easy if you do not swallow the propaganda from the Left.

  5. The final requirement to solve our dilemma is for our people to take, and permanently hold, in White Gentile hands, the entire mass media structure. If we are smart enough to recover from this destructive path we are on, we will be smart enough to never again let our media fall into alien hands. The media is the path to power, as we have sadly seen in the twentieth century. We must control this path from now on, once we have taken it back for our race.

Right now things look bleak. Our people do not seem to have the backbone to even elect a candidate who pretends to hail back to the Founding Fathers. They do not have a clue as to what is going on, or how much they have already lost to date. They think that their suicidal attitudes are moral and "Christian," as if laying down and showing no resistance in the face of the enemy is honorable. It may be that all is already lost, with sheep like this to work with. But those who appear to be sheep, may not be as useless as they first appear. If they can be awakened, and motivated, they just may have more tiger in them than our enemies want to think about.

It is up to us to make a stand. We must shake our people awake, to pull them out from under the spell of the Media Lords, and get them thinking for themselves. We must help them see what the United States was before the Leftist put it on a path to ruin. We must help them to see the dream of recovery.

I am reminded of the flight of Apollo 13. We are at the point where it was announced, "Houston, we have a problem!" The easy thing to do was to say, "Oh well, there is nothing to be done. We have lost a load of astronauts." But that is not what they did. They went into crisis mode operation. They broke out their thinking caps, and their heroics. They solved the impossible problems, and they brought the astronauts home safely.

I here suggest that we do the very same thing. Why don't we bring our people back home safely into the White land of America? Are you up to it?

Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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