Ghost of Route 66

January 11, 2004

I HAVE A COUPLE OF ROUTE 66 BOOKS ON MY SHELF, which show a sampling of what that road used to look like. They capture the White America that traveled that road for decades, as well as the interesting businesses that grew up along side that highway to entertain and serve their needs. I was born and raised near the west end of Route 66 and so these books bring back memories of my childhood days.

More importantly, the photos of America before the Anti-American Revolution of the 1960s, show how White this land was before the Media Lords(1) began their tinkering. The average family that traveled any American highway in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and even through most of the 1960s, would have matched up pretty well with the family shown in this photo. These people were not filled with hate or phobias. They just enjoyed living in their country with their people, a need that is basic to all of humanity.

Along the road these White travelers would stop at white businesses, owned by and run by other White Americans. This was simply the way America was in those days. It is the way America came to adulthood, and flourished as a country. It was only after America had climbed to the pinnacle of greatness that suddenly we were falsely told that the homogeneity of her cities and schools, were somehow a liability. Does Japan suffer under a liability for being nearly 100% Asian? How absurd! Racial homogeneity is an absolute necessity for harmony within a land, any land.

The Diamonds Restaurant was such a business that was started in the 1930s. It was even rebuilt to modernize in the early 1960s. But I think it is important for us to note what its original staff looked like. You will see that all of the cooks, the waitresses, the gasoline attendants, owners and their children are White. Americans were living in a White nation and they liked it that way. It was healthy, and it was right. These were not people suffering under "xenophobia" any more than a man who fears putting his hand upon a hot stove is suffering from a phobia. It is normal and healthy to live and associate with those like yourself. It is not a mental illness, as the Media Lords would have you believe.

Even a 1960s TV show focused on this highway, and Route 66 was quite popular. The two male lead actors were White, and the beautiful lady sitting on their car is definitely White. For over 30 years this road had carried its White passengers, and the beautiful White woman was often used as a symbol of what was best about the destinations along that highway.

Today we have a choice to make. Either we are going to fix the damage that was done to America during the Anti-America Revolution of the 1960s, and provide a future for our children that will match what the Americans who traveled Route 66 enjoyed for all those years, or we can continue to do nothing, and watch the entire thing evaporate into a third world nation that will resemble a South American banana republic; where your kids will be second class citizens, and live in squalor. It is really up to you.


1.    Who Rules America?

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