A Glimpse of Our Future

The Guardian

South Africa's predominantly white elite are going through another of their periodic bouts of pessimism about the future of the country and their role — or lack of one — in it. A poll published last weekend showed that 74 percent of people with skilled jobs are longing to emigrate.

"In the old South Africa, a significant number of people of darker hues accepted and welcomed me because of my anti-apartheid views," one white liberal wrote in a Johannesburg newspaper. "In the new South Africa, I am treated with contempt and hatred, for no other reason than that I have a white skin." Referring to the characterization of South Africa by Bishop Desmond Tutu as a "rainbow nation," she said: "What kind of rainbow is it where every color is acceptable, as long as it is black?"

I HAD TO JUST SHAKE MY HEAD WHEN I READ THIS. In fact, I was yelling at the screen, “You stupid liberal idiot! Why must disaster hit you with a fatal blow before you can see the stupidity of your position?”

Listen to what this liberal is saying. See your own future being played out for you. Liberal morons have this impossible picture of a utopia that they strive for, and every step they take towards their delusion, destroys the human cultural systems that have already been established and are quite good.

As a clear example, take the United States. In the 1950’s we had the very best school system in the world. Our students were world class. Even a man with an eighth grade education, could support his family, allowing his wife to remain at home with the kids. Crime was extremely low by today’s standards. Now, enter the liberals with their view of utopia. What happened? They desegregated the neighborhoods and the schools, moved control of the schools to Washington and thereby destroyed the best school system in the world. Our schools are now abysmal.

Today, thanks to the absurd liberal feminist view of what utopia should be, a man must have a college degree and a good bit of luck to make enough money to live as well as the uneducated man of the 1950’s. (Taxes have gone up radically to pay for the programs of the crazy utopia mongers.) Women are being fulfilled with a career, as the feminist envision utopia, while children are left unattended. We have moved from the closest approximation of utopia the world has ever seen (America in the 1950’s) to a collapsing civilization which is far removed from utopia.

From the South African story above, it is clear that liberals can actually see the damage they have caused if it becomes bad enough, but then they have the ridiculous gall to act surprized. In South Africa it is becoming clear to the liberal "utopia makers" that they have destroyed the very best country on the African continent by giving up the Apartheid system and turning the country over to the blacks. It will be worse for the blacks as well as the whites in the long run. Even the liberals are now, or soon will be, forced to admit it, BUT WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO TO ADMIT IT AFTER THE DAMAGE IS DONE? Do you think that all of the kings horses and men can put the viable and productive land of Apartheid back together again? It is finished. Look closely my American friends at what the liberals have done for South Africa and you will see a true picture of your own future, brought to you by the liberals in search of utopia for you and your children.

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