South African Heist

June 16, 2002

THE CITY WALLS WERE BREACHED and the army poured into the city. The citizens ran in terror, as the men were killed, and the women were raped with abandon. For three days the city was sacked, and the soldiers took their plunder. This was the standard result of a siege that was successful for an attacking medieval army. Today we have discovered a new form of doing the very same thing.

Ed Fagan, the same lawyer who was the architect of the $1.25 billion Swiss holo-holdup, is now planning a new, and much bigger heist. Now he wants to rob the banking companies UBS and Credit Suisse, of $51 billion for doing business with the South African government during the time when South Africa was still a civilized nation, back before the time when rape happened to every third woman in Johannesburg.

South Africa was always living under the horrible burden of being a racially diverse nation. That is always fatal to a country's prosperity, its peace, and its potential for greatness. No nation can permanently survive the crushing problems that racial diversity foists upon it. The South Africans tried long and hard to manage the unavoidable difficulties through the use of the Apartheid system. Nobody was happy with it, but it was the only hope that the country had of keeping itself out of third world squalor and misery. Instead of applauding the White South Africans, for giving the Blacks in their country the best standard of living (the best medical care, best education, lowest crime rate, best physical protection from harm, and highest pay) of any Black population on the African continent, of course they are condemned because they couldn't make Blacks live like Whites.

Even now, with the Blacks, through no merit of their own, being given the governmental organization, the political power, and in all ways the means to live like White folks do, they are instead living like Black folks do. The crime rate is skyrocketing, corruption is running rampant, and both Blacks and Whites are realistically terrified of what the future will bring. The country is slipping quickly into yet another backward Black African nation with no future, and no hope.

The ones who should be sued are the criminals like Ed Fagan, who supported the rape of South Africa in the name of "equality." The guilt for every woman - Black and White - who has been raped, and every White farmer that has been murdered, because Apartheid was destroyed, is upon heads of Fagan and all the people like him who toppled the stable South African society. And now that rape and murder is running through South Africa like fire through a dry forest on a windy day, do the Leftists hang their guilty heads in shame, as they should? No, the arrogant hypocrites go on the attack once more, trying to gather gold as plunder for the overthrow they orchestrated. The medieval armies were not a bit more barbaric than these criminals are.

In an AP story on this heist attempt(1) a South African lacky lawyer working with Fagan, is quoted as saying the banks ``should be financially answerable for the suffering they caused the black population.''

Can you imagine the gall of anyone saying this? Today Blacks are being raped and murdered in record numbers thanks to these people. The industries of the country are evacuating as fast as they can, along with the intelligent portion of the White population. The standard of living is crashing down, and soon the Blacks are going to be left holding the empty shell of what used to be a thriving economy. Their infant mortality rate will skyrocket, and they will be put back several centuries in their development. All of this is thanks to the activities of those who now are going to demand payment because of previous "Black suffering." If this were not as serious as a heart attack, it would send any unbiased observer into fits of uncontrollable laughter for the shear absurdity of the idea.

Today, when a South African potential rape victim calls the police, as her door is being kicked in, she can expect no help for hours, if at all. The gang rape will have occurred and her body already will have started getting cold by the time the police managed to arrive. The guilty parties will be off having another block party somewhere else by that time. Life in South Africa has become a nightmare for everyone, not just the Whites.

You can debate the pros and cons of Apartheid all you like, but to sue those who kept that country afloat for as long as it could stay that way, is like suing someone for throwing a drowning man a life preserver. And the ones who are doing the suing, are the same ones who threw him into the water, after tying his hands behind his back.

Outrage is not a strong enough word for what you should feel about what these criminal lawyers are doing. South Africa is doomed, and there is little to be done to save her, but that is not the real issue here. The real issue is that the same criminals who are backing this heist attempt are the ones who are trying to force each and every White nation on earth to accept racial diversity into its borders. They want to create a South Africa in all White lands. They want Whites in every country on earth to be as helpless and as terrorized as the White South Africans are today.

When you become a minority in your own land, as will happen to White Americans no later than 2050 AD if current trends continue, you will have no right to anything at all. You will be at the mercy of those who have invaded your land. Your society, your system of government, your culture, your laws, everything(!) will be under alien control. Take a good look at South Africa. See what is happening to the Whites there. And see what sort of sympathy they are receiving from the vampires like Fagan. You and your children can rot in common graves, and they will be digging in your pockets for whatever money you might have.

It is time to wake up and look at what is going on around you. Look past the happy smile idiot picture being painted over the ugly face of racial diversity by your government propaganda department. Diversity is no more something to celebrated than cancer is. The only hope that races have of living peaceably on this planet, is for them to live apart from each other. Until we learn this simple fact, we are doomed to live life in constant danger of being exterminated by our ignorance.

By taking a look at South Africa before Apartheid was ended, and then taking a look at it now, you will have no doubt about the fact that the South Africa as a civilized nation ended when Apartheid did. America, as a civilized nation, will end when it become a White minority nation. We do not have to wait and see, we can see right now, if we will only open our eyes to what has happened to the once first-rate nation of South Africa.

1. AP; JUNE 16, 17:28 ET; Lawyer to Tackle Banks Over Apartheid
By JONATHAN FOWLER; Associated Press Writer; GENEVA (AP)

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