SAMMY WAS A NEW KID THAT SHOWED UP at Ben Franklin High School a few months ago. He stood off from the others. He did not wish to fit in, become one of them. He considered himself special. He went so far as to say that God liked him better than the rest of the kids, and that God had even picked him out as his chosen one. The other kids at first tried to be nice to him and let him become one of them, but he would have none of it.

Next he started making demands. He produced his school records which showed that he had trouble in all of the schools he had been in. In every case the other students hadn't liked him and finally resorted to violence against him. He demanded because of this, that no one could say anything bad about him. If another student said that Sammy had called him a "dirty non-believer," the fact that the boy had complained was held against him. Sammy went straight to the principle and the "dirty non-believer" was punished for his complaint. It was absolutely forbidden to be anti-Sammy. When games were to be played, Sammy stopped the ones he didn't like, and no one dared to object.

Then one day Sammy made the claim that the kids in Berlin's School for the Gifted, which was the last school he was in, were so bad that they had taken several of his internal organs. The Berlin school records did show that the kids had hated Sammy and a couple of kids had beaten him up but it was no worse than many other school fights that same year and Sammy recovered completely with only minor injuries.

Sammy sued Berlin for the damages of having his internal organs stolen. The school responded that no proof existed that his organs were missing. Sammy pointed to the time he was beaten and had to go to the doctor and said the old school was denying his horrible time. The school replied that it would like a doctor's statement that the organs were taken. So Sammy's uncles went over to the town of Berlin, found the kids who had beaten Sammy up, and tortured them with beating and kicking until the kids signed a paper stating that they had stolen the organs. Now they had confessions!

During the trial the judge declared that no anti-Sammy evidence was to be heard.

"If evidence against Sammy and his position on his "horrible time" is proven to be true, would it be admissible?" the defense asked.

"Such evidence would be prejudicial to Sammy's case," the judge said. "That would cause the kids in Ben Franklin High to have reason to be angry with Sammy. It could produce hate. Therefore, it will not be tolerated. For has not Sammy suffered enough in his horrible time at having his organs stolen from him?"

"Isn't that what this trial is supposed to be establishing?" asked the defense.

"No, the fact of Sammy's horrible time, during which the organs were stolen is already assumed to be fact by the court, in the name of fairness. Any evidence to the contrary is not to be viewed and is considered to be anti-Sammy."

The kids who had fought with Sammy at Berlin, because of their confessions were lynched, and their parents and friends were made to hang their heads for the terrible thing that the kids had done to Sammy. Sammy demanded and received large amounts of money from all the friends and relatives of those two kids.

Still he was not satisfied. He claimed that he wanted to make sure that organs were never stolen again! So, now no word could be spoken against Sammy. No thought was to be tolerated against Sammy. All school material would pass his inspection to make sure that no anti-Sammy material was let in. All school events and activities were screened for any anti-Sammy bias. Each week there was a moment of silence in school for Sammy's missing organs.

In looking over the past few months I wonder where it will all end. Did Sammy actually have his organs stolen? Since we cannot examine him or the evidence due to anti-Sammy rulings, we can never know. Will Sammy be able to maintain his power over the town forever, or will he be sent on his way once again? Only time will tell.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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