Celebrate South Africa!

July 28, 2004

"CELEBRATE DIVERISTY" WE ARE TOLD. But before we celebrate something, perhaps we had better understand what it is that we are celebrating. We have many examples in history, and in the world today, of what happens when racial diversity infests a nation. What happens when Whites give up their position, and instead "celebrate diversity" by letting other races take control? Let's look at South Africa, and see if we can truly celebrate what diveristy has done for that land.

With a population of 43,421,021,(1) South Africa has been estimated by Interpol to have 120 murders per day, or 43,800 per year.(2) That is nearly 43 murders per ONE THOUSAND population. (Remember that the USA murder rate is always decried by the Media Lords(3) -- you know, the ones who brought us all the propaganda about how terrible Apartheid was -- as being horribly high, requiring draconian measures to correct it. The US murder rate is 9.6 per ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND, which is over 440 times smaller than the murder rate of South Africa. Not only that, but ONE HALF of all US murders are committed by Blacks, thereby doubling the murder rate we would otherwise have, if the USA were 100% White, and placing the murder rate in South Africa at almost 1000 times as high as the White murder rate is in the USA.

Since about 20% of South African adults have AIDS, their country’s population numbers have to be constantly adjusted for the death toll from that nearly always behaviorally-transmitted disease. This often makes one of their favorite pastimes, that of raping innocent women, often also murder; since they pass on the lethal virus, even if the unfortunate women temporarily survive the actual attacks.

Living in the rape and murder capitol of the world, it is not surprising that only 23% of the South African population feels safe walking around at night. They know that life is very bad now that the once stable society has been destabilized by Black rule. As if Rhodesia/Zimbabwe were not a enough of an indication of what happens when Black rule takes over a White-created society, today we are being forced to witness yet another example in South Africa. The population is 75% Black(1), and only 13.6% White. The remainder of the society falls into the "Colored" or "mixed race" (8.8%), and Indian (2.5%) categories. [In the 11 years since I first wrote this piece in 2004, the Blacks have grown from 75% to 80% of the population and the Whites have fallen from 13.6% to 8.4%. ~Alpin 09/2015 ]

Over 85,000 people per year are fleeing the country, adding to the losses suffered by murder, and AIDS, removing well over 120,000 of the adult population each year. There are 5.9 million Whites in the land today. At the current rate of loss, it will not take long for the Whites to be gone completely.

With a 20-year head start on this process, the White man is sitting at only 1% of the population (113,000 total) in Zimbabwe, and he has been nearly exterminated, just like he will be in South Africa in another 20 years, if things continue as they are going now. The Whites who make up that anemic 1% of the population are almost all farmers and have been feeding the Black masses in that country for years. But today the Blacks have turned on the White Zimbabwe farmers, and they are butchering them, and stealing their farms. But what do they do with them once they are taken? They are converted to hand-to-mouth African farms, which effectively erases their production completely from the country.

As a result of the loss of the Whites, and their direction, birth rates in Zimbabwe are now just barely ahead of death rates (25 per 1000 vs 22.43 per 1000).(4) In South Africa today the process has not deteriorate that far yet. The birth rate is nearly the same at 24.5 per 1000, but their death rate is only 14.69 per 1000.(1) However, it is the only nation of sub-Saharan Africa with a death rate that low. As the Whites continue to leave, the death rate will climb up to match that of the other Black nations of that dark continent.

While all of this murder, rape, AIDS, and butchering of Whites goes on, the media, the same media who were banging the drum and shouting from the housetops just a short while ago about how terrible things were in the advanced, stable and flourishing White controlled South Africa -- applying enough political pressure to that poor land so that the Whites there caved in and voluntarily turned their children's future over to the hands of the Black man – suddenly have become totally silent on the subject. All at once the media couldn't care less about South Africa.

The mass media don't tell us about the rapes, murders and deteriorating conditions brought on by the changes that they inflicted upon that unfortunate land. The hospitals, schools, economy and everything that we normally associate with advanced civilization are falling into ruin. Soon the White population will fall from 13% to 1% or less of the population, just like it did in Zimbabwe, and then South Africa will enjoy all the same "benefits" from destroying the White folks that the one time Rhodesia is currently receiving. If you love disease, death, ignorance, crime and barbarism, you are really enjoying the changes that have come to the southern part of the African continent of late. Apparently the media thinks all is as it should be now, because there is not peep to be heard from them any longer.

The African nations of southern Africa are all cut from the same cloth. Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Nambia are all over 98% Black, and they all have from 20% to 33% of their adult populations infected with AIDS. Their per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) falls somewhere between $900 and $4,100, and there is no indication that this will change for the better in any of their cases. (You might find it interesting to compare this with Haiti, another Black nation, where the population is 95% Black and the per capita GDP is $1,300.) In South Africa, with 13% of the population still being White, the per capita income is propped up to $6,800, but it is falling.

Another point to remember is that many of the other African nations surrounding, or surrounded by, South Africa have their economies tightly connected to South Africa’s economy. When South Africa collapses, all of the countries of that region will suffer greatly. As Whites are destroyed, so also is prosperity.

On a (at least temporarily) brighter note, look at the state of New Hampshire in the USA. It is a small state, with less land than the island nation of Haiti. However, New Hampshire is 97% White. It has a low crime rate and it has a per capita Gross State Production of $34,383. Less than one-tenth of one per cent of the population has AIDS. Clearly this level of prosperity and security did not come from a non-existent racial diversity. White people in White territory created it.

There are many examples of White areas of the world where similar prosperity and security were created. In fact it is common. Poor Whites and rich Whites alike have been able to pull together and work towards a better community wherever they have lived. Certainly there have been examples of the reverse, where war and greed have caused destruction, but the point remains: White folks can create strong civilization, great art, and secure living spaces.

Now compare what Black folks have done around the world. From Haiti to Zimbabwe, from Harlem to the Congo, it is the same wherever you look. There is a racial common thread that runs through all Black societies and not a single one of them can compare favorably (using Western values to judge by) to a merely average White community.

Blacks create societies that reflect their racial values, wants, and needs, just like Whites do. This is as it should be. The point is not that Blacks should be like Whites, but that they can never be. Even if they could mimic Whites they would be unhappy doing so. It is absurd and dangerous to force them to try.

The Oriental is from a proud and honorable race, but he too is different from the White race. He will build a society that matches his racial soul, as he should. But his soul is not our soul, and his need is his own. It is absurd to expect other races to be “White people with a different paint job.” They are not, and never can be, just like Whites cannot be Orientals or Blacks with a different paint job. (“Wiggers” try very hard but they only look stupid.)

The White race has blundered in trying to make the rest of the world White. We cannot make the life of the Black African like the life of the White man, and the many people of Asia will always have their own culture and ways. We must curb our arrogance, and no matter how good intentioned our attempts to “civilize the world” may be, what we are doing is destructive. Instead of making the rest of the world like us, we are destroying ourselves by bringing the rest of the world into our lands. Non-Whites continue to pursue their own way of life once they are in our countries, and that pushes our way of life aside.

What is happening in South Africa and Zimbabwe is what will transpire in the USA in just a few decades if we don’t change our direction right now. My hope is that we can get a significant number of those unfortunate White folks out of Africa, before they are slaughtered, or gang raped into dying from AIDS. But even more, I hope that one day soon White folks will wake up to the fact that the only way they can perpetuate what they hold to be dear is to have White homogenous lands, where they can raise their White children beside other White children. There must come a day when they realize that survival requires them to have their own nations, where White women have only White babies, and the literature, music, art, and philosophy of the Western White culture will not only survive, but flourish and grow.

This is a simple concept to grasp, and it can one day take hold like a brush fire grabs a dry brown field of grass. It must happen, and happen soon!


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