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As we approach the middle of the 21st century, we just might find that The Savaged States of America are looking us, or our children, in the eyes. In this entertaining book, we can see that in 2050 AD, things have really changed, and not for the better. In less than a century, the USA has gone from a world power, strong, homogeneous, unified and whole, to a fractured land lying in three pieces, each ruled by a different people, each in their own unique way.

Piece one is called The Corridor, and is what is left of White America, a strip of northern states running from coast to coast. The political Left has intensified its feel good, brain dead philosophy to the point where no other view is tolerated. (That feels vaguely familiar.) The males have been drugged into passivity and the females are running everything, including the military.

The second subdivision of our land is called Malcolmland, named for Mr. X, and occupies the southeastern fragment of what was once our proud nation. Despite the fact that the state of affairs in Malcomland is as bad as you might imagine, these enterprising folks are still planning to branch out. The female army to the north does not appear to them to be much of a barrier to their aggressive intentions. Are they right?

Aztlan, the mythical land of the Hispanic Indian, has at last become a reality by feasting upon the third, and final, share of the American carcass. They have recreated their pre-Columbia culture, naturally at Corridorian expense, and are in the process of officially welcoming a two woman delegation from the Corridor in a manner that harks back to those wonderful days of old.

The situation is so outrageous that it is humorous, as long as you don't think too hard about the fact that it could soon be a fact rather than a fantasy. The forces moving within our nation today are pulling it apart, and which seams it will tear along, and what pieces will be left is anybody's guess. Kevin Beary's guess is as good as anybody's and makes for an interesting read.

Can the Corridor withstand the male dominated Malcomlander's aggression? Can the feminine, appeasing, let's-get-along, leadership of the Corridor even visualize real aggression from the wonderful people of color to the south, let alone stand up to it? After literally paying for the creation of both Malcomland and Aztlan with their hard earned dollars, is it realistic for the Corridorians to assume that these southern neighbors will be grateful?

The answer to these and many other questions are found in the 323 pages of The Savaged States of America, as well as a look into a few of the details of life, some of which are down right brutal, in the newly formed Savaged States of America. This story of a possible future for our nation, should help us focus on what we really must work towards today. If we continue on the path we are walking, the future that our children will reap will be savage indeed!

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